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New year, new business. Creating digital coins in 2020

Jan 16, 2020

“Blockchain-crowdfunding platforms, tokens, and digital coins have appeared on the map as well to give support and change the game for startups and ingrown businesses around the world.”

Starting a new business is more than just a faraway dream that most of us have, it’s a real possibility. Nowadays the ways to build in the capital, make project management, communicate, find business partners and merchandise your own company have increased. Blockchain- crowdfunding platforms, tokens, and digital coins have appeared on the map as well to give support and change the game for startups and ingrown businesses around the world.

While growing up my father used to tell me that he wanted to give me the chance of choosing my life path freely, he worked very hard to finally build his own business and work on his own accord, being his own boss to make sure that I could have the chances he didn’t have when he was young. Perhaps you also think that way, you are the kind of man or woman who wants to provide more stability for his family, and let me tell you that this is admirable.

It is popular to hear people talk about new year’s resolutions, and when it comes to resolutions anything can pop into your head: starting a new diet, getting married, traveling, earning money, or even interior resolutions like being a better person or being happier, and of course starting a new business. And I don’t mean to start “dreaming” this year, but to actually start building it and turn your ideas into actions.

Creating digital coins in 2020

2020 means changes and improvements, we have to take advantage of that! Before the only way of money we knew was the one the government or central banks issued under their own terms, that in most of the cases have made us unable to use it freely to commerce and reach a worldwide clientele, or even when they say it’s possible, we have to be honest about it, cryptocurrencies have offered freedom of money transactions as never before, easily and faster, breaking the boundaries that fiat money has.

Now it’s possible to create your own digital coins in platforms like that allows you to become your own money issuer and the principal head behind all of your transactions whether you receive money from your neighbor or send money to a distant familiar, or make business with a foreign company, everything is possible as long as you both have access to the blockchain wherever you are.

But why digital coins?

Id like to exemplify for you, how you can use tokens, crypto or digital coins to improve your business:

If you create a website for online shopping one of the first things that you’d have to look forward to is providing your clients with easy payment features, with has many currencies you can (for foreign countries) and fast, secure transactions. You will need to set up and application to the bank or other gates that provide online payment services (Merchant Account or Payment Gateway), when you make an application for these you’ll need to provide details of your new business and include projections of sales as well as details of any directors or major shareholders of the business, which is already hard for a startup to get. Then you’ll need to wait patiently for a few weeks while their underwriting team verify your application and consider your potential, to proceed to either approve or decline your application.

Now that’s a very important point: They have the power to reject your application. You shouldn’t think freely that you’ll automatically be accepted for a Merchant Account or the Payment Gateway, and even less think that such a thing is going to happen right away.

Digital coins, on the contrary, can be created in one day and be used right away. If you visit and register to create your token, it will only take a few minutes and the best of all, you will be able to use it right away after the creation of it. To create a token you don’t need to submit an application that might be rejected or for which you have to wait and lose important clients and money. Digital coins are for everyone, everywhere.

You may say “well, there is Paypal” knowing that the application process is quicker and more straightforward, you could probably be convinced since you are looking for a solution that can be integrated to your e-commerce store quickly, but I have to remind you that they do have certain business sectors that they won’t work with, also such platform does not share the same characteristics (blocked features) for every country and not every country can use their own currency to pay and are forced to change currencies to be able to pay you.

Those kinds of platforms will, of course, monitor the payments coming into your account as a way to measure the risk of your business. They become the judge for your process as a company and they also take high fees since they are a middle man between you and your customers. Also, If they see complains they may suspend your account to investigate your business further (which they have the power to do), another thing that will never happen with your own digital money.

Tokens are the future

Tokens and digital coins based on the blockchain technology offer worldwide meaningful interactions and commerce, and you are free to chase your dreams, it does not matter what niche you have chosen, cryptocurrencies can be there for you to facilitate transactions and help you progress. Digital coins are a mirror to the future and any starting company this 2020 should jump on this wave to achieve better things and increase their possibilities of success.

By Mary Schwartz