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How can egalitarianism change crowdfunding?

Nov 26, 2019

Nowadays, the tides have turned and people are more equal now. Yet, some favorable conditions are available for a small sector only, creating a large gap between people. A gap where egalitarianism and mutual support are out of place. This inequality has affected very popular methods of monetization like crowdfunding, making it sometimes unaffordable and not profitable and fair.

Thankfully, the market has provided new technologies, offering equality as one of its more amazing features. In other words: innovative technologies like blockchain are changing the way crowdfunding is done today through egalitarianism and mutual support. 

Blockchain and Egalitarianism

Egalitarianism, deriving from the French "true">égal, which means 'equal' is the political philosophy that prioritizes equality for all people. All humans are equal in their fundamental worth, social importance, civil rights, and moral status. This doctrine manifested in every circle of human life means that every person is treated as equals. It doesn't matter if there are political, economic, or social status objective differences. 

This philosophical and political movement is intrinsically related to the decentralization of power. This is where blockchain technology and egalitarianism merge since decentralization is one of the principal motos behind blockchain technology. The fact that both hold the point of view where "equality reflects the natural state of humanity" which means that naturally, the power, is not in the possession of one institution/organization or person, but everyone.

Driving our lives towards this common view could signify a great change when taking into account crowdfunding as the system to give support to people through the internet. MintMe Coin blockchain, for example, aims to remain egalitarian believing that mutual support and equality are key to develop and grow businesses and all kinds of projects, allowing people from different social and economic status to participate.

Mutual support is the new method

This approach has lead Mintme Coin to deliver its own platform for crowdfunding called mintMe, which also works as a crypto exchange platform. At any person can create a token and back it up with MintMe Coins and use such tokens to create their own founding system, selling and promoting their own coin to investors of all kinds but most of all to their fan base and followers who want to show appreciation and support.

But at this point, you may be asking how can egalitarianism really change crowdfunding?

The problem

Before blockchain entered the world of crowdfunding, insecurity and slow withdrawal were in predominance, also not everyone could participate in crowdfunding campaigns, even less earn something from it. Also, ethical concerns have been raised to the increasing popularity of donation-based crowdfunding, which can be affected by fraudulent campaigns and privacy issues.

The famous story of Robin Hood the thief is pretty known to all of us, this semi-wild guy who chooses to become the hero of his town robing the rich of their gold to give it to the poor. But, who said that the rich can’t keep being rich while allowing others as well to obtain earnings from their success? 

Usually, donations are a one-sided thing, people who would give something to those who need it, expecting nothing, since it is the fruit of mare philanthropy. Running alongside reward-based crowdfunding, donation-based is second as the most commonly used form of crowdfunding. Yet, there is a way in which we can merge both forms, because donations changed to become egalitarian thanks to platforms like, that offers an innovative system that allows you to support the people you choose at the same time that you give yourself the opportunity to earn from it and be able to receive support as well.

This is what we call "mutual support". But, how is that possible?

The solution

As stated before, egalitarianism is a phenomenon that is changing every subject of life, and now egalitarianism through blockchain technology is changing crowdfunding as we know it: a one-sided system of unilateral proficiency.

Since the beginning people have been looking forward to being equal and treated with fairness, getting what they deserve in regards to their actions and their talents, and earn with their hard work. Blockchain has become the new method/ system in which every person from around the world can finally participate equally.

Today we have the possibility of bringing real solutions to real people with new egalitarian algorithms like those of MintMe Coin. Why? because MintMe Coin, which is the blockchain behind mintMe, allows you to create your own coin and have the liberty to use it the way you want, at any time you want and in any place.

Mining as become an economical scape and sustain under tragic circumstances of need and political displacement; countries like Venezuela could be found as one of the first countries in the top of best traders for the year of 2018 and thanks to initiatives like the ones shared by the MintMe Coin team, obtaining real revenue with any device and fundraising for charity are more possible than ever. Mining mintMe Coins and creating your own currency thanks to mintMe is bringing the control back into the people’s hands, in an even better way than that of Robin Hood.

The role of crypto-tokens

MintMe Coin supports egalitarian coin distribution, giving people the possibilities to mine cryptocurrencies easily and profitable. Services like allow browser javascript mining using any device that has access to the internet. Finally, everyone can participate fairly, even mobile owner's hash rates are now comparable to desktop computers.

Due to their high prices, only a minority of people can afford specialized mining machines. Also, other coins aren't egalitarian which means that not every person can easily mine from their homes. Thanks to MintMe Coin people that didn’t count on real possibilities before, can now mine fairly.

If a person buys or mine MintMe Coins he/she can immediately become a purchaser of tokens. By purchasing tokens you are supporting real people with projects and dreams. But this is not the end of the journey: Token buyers can trade their tokens as well.

Any person can buy and hold tokens as much as they want. Becoming a token holder also gave them the possibility of reselling at a higher price. Even though the price of the tokens relies on them rising in popularity and demand. This means a total change in the way we have seen crowdfunding for the last decade. Now people can earn while giving, and mutual support has arrived to stay.


Our society is founded on the idea of fairness and equality. Every person has the right to equal and fair treatment. Independently of their gender, race, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs or any other personal characteristic.

Blockchain offers real solutions becoming in a sort of assets vehicle and a tool for generating new money. But that's not all, blockchain promotes equality overall. The new approach of the market is decentralization: everyone has the same opportunities. 

As entrepreneurs, there is a call on us to change, innovate and participate altogether. Mutual support should be our aim if we really want to say that the world has changed. Wouldn't it be awesome if we were to become more equal?

Every time the demand increases and equality must prevail for the good of the majority. Blockchain and projects like mintMe work towards giving opportunities to the poor as well as the rich. We are transforming the old method, turning the one-sided crowdfunding into mutual support.  

By Mary Schwartz