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Why should musicians create tokens?

Jan 1, 2020

“By creating a token you are allowing yourself to be the true owner of your work”.

I'm a professional musician, graduated from music school, with 10 years of experience. I had studied to master harmony, counterpoint, fugue, modern composition, singing, and public performance techniques but I didn't know how to make real money with it, nor did I know about ways to make people get to know me and my art. Usually performing here and there and receiving a few compliments was ok for me, but I decided that I wanted to go further into developing a profitable career and share with the world what I love to do the most. Using the latest technologies like blockchain to achieve this purpose through cryptocurrencies and tokenization I've come to see the light.

We have to go further

When you study in any art school they will probably teach you how to create a very basic portfolio website. They will simply teach you to make samples of your work and a contact page or fan-page. But they fail to teach you in real-time how to get the best out of modern technologies. They don't teach you about crypto and the many uses of blockchain, they don't tell you how token creation can be beneficial for your professional development. And of course, they don't tell you how can you start making money with it. But if you have decided to start this path to grow as a professional and working artist, you must have learned a tough lesson already: to succeed in art, you must also succeed in business and to make a business just a Flash website or a facebook fan-page is not going to be enough.

Blockchain technology has brought real opportunities to us since it allows us to be self-sufficient and independent. Before it was common to see many artists disinterested in the business aspect of their craft, relying on agents, galleries, and other merchants to do business for them, but now it does not need to be like that if you don't want to. Using blockchain you are in control of your art, your sales, your time and your money. You can sell prints, copies, recording or any kind of merchandise, eliminating the middle man and keeping your costs low, encouraging more personal relationships with other experienced people in your niche and also your followers.

The nightmare of every musician is to be exploded while they don’t get the due retribution for their art. Pirates are everywhere and sometimes we feel so overwhelmed that we think it’s just impossible to bet them, once someone likes our song 2 or 3 will buy it while thousands and thousands download it for free. This seems unfair, don’t you think? As artist it is normal and right to work for something that can provide us with real earnings that can enhance our careers and help us develop ourselves, to produce better products and with the best quality for those who support us and anyone.

Create tokens with MintMe

Startups like MintMe are coming up with ways for musicians to get paid directly from their fans, without giving up large percentages of sales to platforms or record companies. Smart contracts can also be used to automatically solve licensing issues, and better catalog songs with their respective creators.

By creating a token you are allowing yourself to be the true owner of your work and receive what you deserve for your hard work and dedication. Your token is your own digital currency that you are allowed to use the best way for your own benefit at the same time that you provide your fan-base with a coin that does not only pay your bills but that identifies you everywhere in the world.

By Mary Schwartz