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How can tokens help you improve communication with your clients.

Jun 12, 2020

One of the principal reasons why blockchain distinguishes from any other technology is the connection that exists among the community, the peer to peer network that participates equally forming a public ledger. A distributed cryptographic ledger shared amongst all nodes that participate in the network is, in other words, communication with cryptography!

“There is a difference between merely reaching someone and communicating with them effectively”.

But we don’t want to go that far in terms of programming and how the blockchain works in its structure, but we want to talk about how this procedure also traduces to a different sense of interpersonal communication, especially when it comes to business to client relations and how tokens can help us enhance such relations.

Communication is important.

Despite living in a world where “connecting” is not that difficult anymore, due to the internet connection and smartphones that literally can help us reach someone else instantly, communication has been somehow left behind. How can this be? It’s because usually, we don’t understand that there is a difference between merely reaching someone and communicating with them effectively, needless to say, that being able to communicate well is important, it’s key at all stages of working together with clients and a community of followers from the very beginning, and it must be present for you as a first step in completing your first project.

Brand recognizing is part of the communication process, because its how people identify with you meaningfully and also get to express their opinion towards you, it is also how they find you and separate you from other brans that could offer the same kind of services, which is why once more custom cryptocurrencies can be the splitting point to mark down a trend or help you stand out for your community

When we start a career as entrepreneurs and start our own project from scratch one of those very important details that can determine our survival and growth or our complete failure is our capacity to communicate with our clients and followers or fans the best way, transmitting our ideas and plans fully.

Fans and followers are there because they are concerned about what is happening with you and because they are interested in your project. They may have a lot of questions and opinions about it. You cannot leave them behind. It is necessary that you start thinking about how do you want to share your information and with whom, the people you are important to will also have their opinions to share with you, and feedback is an important element to straighten your community as well.

Transparency and trust

Being consistent with what you transmit to people is a must when it comes to creating trust and creating or improving communication with your clients. Being transparent can create a stronger and more profitable client relationship. Of course, every client is looking forward to work with an accurate and honest company. For example one area, in particular, that plays a huge part in how your clients see you are costing. You must be upfront and clear about your costs, and this is also something in which tokens can help you out since all transactions are public and the prices for selling and buying orders are set by the fluctuation of the market.

Tokens can provide you with the transparency you need to overcome the uncertainty your clients may have. And while being in constant update, about the way your project is being done and the progress of it, explaining the advances and sharing information will provide more understanding to your clients and their trust and patience towards you will also increase. The more you are in regular contact with your client, the stronger their trust will be in you. The blockchain can also become more certain proof that you will remain accessible to your clients and followers through the development of your project.

But how can tokens help us communicate?

You may not know how to talk to people about yourself and what you do. This is one of the purposes behind the creation of tokens. Setting up a campaign around your token actually charges it with the whole meaning of your project, which means that when you share your tokens you are also sharing the purpose for which it was created. Because in contrast with any other currency, tokens are like money you issued yourself to fulfill a purpose.

“Tokens are the perfect tool for communication.”.

It is incredibly important that you develop the best communication skills possible with your customers. Some of these skills include speaking clearly, effectively, efficiently, and politely, these skills will show to your customers and followers that you understand what they actually mean and what they want instead of what they are simply saying. But talking is not the only way in which we communicate.

Since tokens can be backed up with a “gift” that you offer especially to those who purchase it, it is the perfect opportunity to give the people what they are asking for in order to increase its value. This actually results in a two-way benefit. it's important to help people feel connected and this is something you can achieve through token creation. If you are close to people and communicate effectively you will also be able to increase the value of your tokens by baking them up with what your followers are looking for, at the same time this will increase the sensation of satisfaction in your community and their commitment to your project and your idea.

Having this great communication through the use of tokens can increase your popularity with clients, improve how trustworthy your clients see you and can make tricky situations easier to resolve. Tokens are indeed the perfect tool for communication.

Mary Schwartz