Remote work in the digital era: getting paid with crypto

Feb 16, 2021

           Working remotely is not something that started because of a pandemic, even if the pandemic was indeed a motivation to radicalize-popularize remote work, it was already the direction the world has been taking ever since the digital era started. Now what we are experiencing is how this method of work develops to become a much better version of itself and of course, that includes the implementation of other later technologies such as blockchain into it.

I know a lot of people, and I’m sure you do too, that work from home or inside an office cubicle all day. People working from their computers exclusively is not something weird anymore, even if before some people would still ask: can really everything be done online? the answer to that question has become tacit, because everyone started to understand the importance, or better said, the preeminence of the digital world in the real world.

Because it is not only our primary way of communication, but it is also where we control production processes, big-world transactions, bank systems, and the memory of the world, to say the least. In other words, if the fantasy of the movie Blade Runner was to become true and a huge shutdown occurred, is not hard to believe that the whole world would succumb to total chaos.

Should remote workers get paid in crypto?

          The digital-mode has been going on for a while, yet cryptocurrencies brought up a different perspective to it. Now that people could not only work from the comfort of their homes but they could also gain greater authorship and control over their finances by not having to relate to third parties anymore and by not having to go down with their countries’ economies or government restrictions.

Imagine that you are one of the thousands of people that are, right now, working from home for an international company. Without crypto, any company struggles to find a way to make transactions and be able to pay their employees in different countries allowing them to receive it rightfully and in time. Cryptocurrencies have changed that, because they allowed people to expand their possibilities to a worldwide level, to make transactions with great security and reliability, that are over any country-related economic crisis or any extreme bureaucracy.

Getting paid using cryptocurrencies is more than just another option available because it offers a completely contrasting reality for any employee. Such is the case of many who receive payments through less reliable platforms that are not even supported in their countries of residence. Making an exchange in time is not possible while they deal with a long process to be able to get their money in the fiat currency they use to buy any good or service in their countries. The possibility of using a reliable exchange platform with thousands of buyers and sellers that would pay in your fiat currency in exchange for crypto is already a dream that came true for many.

“Getting paid using cryptocurrencies is more than just another option available because it offers a completely contrasting reality...”

What about custom cryptocurrencies?

          Custom cryptocurrencies are, in a way, advancement into the realm of cryptocurrencies, because they are not only crypto but are personal-issued digital money. If someone creates their own coin/token they are allowing themselves to get paid from any place in the world at the same time that they are given the change to exchange to any other crypto of their preference while keeping the personal hint to it since they are giving a personal token to those who pay for their services.

For example, those who become token creators at get paid (people buy their tokens) with MINTME which is the main currency in the platform. MINTME then becomes the bridge to acquire any other currency that is available in the exchange. Depending on the currency you want to exchange, you can place a sell order and withdraw it to your wallet after you sell.

           Getting paid with crypto is more than just a trend of the geek people. Every day more and more people choose to rely on crypto because it offers them the chance to survive in a remote environment by becoming the true owners of their money and securing their personal finances. Not only those who perform technological activities such as programming and web development but anyone that works in a digital environment: marketers, managers, administrators, and now even teachers, musicians, artists, designers, and architects.

Do you get paid with crypto already?

Mary Schwartz