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Marketing tips for token creators

Jun 12, 2022

           Just as with any product, the tokens we create must also get out there and be discovered by others. If they do not come to light, obviously no one will buy them and they will not be able to fulfill the purpose or achieve the goal for which they were created.

This is where marketing takes center stage, however, marketing is actually a bit more complex than simply promoting a product with an email campaign and social media posts. It goes beyond a TV ad or a banner on a website: it's a whole strategy, supported by in-depth research. It is a way to better understand your customers.

So, what is marketing?

          So marketing is in fact the set of techniques, strategies and all the processes that a token creator implements to communicate, exchange, deliver and share services, products, offers or messages that give value and interest to customers, audiences, partners, suppliers and people in general.

The marketing journey could start with things as simple as features, pricing, benefits and advantages, also content created especially to meet people's needs, which does not necessarily seek to close a sale but to attract prospects or simply to make your token or idea known.

Marketing can happen in many ways

          Marketing has a much higher purpose than simply selling or increasing sales. It allows you to make your token known, especially when you are new because the marketing strategy focuses on introducing yourself to your target audience so that they become familiar with it and recognize it in a short time, even if they do not yet become buyers.

On the other hand, it also allows you to establish new connections. We cannot forget that the crypto world is not yet as mainstream as we would like it to be. We need to create meaningful connections that help us learn, expand our ideas, reach more buyers, build community loyalty and generate more valuable organic promoters of the product or service you offer through your token.

Token creators can also market

As a token creator you must also understand that marketing is not something that is developed by a specialized digital marketing team. While you might hire a few employees to manage your social media or write compelling pieces of content, marketing doesn't end there - it's you and everyone on your team exercising various strategies all the time.

Whether it's answering a phone and talking to an investor about the properties of your token and why it's different from others that have been created. Whether it's emailing suppliers or colleagues wanting to convince them of some new plan you've come up with to implement. It is also marketing every time someone acquires your token and realizes its advantages or benefits, or the overall gain it generates for them.

If on the contrary your token does not look reliable and you have not put much effort in how you wrote the description of your token or if you never publish anything and your wall looks like a desert, this will generate distrust in others, even in those who have already bought. Remember, people tend to take to heart the mistakes made, a mistake on the website, a failed communication attempt, messy sales orders, misspelled messages and so on, all this is marketing.

Have you already taken these tips into account? Let us know if you have experienced results.

Mary Schwartz