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Token creators: Creating content for your supporters

Aug 24, 2020

Becoming a token creator means that you also have to start working towards building a strong community sharing with them your content and your creations, continuously helping them believe in you and letting them see the advances of your projects and your continuous inventiveness.

People’s opinions are important

We cannot forget that what people think of you is important. More than ever. In this every changing moment, people have changed themselves to this new virtual life, and it's harder every time to keep up with them knowing that we have to offer more than just content but meaning.

The truth is that we all live those changes in a different way, which is why content is also (or must be) adapted to people’s needs and communities in particular. As said in the article about token creation for brand ambassadors and micro-influencers. Having 1000 people who follow you randomly isn’t the same as having just 100 that follows you because they are genuinely interested in the kind of content you produce.

But it is quite the fun adventure when you find the things that get the best reactions from your followers: We put our creativity to work, giving valuable content to them knowing that they are the magic happening behind any project we start and are the most important part of our journey.

Keep your content meaningful

Let’s start talking about tips: in of the first things you need to know is that those who are interested in you will want to continue getting from you honest and valuable content. This is something fundamental to take into account when its time to create continue the unifying element must always be present. This means in other words: Having consistency and coherence.

You must start knowing who you are to have a strong and defined vision of what you want your community to believe. Having a general alignment that will guide the kind of content you provide. This will allow your community and everyone who is outside and wants to get to know you to see that such content identifies you and differentiates you, something that is yours.

Colors that identifies you

Talking about brand identity and having content that talks about you, your image and branded design is also important. And I ain’t talking about paying a huge sum of money to create branded posts but something as simple as colors can become your ally when it comes to showing your face and creating an identity.

Usually 3 colors are more than enough to make a difference. Just like Christmas colors are red, green and white, you can create your own color palette that rhythms with your personality and that can be appealing to your community.

Apart from colors there are elements that can help you build an image for when you share content. For example, it's not the same to use images of stock with people than using illustrations or comics as a basic visual attire. Choose what kind of visuals you want and keep it constant.

Social media isn't the center, you are.

Many brands think that developing content for social media is an unavoidable activity to put in motion any content marketing strategy or drive attention to projects and ideas. However, there is one point that is fundamental. Content should not live in social media networks but on the contrary, it must live in the brand's main website and be distributed through social networks, which is something very different.

For example, after creating tokens your main purpose is to allow people to purchase your tokens through which means that your platform for token creation has to be the main point of your calls to action and your website should lead people to understand the meaning behind it. Content marketing today is usually the first option to deploy different content formats. But before starting with the strategy, it is important to know that social media content plays a very important role. Through social networks, you must be able to amplify the content that lives on your website.

More importantly, sometimes we may lose vision of what we really want to convey. If we feel that sharing memes is something that people will like and share you will probably end up believing that this is all you should post about, but once again, keeping social media isn’t the main point, but to bring people to you and lead those “likes” and “shares” to become organic conversions. In this case, talking about your project and what kind of benefits it has for them to buy your tokens.

Mary Schwartz