Mintme News


Release notes v1.1

May 19, 2020

MintMe V1.1 is now released.

We have made a number of changes, the most prominent of which are:

  • Tokens are now deployable to the blockchain.
  • MintMe API is available for public use.
  • The trading page has many new options including USD and 30d market cap.
  • A dedicated menu for editing options of your token was added.
  • You can now save trusted devices for 30 days, no need to re-login every time.

When you pay for token deployment, your money is actually frozen for 5 years - By limiting supply we greatly increase the chance for MintMe coin to increase it’s worth. After the token is deployed to the blockchain you can freely use it as any cryptocurrency, including withdrawals and deposits on MintMe. For deployed tokens, there is an option to change the address to which tokens will be released, if the token release period was set. MintMe API allows developers to build apps around With the new API, you can fetch everything you could need about your token. It can be used for something as simple as showing the actual price or something more complicated like creating actual orders for specific markets on MintMe.

Also, we had many improvements and bug fixes for the token name edition and token release period.

Here’s a longer list of changes (it’s not full though, we skipped most minor ones):


  • 2FA is now mandatory for any withdrawal you want to make.
  • The Withdraw button now works properly even with a slow connection.
  • Email message to the user with deposit/withdrawal details.
  • Pending balance for withdrawal is now blocked until it gets confirmed via email confirmation link.
  • Fixed the case when spaces were allowed in the withdrawal address.
  • Fixed notification in the withdrawal module.
  • Fixed notifications for withdrawals.

Trading and wallet:

  • The BTC/MINTME market is always on top.
  • Better token sorting on trade pages; tokens released to the blockchain are color-marked and sorted first.
  • MintMe coin ticker removed from all token pairs except BTC to reduce redundancy.
  • More accurate calculations for the MintMe coin market cap.
  • More accurate calculations for the token release period.
  • Now it’s possible to see just the tokens that the user owns. For that, we made a tick box on the trading page.
  • Trading pairs are now sorted by volume starting from the most traded token.
  • Clicking the token name now lets you see the actual market price for buy or sell order.
  • The anonymous trader is now unlinked as intended.
  • Now you can’t put sell/buy orders without being logged in.
  • Changed default preselected period of trading to 30 days.
  • The trade page now has each coin's market cap.
  • Users can now set zero fees for MintMe coin deposits.
  • Fixed bug with the amount of tokens deployed to the blockchain.
  • Fixed decimals on price field [BTC/MINTME] pair.
  • Fixed bug with users starting multiple transactions.
  • The indexes on the vertical side of the candlestick are now decimal.
  • Better handling of numbers and decimals on the trading table.
  • A horizontal scrolling bar on small screens is now visible only when it’s really necessary.
  • Combined 24h and 30d volume columns into one column with selector as column name. Users can choose what they need.
  • Currencies in the wallet are now clickable.
  • You can now change the currency by which assets are shown.
  • Maker/Taker assigning now fixed.
  • You can now switch pages on trading to be able to see tokens on other pages.
  • 30-day volume now added to the trading page and each token's statistics.
  • You can now check the top 10 non-anonymous traders of each token.
  • Guests can now view tokens' market prices.
  • The top-performing tokens list now works properly.
  • Fixed trade history showing extra trades.


  • If a mistake in the email address was made, the system won’t let you in until you fix it.
  • Dots (.) are ignored in Gmail email addresses and plus (+) signs are no longer accepted as valid input.
  • The current password field is no longer auto-filled in the settings menu.
  • The limit of the password length was set to 72 characters.
  • Fixed bug with sign up button when a user inserted a weak password.
  • The login field is no longer case sensitive.
  • Password reset links now expire after 1 hour.
  • Disposable emails can no longer be used to create accounts.
  • You can now save trusted devices, no need to re-login every time.
  • Refreshing the 2FA activation page no longer breaks the activation process.
  • All emails, including referral links now using HTTPS.
  • For users with 2-factor authentication active, email codes will be disabled, 2FA will be needed for login, changing token settings, and withdrawals.
  • Users can no longer access the site without entering the email verification code.
  • You can now enter email all in caps, all characters will be treated as small.
  • Added a "show password button" so you no longer need to type the password twice when needed.


  • Webchain name changed to MintMe Coin all over the site.
  • New landing page for users registering through our new promo.
  • Fixed user inability to edit the token’s name.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Firefox.
  • Re-designed notification system to be more user convenient.
  • No more boring error page during release. Now it’s a properly designed page.
  • The maximum value for digits before the dot is now 8.
  • Just 4 digits are now visible after the dot on the introduction token web page.
  • Removed unnecessary warning notifications on the introduction of the token web page.
  • Optimized a view of values on the token introduction page.
  • You can freely navigate through the website even if your 2FA authentication was failed or delayed.
  • The unnecessary profile page that was showing up upon registration has been removed.
  • Added Zip Code to user profile information.
  • Most of the fields in profile now allow not only Latin letters.
  • Fixed guest user redirection to the login page.
  • Fixed visual errors mouse tooltip.
  • A proper web page “Token not found” will now appear if the incorrect token name was entered in the search field.
  • Long words in the title of news posts now don’t break the design.
  • Long names of tokens now visually limited to 7 letters, the rest of the name appears upon hovering over it.
  • Changed a format of date in various modules of the website.
  • Improved search box functioning, faulty errors no longer appear.
  • Fixed images showing on Internet Explorer.
  • Changed the number of digits to 4 for the introduction page's statistics table.
  • Font color changed for better text visibility.
  • You can now delete your token.
  • Privacy policy, Terms of service, and Press kit were added to the footer and updated.
  • Faulty "register now" button removed from a registered user's main page.
  • Removed trailing zeros from fee format.
  • Users can no longer enter special characters in city names.
  • Better token naming and editing practices.
  • Fixed dates on the trading page.
  • Fixed name entry for new registrations.
  • Dropdown lists now function properly.
  • Users can now edit their profiles.
  • You can now add your youtube channels without errors.
  • Firefox users can edit decimals properly.
  • You can no longer create a token name of only special characters, it has to be a proper name.
  • You can now add links to your telegram and discord profiles.
  • Now you can close warning boxes by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  • Cursor no longer changes when placed over username links.
  • Better handling of long names all over the site.
Also, we fixed many minor problems such as:
  • Fixed decimals for MINTME.
  • Fixed background color of the tooltip icon of token release on the introduction page.
  • Fixed cursor’s color problem while hovering over input fields.
  • Fixed a few occasions of the wrong functioning of the search token field.
  • Fixed color of the Cancel button in various modules.
  • Fixed filtering on the wallet page.
  • Fixed text in the Share bubble on the introduction page of the token.
  • Fixed tables on the trading web page.
  • Fixed design of FAQ.
  • Fixed a problem with the name change in profile.
  • Fixed multiple console errors.
  • Made a number of SEO improvements.
  • Our logo looks much cooler now.
  • Improved footer fonts and spacing looks better now.
  • Better image alignment on the news page.
  • Fixed graphics included in MintMe emails.
  • Fixed grammar, phrasing and typos in multiple places, Fixed graphics in different places.
  • Fixed scrolling and employing better fonts with more clear colors.
  • Complete rework of the candle chart.