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Earning autonomy through token creation

Aug 8, 2020

           It is natural for us humans, to look for approval, and support from others, whether we have a real need for it, or because we were thought to need others. But, there is a limit to everything, and though we know we aren’t separated islands that would never need anybody, talking about autonomy is talking about feeling that is possible to achieve things on your own without being dependent. Then, can we say that digital coins can help us say, think, and choose by ourselves?

Autonomy means to choose when to say «No»

          The word autonomy comes from the original Greek «autos» which means “by yourself, or on your own” and «Nomos» which means rules and capacity. In other words, autonomy means the capacity or quality of an individual or organization to make and follow their own rules.

By any means this is just what it means to get into the token creation, it is to be able to create your own rules, your own money, and your own system, to think, choose and act in an independent way, without feeling subdued by others.

Expressing autonomy is important for many reasons: Nowadays it has become even more important to be able to tell your opinions with strong convictions, and express to others what you really want and show what makes you different from others. Any activities you make, any creations or project you start, all of it, is a demonstration of your autonomy.

Token creation can help you

          We know we aren’t being autonomous when we have to move or act in a certain way that we don’t want because we are forced not only to please others but to obey them for a mutual benefit. For some reason, it seems that business relations aren’t mutual support anymore but more of a fight between powers.

Token creation can change that for us because it gives every person the right to choose since we are all equal. There should be no space anymore for feeling frustration over not being able to make your own decisions over your projects and ideas. Because now is possible to make your own money through tokenization.

Autonomy then, has multiple advantages: In the first place it can improve our personal security, it also reduces anxiety and it marks a distance between us and those who want to get over us, like controllers or even those who would like to steal our idea if we back of for a moment.

Being independent through token creation is being capable of making things on your own accord and in your own time, to benefit your community directly. Without depending on any big corporation or agencies or even banks and the government to help you or take care of your finances.

Once again blockchain technology through token creation is changing our lives in a very significant way, this time helping us feel sufficient to take care of our own projects and our community, making our own money and expressing our opinions strongly.

Mary Schwartz