Custom Cryptocurrencies for independent artists

Oct 27, 2020

           The idea of being an independent or freelance artist can sound quite appealing for many. Having the freedom to choose our projects and schedules, in other words: being our own boss. However, the transition to becoming self-employed can be difficult and we are pushed to learn new methods that can help us improve our sustainability and be able to have a steady income with a strong community and a reliable payment system. custom cryptocurrencies aren’t a myth anymore, freelancers and independent artists of all kinds have the same opportunities when it comes to tokenizing their projects and creating a coin that allows them to sell within the security and trust blockchain technology can provide.

Being an independent artist is not an easy job

           Staying inspired or finding new clients, establishing an effective workflow, and even surviving your first year as a freelancer, It’s not an easy job. Being an independent artist today is very different from being independent 15 years ago. Much has changed in the industry generally, especially from the technological side. But now being independent is an intrinsic part of being an artist, whether you started at home, at an academy, or if you have a manager or not, such levels don’t exist anymore and artists should approach their careers from a broader perspective.

It is true knowledge that working independently means that none will want to help you until you prove yourself. Especially in the early stages a lot of work is needed and it requires that people also show real commitment to the project to make it look real and allow others to believe in it too. These “commitment” tasks range from making a website, to even making a video clip, taking branded pictures, or getting started with social media. Without leaving aside your passion: music, painting, designing, since it is what will ultimately tell people who you are and the quality of what you do.

It’s work, so it is not for free

           Something important that freelancers generally and more so those that have artistic jobs should never forget on their own is that what they do have value. It is work, so it cannot all be for free. Any industry professional should be allowed to put a price on what they do and their work. Which is one of the most important motivations behind tokenization and the creations of custom cryptocurrencies. To allow people to put a price and a community to buy it directly from them.

Then the moral is serious, any artist should work for their projects, carry it out at all costs, organize their agenda in the short and long term, achieve those short term goals that make their community see that they are moving forward, but everything while knowing that your work deserves remuneration. Once those things are more defined to you. People will start coming for you because of your quality and they will grow in more respect for you, and thanks to custom cryptocurrencies you will also be able to upper your hand and decide who offers you the best proposals, or who can be included as part of the work team, or who can actually acquire your service.

Let your community join your dreams

           Because of the new wave of custom cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding through the blockchain, your community is not only people who buy from you, they are actually those who join you in the vision you have for your projects and are an active part of your plans. Your regular users and preferred clients. Because one of the most difficult parts of having any artistic project is finding people committed to the project, so putting together the team is not such an easy task. We usually focus only on having to find people who want to achieve the same goals, who want to reach the same destination in their careers, but what about those who simply fall in love with the project and want to be part of it? Coin creation will become your unification tool, to make your community stronger towards the same goals.

When people support you by buying your tokens or customized coin they are also identifying themselves with the token you created and joining a community that is not only MintMe’s community but a community that enjoys your projects in a special way. Apart from that you should participate in forums, publish your work in art-focused groups, have an active profile in social networks, and meet other artists. This way you will have a better chance of attracting someone's attention and being sought out by clients. Another important point is to be open and social, help other artists in the field, and share your knowledge. This generates a better reputation for you and can give a greater impression to your potential customers, this will also increase reliability towards the digital coins you have created for your projects and it will be easier for people to follow what you do and trust you.

The creative industry is quite competitive and with the current health contingency, things may have become a little more complicated. For this reason, custom cryptocurrencies have become your best tool to make your work known and grow as an independent artist with your own coin and your own community.

Mary Schwartz