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Release notes 2.9

Apr 8, 2024

We're excited to roll out MintMe version 2.9, marking a significant leap forward by giving you the ability to deploy your token to multiple blockchains at the same time and integration of the Solana, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Base blockchains. This update isn't just about enhancing functionalities; it's about expanding possibilities, enabling you to explore new horizons in trading and crowdfunding. While features and fixes are part of this update, the spotlight shines on connecting our community to these powerful blockchain networks. Thank you for your continued support and feedback, which fuels our journey and helps us make MintMe the best platform it can be.

Please keep in mind all BTC addresses of users have changed


  • Implemented new type of BTC addresses. Please use the new addresses for your transactions. Check your wallet for details.
  • Added ability to deploy a token to multiple blockchains at once, works only for tokens created via MintMe
  • Added support for the Arbitrum blockchain
  • Added support for the Avalanche blockchain
  • Added support for the Solana blockchain
  • Added support for the Base blockchain
  • Introduced a new section "Recent Feed" to the main page
  • Supported transaction batching for external tokens to improve efficiency
  • Improved autoload functionality on the feed page
  • Displayed notifications for quick buy transactions when there are not enough orders to complete the transaction
  • Enhanced the handling of country codes in the phone number field for better accuracy
  • Now displaying currency for amounts in the activity history tab of the wallet page for clearer transactions
  • Replaced the button with a link in the add post form on the feed page
  • Renamed the "All Tokens" tab to "All Feed" on the feed page
  • Implemented a security measure that disallows withdrawals for 48 hours after changing password, email, or phone number



  • Included referral's earnings from a quick trade
  • Fixed an unexpected error when claiming from embedded airdrops
  • Fixed missing entries on the feed page
  • Removed duplicated entries on the feed page
  • Fixed an issue where the edit button did not work in the summary modal of bounty campaigns and the token shop
  • Resolved the issue where the sign-up bonus returned an error 404
  • Removed tokens from the "My Tokens" dropdown list after they were blocked or deleted
  • Fixed the issue where the "Promote Your Token" page in the token settings did not load after refreshing
  • Corrected the default price to auto-update in the create order form
  • Changed the behavior of the save button in profile editing
  • Fixed a 404 error displayed when accessing the reward summary
  • Removed the Deploy tab from token settings for external tokens
  • Changed the tooltip on the Deploy page
  • Corrected the amount of coins displayed in the proposition tooltip on the Voting page
  • Fixed an incorrect difficulty value displayed on the page
  • Added a missing hover effect for the "Change Email" modal
  • Updated the text inside the "Change Your Email" form
Solana and Base blockchains will be enabled later in April 2024.