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Tokenization as the future of economics

Sep 29, 2022

           The thought of creating money out of thin air might seem like a terrible idea, as money needs regulation to avoid losing value. Money itself is a representation of value, an easy way for people to exchange goods or services, and in a way, bills themselves hold the trust of people in their regulatory governments which might directly affect the ebb and flow of the true value of their hard-earned savings. Fiat currency could be considered fictitious in a way, as people are powerless to dictate its value for the most part.

When considering the latter, cryptocurrencies do not seem like “magical internet money” but a viable alternative for people to be empowered to control their finances and, at the end of the day, their livelihoods.

Crypto is immutable at its core, algorithms being the representation of their immutable nature, it is not randomly created to serve the needs of a bigger entity, but instead, decentralized, appealing to the core values of modern societies and having these values directly applied to their economy.

The creation of tokens or coins brings up a new point of view as to what value we attribute to money itself. It is in the hands of the creator to dictate its value, and, why a particular token or coin should be used and adapted by the public overall, and on the holders to continue their utilization, plus, in the case of finite coin/tokens, boost or lower its initial price as it won't just be tied to the utility of such currency but also their demand and scarcity.

Tokenization easily allows you to give value to anything, an idea, a project, an abstract representation, anything can have value, and the holder of a token representing such thing would be living proof of its value.

There has been a boom in popularity when it comes to cryptocurrencies in the last couple of years, people are starting to see crypto as something which could be turned into money over the long run. The truth is, crypto itself is “value”, and it doesn't intrinsically need to be tied to the fiat representation of that value.

Eventually, society could directly take advantage of the decentralization and ease of use brought by crypto and tokenization, and slowly put behind the shortcomings of institutionally printed money. Fiat money could eventually be seen as we see trading shells for goods and services back in ancient times.

Even though Crypto might seem like the end-all for monetization, it is not quite an inherently trustless system, meaning not directly tied to any nation as they are still reliant on the underlying infrastructure which powers blockchain transactions, and such infrastructure is, at the end of the day, overlooked by the nation in which resides.

Regardless of such, Crypto is a lot less prone to manipulation, and it gives people the chance to dictate their finances and savings for the most part without governmental inference.

Token creation itself is a revolutionary endeavor, a new take on money itself and the value given to such. For now, it might seem like a far-fetched idea to have regular fiat money be phased out by such a brand new system, which might be hard to grasp at first by the mainstream, but, creating a representation of value yourself through a crypto token and utilizing such token to help you bring a project or idea to life, is a very real thing you could do right now! All thanks to, so why not try us out and get a glimpse into what the future of economics might look like?

Isaac Vitales