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Release notes 2.4

May 22, 2023

We are thrilled to unveil the latest release of MintMe, version 2.4, marking another significant milestone in our ongoing journey to enhance your MintMe experience. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our users remains at the forefront of our mission, and we deeply appreciate your valuable feedback that helps shape the evolution of our service. Thank you for your unwavering support and for entrusting MintMe as your preferred platform for trading and crowdfunding.


- Support for BTC, ETH, BNB, USDC and CRO on the MintMe blockchain.
Introducing expanded blockchain support on the MintMe platform! With our latest feature release, you can now seamlessly transact with BTC, ETH, BNB, USDC, and CRO on the MintMe blockchain. This update integrates MintMe Coin as a viable blockchain option, empowering you to withdraw and deposit diverse coins based on MintMe, among other possibilities. Enjoy enhanced flexibility and a unified digital asset experience on

- Added a network selection option to choose specific networks for transactions
Take control of your transactions on MintMe! We've added a network selection option, allowing you to select specific networks for your deposits and withdrawals. Choose your desired network for MINTME, BNB, ETH, USDC, and CRO coins, ensuring clarity and control. Say goodbye to confusion and enjoy a streamlined experience.

- Implemented special medal icons to award top holders
Acknowledging the unwavering support from your fans and followers! Introducing supporter medals for token holders on MintMe! Top token holders are awarded with special medals based on their rankings: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Blue. Medals will be displayed in comments, on the profile page, in chat, and around avatars in the top holders table.


  • Redesigned the quick trade feature to enhance usability
  • Recorded payments for deployment, change release address, and additional markets in the transaction history
  • Added a "Send Message" button for token creators to the token area
  • Added trailing zeroes to tables for better presentation of numerical data
  • Added a new status for deposit/withdrawal history, providing more comprehensive information
  • Implemented numbers shortening on the market page for improved readability
  • Added an Instagram icon in the footer
  • Shortened the length of airdrop links for improved user experience
  • Improved the accuracy of the slider performance
  • Improved the accuracy of the sign-up bonus reward
  • Added a length limit to the amount fields in the "General" settings of tokens



  • Resolved the issue where token owners couldn't vote
  • Fixed error with faulty API withdrawal for tokens deployed on new cryptocurrencies
  • Resolved issue with incorrect disclaimers in deposit modals
  • Fixed the voting feature to could be deleted by any user
  • Fixed an issue where the crypto network couldn't be disabled/enabled
  • Resolved the problem with supporting external tokens that have fees on transfers
  • Addressed the issue where the wallet page wouldn't load
  • Resolved the error that occurred when deleting a token
  • Fixed the issue with the "Follow" button
  • Resolved errors related to claiming airdrops
  • Fixed the error when creating a proposition
  • Fixed the error that occurred when deleting a product
  • Resolved the issue where the token page was not visible
  • Fixed automatic order issues with invalid numbers
  • Fixed the error 404 that occurred in the chat
  • Resolved the error when deleting a chat
  • Fixed the problem where the account became unavailable
  • Resolved the issue with lazy loading in the "Token introduction" page
  • Fixed the error when creating a token signup bonus link
  • Fixed the issues with the sign-up bonus not working properly
  • Resolved missing translation in a tooltip
  • Fixed the error that occurred when creating a comment
  • Addressed the error with voting
  • Resolved the error with the chat feature
  • Ensured text visibility in the registration form
  • Fixed a typo on the login page for disabled users
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of direct buy volume
  • Addressed the unwanted scrolling up problem
  • Removed tooltips from social media icons
  • Fixed the warning about exceeding donations not appearing for certain cryptocurrencies
  • Fixed the problem with token deletion
  • Ensured token fees for internal transactions work as intended
  • Fixed incorrect redirection after sign-up
  • Resolved errors related to phone number verification
  • Fixed the wrong token avatar on the trade page
  • Resolved the issue with the wrong token avatar for imported tokens
  • Fixed issues with the MintMe deposit form
  • Fixed the ISO 639-1 language code for Ukrainian translation
  • Resolved the issue with the logo on the "Activate your account" page
  • Fixed the price overview chart
  • Resolved the flickering issue with post avatars while loading
  • Fixed post loading issue
  • Resolved TOS and PP translation problem
  • Restored live feed on home page
  • Fixed incorrect withdrawal fee display for custom tokens
  • Fixed the issue with the wrong default network on USDC
  • Fixed the trade history not displaying records of executed trades on the markets page
  • Fixed the broken Terms of Services link in welcome email
  • Resolved the design issue with the 'Total price' field when there was insufficient spacing
  • Fixed the misaligned token name and token page header
  • Ensured the single post page works well after refreshing
  • Resolved an issue with the news page being broken in the Spanish and French versions
  • Fixed the error that occurred when deleting orders
  • Restored missing top holders display
  • Resolved the issue with new comments on posts not being displayed
  • Restored the functionality of the referral system
  • Fixed unexpected validation in quick trade
  • Fixed issue related to the tip feature
  • Ensured sell orders created automatically are visible
  • Fixed the unexpected behavior in the TOKEN/USDC quick trade module
  • Resolved the Error 500 that occurred on market pages
  • Removed the donation modal from quick buy
  • Fixed the broken promotion link from the congratulations modal
  • Resolved the wrong message shown when a user tries to donate more than their balance
  • Fixed the wrong toast alert when the limit is reached