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Making tokens to support small businesses

Aug 4, 2020

Every business idea comes to life in the spur of a creative moment, it doesn’t always seem like if it's going to become the real thing, but once it’s there it has just the same value that any multimillionaire business, why? Because we value things based on the potential they have as well as the intentions behind it. And everything starts small always, nothing is ever just big and powerful at the beginning which is why we know how important it is to give support to small businesses. Making tokens and the blockchain crowdfunding system at MintMe was created to include everyone and any kind of business or idea.

Custom Tokens can make the difference

Custom tokens are more than just any crypto coin, they are your own money and your own customized cryptocurrency. The reason why they can make a difference it’s because they are fueled by your initiative itself, which means that your tokens have the value you give them, market-oriented, and under your sense of authorship, after creating them you can use them any way you want.

In a very active and competitive market, the brands that can stand and continue to grow, the business ideas that can come up as real solitons are those that also embrace new technologies and develop new strategies to boost their businesses and remain in time.

Assets, Coins and tokens

To talk further we need to define what’s an asset: and it is, in few words, anything tangible (or not tangible) that represents a value, any value, most of the time value you can turn into cash. Tokens are digital assets so they can be turned into cash and, what I would really like to imply here is that they (the tokens, as digital assets) can be used for trade, of course when something can be used for trade; you get it into exchanges, and exchanges can mean growth and favorable market fluctuations.

Imagine you live in a neighborhood when most of the people don't like to go outside and you work making delivery services: being called several times to pick something up from one house and deliver it to another. Just like that, you have started your own home-based business, and well, you know that you will start making cash and once you reach a certain amount of it, you have to go to a bank, or somewhere, to turn that cash into some other kind of trade instrument. Why? Because the world is going there, we live in the era of the digital money, and the good news for any small business today is that you can easily create your own payment system and savings using digital tokens

MintMe gives you the chance to take what you do for your neighbors as a service to provide and make it a digital asset; a token. So your neighbors could buy them to get your service and the money (this case the payment) goes directly there., securely and without any interventions taking your money or retaining it. Connecting with you more directly and engaging with your service like never before.

You can start making tokens today

Starting your own business and earning support is now accessible to you through the creation of tokens. Anyone can do it, and it’s never too late to start even if your business is already on the way. There are always many costs to development activities, buying merchandise, paying for new technological machinery, research, marketing issues, fees to pay, or even more, for those who gave up part of their company to wealthy investors and now feel in a hurry, blockchain crowdfunding through token creation is just the right way to allow people to support your project without you having to sell part of your assets in any way since tokens at aren’t securities, but utility tokens, which means that they have the value you decide and offer them as means of a value that doesn’t compromise your integrity as a company. Tokens at MintMe are tradable, and people are incentivized knowing that they can, later on, make money with the services and value you charged them with. It doesn’t sound like a bad deal, don’t you think?

Mary Schwartz