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MintMe: Invest in people like in stocks

Feb 2, 2020

           Buying tokens at MintMe is like investing in people as you would invest in stocks. This is a completely new approach to the trading and crowdfunding world.

The idea of making money does not always come along with the idea of helping others or earning by doing great benefits to people at the same time, but it should come along because there is no better way to make money than producing good to those who are involved. It is like doing the job you like, you develop yourself in something that makes you feel good as a person, It makes you happy and it provides you with income, but wouldn’t you be the happiest if your work helps other people significantly? I think your answer to this would be a total yes.

Invest in the people

           But what does it mean to invest in people like in stocks? First, let’s talk about stocks:

Simply said, a stock is a type of investment that represents an ownership share in a company. Those who buy stocks do so expecting them to go up in value over time. Every time someone invests in stock he should take into account that such stock has good potential for growth in the long-term, that is the riskier investment he can make compared to other types of investments, and of course, he should be aware that returns are not guaranteed.

Stock trading is, in other words, the process of investing wisely in companies that you believe have the potential to grow, with the purpose of earning a return on the investment. Those earnings come, firstly, form the stock’s price appreciation, since you can then sell the stock for a profit if you’d like when this goes up.

“there is no better way to make money than producing good to those who are involved...”

A lot of people are dedicated to this kind of investment nowadays since is very likely to remain over time, why? well, because many companies will want to sell shares in their business to raise money for different purposes and initiatives: to invest in growth, as to fund new products, or product lines, to expand their operations, launch a new brand, buy new technology or to pay off a debt.

What I want you to notice with all of this general concept is that the human aspect seems to lack. As said, the main and only reason for which you would like to invest in a company and become a stock trader is to make money. Usually, there is no humanitarian reason behind it. Just like a company who put their stocks to be brought in the market out of need, there are many people out there who also need support for their projects and initiatives.

There is a big difference

           The MintMe initiative offers the opportunity to trade based on human support as the primary reason for investment. Bringing up to the table both sides and converging into one: Earn money while you help others. I’d like to explain this more acutely by showing you some important differences between MintMe token trading, investing in people, and the normal stock trading.

First of all, the human interaction: In MintMe, you buy a token directly from the person you want to give your support to. On the contrary of what usually happens with broker platform or online stockbrokers where you’ll often buy not from the company or the person itself, but from another investor who wants to sell the stock. Also, if you want to sell a stock, you’ll sell to another investor who wants to buy, there may not be a direct or just any interaction with the company or the project involved.

Another big difference that we must mention is that when you invest in stocks you could be losing your investment if the stock does not rise in price over time or if the company goes bankrupt, without compensation whatsoever. But when you invest in people the feeling of loose is compensated by the fact that you initially brought the token with the intention of helping in a more philanthropic fashion than just making money for yourself. When you buy a token at you not only keep the chance to resell if the price goes up, but you also serve the very important purpose of helping someone fulfill their dreams.

“MintMe tokens give you the opportunity to interact with the services, or benefits that the token creator can offer through them.”

Also, as a third point, and the reason why MintMe tokens are utility tokens is that when you invest in a company’s stock or buy its shares, you own part of such company, and this does not happen with MintMe tokens. When you buy tokens at you do not own a share of the persons project or idea, but what you have access to are the gift or special privileges attached to the token the person created: an interview in person, a personalized t-shirt, a drawing, a song that hasn't been released, a design work etc, benefits that can still be enjoyed by you wether the token goes up in price in the end or not and that are stated by the token creator.

Remember that utility tokens are those that can enable future access to the products or services offered by a company, or a person. Even though MintMe tokens are not intended to give their holders the ability to control how decisions are made by the token creator, they give you the opportunity to interact with the services, or benefits that the token creator can offer.

Apart from the humanitarian part of crowdfunding through tokens, those who are interested in investing can check out profiles, find the project and the tokens they like the most and that also have the best chances to grow in price, help those projects reach their highest potential with their support and become a token trader buying and selling different tokens as they would with potential shares on the stock market. This is a completely new approach to the trading world.

Mary Schwartz