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Token making: ​​a cradle of true philanthropy?

Aug 8, 2021

           It may be due to the financial spiral that we are in, but the results show that at least Americans don’t enjoy wasting money. Approximately 83% of Americans declared (in a reader’s digest international survey) that they would use any additional income to save it or to pay a debt. Everyone wants to use any additional income wisely even if they don’t know-how.

It is a curious phenomenon that as soon as we feel relaxed with a little bit longer tail, or without money worries (almost unconsciously), we start spending more than we should. We lower our guard with the control of our income and expenses and we end up unbalancing our finances. We all tend to follow habits that aren’t always advisable when it comes to managing our capital.

“Without goals, our inversions and savings lack direction and the arrows go down.”

The major reason why people can’t have effective control over their finances is that there’s no conscience of the objectives they have and of what they want to achieve. They ultimately don’t know how to use their money to attain their dreams and have a better living. Without goals, our inversions and savings lack direction and the arrows go down. However, what if I tell you that token making can change the game for the best?

Token making for philanthropies

          The idea is to move from being a simple money keeper/holder who saves everything without using it intelligently (in a meaningful way), or die-hard philanthropy that gives away everything, even if his actions lead to poverty, and become a smart investor putting your money on the best use and work with it to get the greatest results for yourself and others.

This is possible through token trading, and it is a whole new approach to the world of crowdfunding and charitable support. To be able to invest in the dreams of others, to have a personal budget, and see how that inversion becomes a real revenue at the same time, is magic. Supporting people to follow their ideas and giving yourself the chance to earn once they have become successful.

“The idea is to move from being a simple money keeper/holder...and become a smart investor putting your money on the best use...”

The marvelous conjunction of investing in something laudable in which we believe with the ability to lead personal management that indicates progress, it signifies a path of happiness and tranquility. We all would like to get the motivation we need to keep on working and looking forward to our dreams by observing how our savings and capital grow up at the same time that they serve for the benefit of others.

How to do it?

          Usually, when we decide that we want to start paving this path for our personal finances, it is hard to find out what could be best for us. But, there is an honest way to earn money through charity. Tokens can give you the chance to know where your money is going and see it grow alongside the projects of a direct beneficiary.

Start by visiting the trading page. Each token has a project or purpose behind it, take the chance to get to know them and see which one you like the best. Of course, as a giver, you may feel an attachment to certain kinds of content and project subjects and you may as well give without expecting anything, yet it is not a bad idea to consider the potential a token has to increase its price in the future.

You can also easily become a token holder by getting some airdrops. Search for active airdrop campaigns and help perform the promotional activities/tasks each token creator asks for. It can be as simple as subscribing to a youtube channel, retweeting, or posting about it on your social media. After that, you can get an airdrop referral link as well and increase your token earning by supporting the campaign by sharing it yourself.

Now, after our new release, it is also possible to vote for project proposals. So, you can become a supporter as well as a good advisor for your favorite token creators. Consider that your vote can change the path for the creators and participate actively within a community.

Would you like to become a smart philanthropist through token making?

Mary Schwartz