Mintme News


Release notes 2.2

Jan 24, 2023

We are happy to inform you that a new version of MintMe is now available, version 2.2. This update brings you a range of improvements and bug fixes that are designed to make your experience on the platform even better. We are dedicated to continuously improving our platform and we value your feedback. We thank you for your support and for choosing MintMe.


- Added the new market pairs
You can now add new trading pairs for your token, such as BTC, ETH, USDC, or BNB, allowing you and your supporters to buy and sell your token using these currencies, which opens up new opportunities for trading and liquidity!

- Added configurable minimum token threshold for commenting
A configurable minimum token amount has been added for writing comments. Token creators can set a required amount in token settings, with a default value of 1000. Users will receive a notification if they do not have the required amount of tokens. This restriction aims to reduce spam and increase the value of tokens.

- Upgraded Knowledge Base
We've added new and relevant information, along with visual aids, to make it easier for users to find and understand the information they need.

- Displayed order depth for more detailed information
A new feature which displays the order depth, providing more detailed information about the orders such as number of buy and sell orders at different prices levels. It gives a better understanding of the demand and supply of the asset being traded, which can help in making more informed trading decisions.

- Added delete function to voting
Token creators will now see a delete icon for all their voting propositions, allowing for better organization and management of voting propositions on their token’s page.

- Changed default setting from Crypto to USD at the bottom of page
The default setting at the bottom of the page has been changed from Crypto to USD. This will improve user experience by providing prices in a more widely understood currency.


  • Improved buy and sell order forms for better user experience
  • Changed entries into links in the "Tokens I Own" table for improved functionality
  • Added autocomplete="new-password" to password form fields for improved security
  • Implemented a delete function for removing tokens from wallet
  • Decreased image sizes for faster load times
  • Turned avatars into buttons in the direct message feature for better usability
  • Removed nickname from coin markets for consistency
  • Skipped decimals for a cleaner and more user-friendly display
  • Prevented token owner from participating or buying their own rewards
  • Discord now redirects back to the Discord rewards page
  • Hidden balance for guests in the Quick Trade
  • Changed the order of country codes for improved usability
  • Implemented a show & hide password toggle button on the login page for improved security
  • Redesigned TOS and PP pages for a cleaner and more user-friendly layout
  • Moved the votes table to display under the description for better organization
  • Added tooltip to wallet for better understanding of functionality
  • Implemented hreflang for better internationalization
  • Removed the "go back" button from the edit profile page for a more streamlined experience
  • Showed the buy option on lower resolutions for better accessibility
  • Aligned the smart contract address to the left for improved readability
  • Added avatar to column name price
  • Removed spaces in URLs
  • Products in token shop now disappear when limit is reached
  • Implemented MintMe API v2 improvements (order placement/deletion)
  • Implemented new design for GEM investment commitment modal
  • Hidden balance for guests in the Token shop
  • Improved welcome modal
  • Improved hover effect for links on the Wallet page
  • Improved select style
  • Fixed remaining counter for products with unlimited quantity in the Token shop
  • Implemented a feature to clear text fields in buy/sell forms



  • Fixed redirection during logging in
  • Fixed edit phone number not working
  • Fixed issue where users couldn't buy products from token shop
  • Fixed wrong behavior when user tries to withdraw crypto to smart contracts address
  • Fixed issue where old user avatars were not being deleted properly
  • Fixed Bounty Campaign notifications
  • Fixed displaced action links in Token shop summary
  • Fixed wrong amount on promotion history
  • Fixed issue where the same message shows up on activities box
  • Fixed Facebook post validation on airdrop campaign
  • Fixed validation message in product/bounties form
  • Fixed tooltip not showing when the token is blocked
  • Fixed deployed token table from trade page not working properly
  • Fixed unexpected line break in activities box
  • Fixed tooltip not displayed properly
  • Fixed button text in Get new bounty modal
  • Fixed link inside private post being wrong
  • Fixed text being too close to toggle button in password input field
  • Fixed issue where refunds were not recorded on history
  • Fixed issue where there are two same messages in a modal
  • Fixed issue where submit button was enabled wrongly
  • Fixed issue where chart trend disappears even on larger resolution
  • Fixed MintMe coin link on hover
  • Fixed invite link for not logged users
  • Fixed Market change value position in top coins section on the trade page
  • Fixed issue where posts were loaded wrongly
  • Fixed text in modal's header not being aligned properly
  • Fixed unexpected scroll bar
  • Fixed URL for coins trade page
  • Fixed header's name
  • Fixed overlapping text on footer
  • Fixed tooltip in mobile view
  • Fixed token avatar not displayed as expected
  • Fixed unexpected toast alert on withdrawal form
  • Fixed wrong link in notifications
  • Fixed outdated fee currency name in api request
  • Fixed wrong redirection on the main page
  • Fixed duplicated warning
  • Fixed wrong background color on kb page
  • Fixed misaligned column in token shop
  • Fixed wrong link on the coin page
  • Fixed wrong link redirection on main page
  • Fixed long titles in products/bounties
  • Fixed help text for "add a new product" form
  • Fixed url on trade page
  • Fixed wrong tooltip on trade page
  • Fixed an issue with misaligned text on email
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong hover effect on the trade page
  • Fixed an issue with the remaining counter for products with unlimited quantity and text overflowing in Spanish language
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong icon displayed in web notifications
  • Fixed a misplaced tooltip on the token page
  • Fixed an unexpected ticker appearing in tooltips
  • Added placeholder to numeric inputs
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip would show up in front of the link
  • Fixed an issue where some tabs tend to move from side to side on the EXPLORER page
  • Fixed an issue where the total price input from sell/buy order on trading pages was not updating the price
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong crypto name was displayed on the wallet page
  • Fixed an issue where the dot symbol was not allowed in input fields
  • Fixed an issue where a toast alert was missing during order creation
  • Fixed style deprecation messages from the frontend build
  • Brought back the share button on the Token page
  • Fixed an issue where latest activities posts with long titles were not displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue where some titles used incorrect styles
  • Fixed an issue with the behavior of rewarded post share links
  • Fixed an issue where the "Add end date" box had no space on the Airdrop page
  • Fixed an issue with the Buy Depth Tooltip
  • Fixed an issue where the columns were overlapping on the Active orders table
  • Fixed an issue where the Quick Trade on Token intro disappears
  • Fixed an issue where token edition doesn't work with 2FA enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the "Read More" button was not working for long token descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where the edition of token descriptions was not working properly