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Creating tokens to grow stronger on social media

Dec 14, 2020

           Influencers usually struggle trying to earn their place and maintain their popularity in a world in which the competition is high and the chances to remain significant are lower thanks to the continuous information and the waves of innovation that continuously felt us behind. This is why today I wanted to talk about digital coins and token creation as a measure to take you to another level and to help you grow stronger on social media, how does that sound?

“Social media” we all know what it is about right? A social network is a website that serves as a communication tool between the users who use it. It mainly shares information in the form of text, images, and videos. These users can be individuals like you or me or corporate brands, a whole world where we all participate in one way or another. There is an infinite number of social networks depending on the use of users. That is to say, there are social networks that bring users together without taking into account a specific topic and others that are specialized in a common interest or theme but they all have something in common: You gotta earn a place.

Token Creation can help you be more original

          To get different results, we need to do things differently; so remember that being one of those who postpone tasks to increase their creativity and have a better result, leaves behind the fear of trying because you know that after many bad ideas a good one will come and embraces the fear of failure to keep looking for your own success. No matter where you work, what you do, or how much time you spend on it, having the characteristics of an original doesn't make you someone who shouldn't be considered for a job or be labeled as someone who won't get very far, on the contrary, thanks to that you will get farther than people who don't believe in you.

Having this thought in mind we can come to the conclusion that to be original we also need to participate in original movements and it is the case with Blockchain technology and the creation of digital coins. Because not everyone is into crypto right now, turns out it can be the best moment for someone who wants to earn popularity. Doing something that nobody else does and showing other people that they are different indeed. Can you imagine? Is not the same if you tell someone “You can support me using standard dollars” when you say “ Support me using the tokens I created”

Token creation, an ace up your sleeve

          We Should mention as well that this generation is different, that what we did before or thought before does not apply to the souls who are entering social networking today. But something is certain and that is that people love freedom.

I don’t think it’s any secret that one of the most controversial yet desired characteristics of cryptocurrencies is their decentralized nature and the fact that they are not controlled at will by the government or any other organization, that it is all in the hands of the people. This thought is ultimately attractive to the modern generation who fights for freedom and the possibility of having the same life situation and opportunities as anybody and are instead oppressed by big corporations or the government.

To be able to transmit that feeling of originality and freedom can change your general view of how social media perceives you. Two points that are indispensable for the modern generations and yet token creation can provide you with both, in a situation of constant change, innovation, and the security that it is not going to fade away, and that is here to stay.

Mary Schwartz