Metaverse tokens as a whole new universe of value.

Apr 15, 2022

           When talking about the Metaverse we are still in a field of which we only know its starting gate and we only have an idea of where it is going once Meta was launched; we are not saying that Meta is the creator of Metaverse, but it gave it an impulse and an orientation to where it is going or could go.

That is why we will explain in a few lines where we are and where we would be in the future, this growing line has just begun. We will begin by saying that a metaverse token is nothing more than a digital asset that brings us closer to a good, service or non-tangible element of the virtual world and that we could give it an economic value through cryptos or tokens according to the digital universe where we are and that its creator has given it.

The NFT (non fungible tokens) are an example of this, although they are not the only ones. Through these tokens we can give value to that good or service within the virtual world and connect a user with the physical in the digital.

The metaverse is not just a game

          Although it is where we think first, because it is where it has had, so far, a greater and wider margin, it is not what the future holds.

Sometimes the tokens of many games or avatars and diamonds or pieces of game value have no physical or fiduciary value; that changes within the metaverse which gives a sense of belonging and tangible value to what we obtain or exchange within the digital universe.

Everything is convertible to value through a token in that world from avatar, clothes, pieces, arts, service, etc.

What that world of value would look like

          Imagine you want to go to a concert of one of your favorite bands, better yet you want to go, but they are not in your city, you don't want to leave your house and you want to enjoy it without physically wearing yourself out in lines and waiting to get in. Now it turns out that there is a space in the virtual world where you can attend in the front row and experience it as if you were there live, since all the people present are like you together in the virtual world, but in different places in the physical world.

You buy your digital ticket (you get a membership that allows you to get a poster at no cost for already having your ticket or they send you a picture of your favorite drummer), you buy the virtual jacket of your band or the drumsticks that are on sale and now comes the best part; each object mentioned has a value as a token of that concert hall and now you can exchange or sell it as a unique digital asset (remember that this is based on blockchain technology and a cryptographic system that does not allow duplicates) thus converting each digital object into a service that you can sell as a collection or NFT and take it to fiduciary or physical money. Fantastic.

Turn digital into physical profit

          For this the virtual world where you are would have to be able to link with a digital wallet that allows transactions in an Exchange, by this way we can take that token from the metaverse to a cryptographic wallet that then in our Exchange we can place for sale to get a profit for it.


          We do not yet know the full extent of tokenization in the metaverse, however, the future looks good. The relationship between the virtual and the NFT so far have shown that it is perhaps the means that exists for now to obtain profits from digital items, but of course the user is the one who will decide if that will be the future.

One advantage is that the digital will be backed in a technology that does not allow duplicates as is blockchain, thus making our avatar, good or service offered has a fair value.

As we have said it is still an uncertain world that is still in constant change and development, but do not expect to be the last in line and enter fully into the era of the metaverse and its tokenization that there is a sea of possibilities to win, before the big players in the industry raise costs do not expect to lose this opportunity.

Irving Arrieta