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Reward feature: Create your own token store in v2.0

Nov 22, 2021

           MintMe is becoming more and more the kind of platform created to host ideas and projects of all kinds for people from all over the world. Generating a space for token creators to share their services, products, and original creations with their community in a direct way. Also allowing traders to hold tokens of genuine value, loaded with exclusive digital prizes.

With this intention in mind, MintMe has developed innovative ideas to be launched in upcoming version 2.0 and initiate many more significant changes in the field of buying, selling, and exchanging digital goods. Among them will be the reward option, also known as the token store.

The Token Reward

          The reward option/feature within is intended to allow the token creator to exchange digital items (in multiple formats of their choice) for their tokens. That is, the token creator can receive his own tokens back in exchange for an exclusive item he has put on sale in his store.

Followers, holders, or traders can participate and pay for the listed item without limitations. This option is available to all users, and it is not necessary to make an additional payment or deploy the token to the blockchain.

All rewards are visible on the token introduction page, and can be exclusively created by the token creator, although users can choose to propose the sale of an item or service through the voting option. All available features work to generate a complete ecosystem of organic interaction, including direct communication through DMs and comments to make proposals or make requirements.

Increased customization

          This new version of MintMe will include more customization options for your campaigns, as the token creator will be able to manage everything related to these functions (create, edit, delete, accept/reject participants) through token settings.

“ Reward = the user pays the token creator with his tokens.”

Although it is not necessary or mandatory to offer a reward, this feature can provide token creators with the opportunity to generate a more stable market for their tokens. Due to the limited supply of tokens, it is a way for the creator to recover their tokens and continue trading. It also allows price speculation and demand for continued scarcity and the value of the reward the creator offers to his holders.

The rewards option can offer unlimited opportunities. In digital format an infinite number of files can be shared, be it music, images, documents, a download, a custom design, an exclusive link, and more. The token creator can offer limited key content (for a certain number of traders) and set the price he considers fair, and traders decide whether they want to pay the token creator for that material or not.

This way token creators can use the reward feature to publish their items as if it was their own store, with different prices, and set a limited offer depending on the availability of the item (on stock or single item) from his token’s introduction page. This and more features in the next version of MintMe 2.0.