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Introducing MintMe’s new brand identity look

Aug 9, 2022

           We are very excited to introduce you to the new look of our brand and website, as a part of the ongoing evolution of our project.

MintMe started as an optimistic dream from our CEO. From the beginning, the thoughts around this project were very ambitious and in 2019 they began to materialize with the launching of MintMe’s beta version.

A lot has happened since then, and MintMe has flourished and grown in recognition, and not only that but the expectations of our community have also grown with it. We know that you believe in our project and our vision for its future, and that is why we have tailored our new features to foster amazing new opportunities for creators and supporters alike.

After experiencing several relevant updates, by integrating new components such as airdrops, social media functions with exclusive posts, DMs, voting, and token deployment to important blockchains, we continue to develop and open doors to more and better functionality. To match these big changes, we decided to implement a total makeover of our branding.

A look that better reflects who we are

          We’ve been working on making some alterations to our brand to better communicate our plans for the future, the client’s feedback, and the company’s vision and culture. This process started by asking questions about our brand to our employees and gathering their opinions through creative sessions. Together we tried to figure out what areas could be improved and how we could make that happen.

After months of research and design development, we were able to create a brand that can showcase our true spirit, who we are today, and our dynamic future. We also are grateful for the support of our benefactor for making the development of the website and the implementation of the new brand identity design possible.

Innovative and high-tech

          The color guidelines have been updated for a much nicer appearance for both the logo and our platform. With darker tones, we wanted to achieve a more innovative, business-like look and feel, to reflect that our company will be further opening its ambitions for collaboration and business partnerships. The new site comes with an elegant, clean, and tidy layout to provide visitors with a friendly environment to trade, create and interact with others.

The new logo is a combination mark, which allows us to use the icon and text together and separately. The new logo keeps our name, now capitalized, with a side-by-side, horizontal logo layout. Symbolically, the icon reflects continuous movement, creating the impression of ongoing dynamism with a modern abstract touch.

In the upcoming months, we will update all our marketing and online presence, and we also invite our community, creators, and listed tokens to help us share the news and update MintMe’s logo on their websites.

This is our new brand, and we look forward to showing you all the features that will be coming with it!


Keep an eye out for our next announcement, as we will touch on an exciting new feature that will change the way you trade!