Mintme News

Now listed on CoinMarketCap

Oct 1, 2018

We are pleased to announce that Webchain is listed on CoinMarketCap! This is an exciting milestone for us as the coin continues to gain volume and Webchain community continues to expand. As many of you know, CoinMarketCap is the main global go-to resource for real-time cryptocurrency updates and pricing. Check it out to find live and accurate updates on Webchain:

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements in the last quarter of the year. We think we are going to awake a lot of interest -even more- once we announce our projects. Community members are asking us to recommend everyone not to sell before that. Will you hodl? Join us on discord and telegram to let us know your opinion.

We want to help you understand some concepts defined by CoinMarketCap regarding supplies:


  • Circulating supply: coins that are currently available for trading, you can check that amount here. Interested in buying? Go to and buy WEB!!!
  • Total Supply: existing WEB at the moment, including our premine which is not available on the market. Check that amount here.
  • Maximum supply: all the WEB that will ever exist. As mentioned in the white paper, it’s between 1.6  and 1.7 bn WEB.