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How can artists benefit from token creation?

Dec 26, 2019

Surrounded by an increasingly stressing and overcrowded society, finding the right and most effective way to deliver something is a delicate matter. Tokenization can be the method/system artists have been waiting for...

Art is the ancient expression of human needs and the most profound beliefs. Every person can find in art a method of relief and salvation. And one of the amazing characteristics of it is the fact that both, creators and spectators get to enjoy the magic. Yet, the artists must find a way to let their art reach the people. Surrounded by an increasingly stressing and overcrowded society, finding the right and most effective way to deliver something is a delicate matter. Tokenization can be the method/system artists have been waiting for and mintMe has taken personally the job of diversifying blockchain knowledge and making token creation as easier, and affordable as never before.

Blockchain for enterprising artists.

After the creation of Blockchain, many new doors have been open. As artists, we have usually been set aside by technologies in development for a long time and we have to be honest: Every time art is finally mixed with technologies is the boom! Why? because art is already the maximum expression of humanity and technology is how we work to solve problems and easy up life, the combination of these two is just amazing. 

Entrepreneurship is about being innovative and taking the first step to influence others strongly. This is what artists do, and blockchain is the tool to magnify this influence in a faithful way. 

To succeed in art, you must also succeed in business.

Business is a big word for many new artists. Maybe when you started wanting more you decided that you wanted to create a steady fan base, and that is alright, but then you wonder, what's next? After you've grown devout by sharing your work consistently and engaging in online artist communities, then it's time for you to create a token, your own digital currency.

15 years ago, e-commerce wasn’t as accessible as it is now. Social media was essentially non-existent and people were not used to fasting communication either. Like new started artists, unknown has we may be, all our money would go directly to super expensive agencies with big promises or a bunch of publicity. Yet, the ability to sell our own art online through tokenization came to change the game completely once again. At the beginning e-commerce and social platforms started the process of making sells easier and increasingly effective. We started to believe that it was possible to be independent artists. But with an increasingly changing society, we found ourselves looking for better methods that could help us remain in the first place and find financial stability.

I want to tell you confidently that blockchain can be the best way to self-sufficiently fund your craft, and most importantly, the best way to gain the independence to sell the work you want directly to your niche audiences, in no time and even for free!

Selling your own work using tokens

In the pursuit of professional success, you must start working on creating a system that can allow you not only to interact with people and let them know about you but also convert the service you offer into real money. This is the amazing advantage brought by mintMe and the use of crypto-tokens. When you become a token creator you are indeed creating your own digital currency that you can use to get paid directly by your fan-base or followers.

Also, If you’re not personally an artist, you can still get into the game of selling someone else's art using that person's tokens and being able to earn from it as well. Platforms like mintMe make this possible.

Creating a token does not mean that all of your work must be digital. You can of course also offer physical material to your followers and token buyers. For example, galleries can expose your work to new audiences, or you can perform in a public concert while you sell entrance tickets that are paid to you in your personal tokens through the blockchain in a secure way, ensuring that the money is right in your hands and without depending on any third party institution to handle your finances.

Be original: Blockchain authentication

Combining the power of blockchain technology and public-key cryptography for secure authentication and identification of people and devices you get the perfect space to keep your originality intact and stop worrying about your work or your artistic name and credit being stolen.

The possibilities are innumerable. Thanks to the blockchain you can secure authentication and identification of smart-phones, other devices & users, secure & encrypt online communications, prevent fake emails and phishing, or even authenticating electronic signatures.

In the art world, it is known that many people like to take credit for the work of others and we all grew afraid of it. Artists of all kinds usually limit their publications and don't like to spread the word because they are afraid their work may be stolen without them receiving a penny for it. Even more, if your medium of art is mostly digital. For example, you may be a digital illustrator, mangaka, designer, architect, musician, stock illustrator or photographer to mention just a few.

Not taking this lightly you must know that despite the intents of many businesses to stop this kind of thing from happening, it is blockchain underpinnings that have withstood cyber-attacks successfully for more than 8 years. This fact has inspired many innovative companies to explore the advantages of blockchain tech in solving other pressing security issues of our time.

By eliminating the human factor from the authentication process, preventing it from becoming a potential attack vector, blockchain has certainly become in more than an option for us, but a need. The use of simple logins and centralized architecture is a big weakness of traditional systems no matter how much money a company spends on security. If personal passwords and furthermore, identities are not protected, everything is in vain. Blockchain takes responsibility for strong authentication. In addition, a decentralized network can help us provide consensus between parties for identification.

The future looks bright 

The blockchain addresses fundamental flaws of security by taking away the human factor from the equation. It is, nowadays, providing end-to-end privacy and encryption while still ensuring convenience for users. It sounds dreamy, don't you think?

As an artist the benefits are huge. Let's me go through some of them:

Thanks to the blockchain and token creation you are in control of your content and original creations. You don’t need to rely on a webmaster to update or change your products, pricing, or other inventory details.

Easy Sales. Your tokens can grand you a very steady and easy form of payment. Working as an artist is already a very ambitious endeavor. Being able to make your sales online in a secure way is a dream come true.

More Profit. Since you are the token creator you are your own money issuer. You don't need to split the profits with a gallery or art consultant, not an agency or any third person. You can keep your prices accessible to your public while keeping a good profit.

Get Paid directly. As we stated before, there is no need for a middle man, but even better, the money will go from the hands of your buyers to you, immediately and without extra fees. It does not matter where in the world of the official fiat currency of that country, as long as blockchain is permitted then there will be easy interaction between you and your client. You won't need to wait for a paycheck from a gallery or a representative, or a monthly closing from the bank.

By Mary Schwartz