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Tokenization means taking advantage of the new digital wave

Dec 6, 2020

           We know these are different times, only a few people could foresee how the future would look like (because they were visionaries) but most of us really just waited and adapted with the time passing by in a way that didn’t really allow us to compare and remember how things were in the past. However, even after adapting to the changes we still may lack direction on how or where to strive if we want to take advantage of this new digital era, which is why I’d like to tell you about tokenization as a measure to ensure that you are hitting the jackpot.

Tokenization for digital creators

           Products and services all have a life in the digital world. Nobody who wants to progress and get ahead in the market can forget about the activity that occurs just inside the digital world and how clients have migrated from the usual means of advertisement and buying and selling. However this time we aren’t only talking about getting yourself on social media and creating a website, we are talking about tokenizing your products.

Tokenization is the action of creating-minting a digital token-coin, a piece of information that can represent you, your company, your products and services, and even your ideas. When someone purchases your tokens they can acquire the product you provide at the same time that they can be holding a meaning behind it, all special and different from other tokens. But not only this, tokenizing a product can allow you to put it in the market or prepare before launch, but how?

Use tokenization to test your product

           Testing your item or service before it goes to market can help you verify that your product, your business, and your audience are ready for launch. Ideally, you should test a prototype or your finished product to see whether or not it will be well received by the general public. In addition, this first step will also help you obtain important information from the feedback you collect and make the necessary modifications to improve your product.

But when you are thinking about this you may wonder, how can you test your product without spending a single penny? Well, people love to have priority and receive premise! For example, if you are a video game developer and would like to get people to play your game tokenization can help you offer the promise of your game to a variety of interested people, a public that would join you in this labor. Perhaps creating a campaign in which you can offer the chance to become a tester and get the premise to play your innovative video game to the first 1000 players who purchase your tokens for 0.10 MintMe and just drop some airdrops and give your tokens for free to early applicants.

Use tokenization to develop a launch plan

           Once you have gone through the testing process and tested your product with a small group of people, you must develop a launch plan that guides you to promote it correctly. In this plan, you must specify the characteristics of the product, its price, the public it will be aimed at, where you will sell your item, what kind of advertising you will do with it (and the channels through which you will promote it) and the sales you estimate it will have. All of these things can be organized through tokenization because minting can give your idea a more straight and organized approach to an international market.

To better elaborate on this, you can create a small business plan to identify all these points. This step is fundamental for you to correctly organize the promotion of your product and start investigating how to advertise it through different channels. This is the only way to attract customers who will buy it once you have launched it on the market. Tokenizing your product can allow you to have all of this in one single place, because of the characteristics cryptocurrencies and digital tokens have you can promote or sell all over the world and expand your business, at the same time that you can decide the clients you want to sell to and how many, having control of your transactions and verifying them, holding accountability.

Use tokenization to familiarize yourself with your product

           As you move forward in the process of launching your product to the market, you (and your team working with you as well) will have to adjust to new processes, which can be difficult. That's why you should take the time and resources necessary to familiarize yourself with your new product or service, as well as with the customer service protocols it involves. Tokenization can make this process easier for you because it can allow you to have more direct contact with your client and even receive feedback. Get to know the movement of your token in the market and check its popularity among buyers.

This last point is essential since the doubts that your consumers have will not be the same if the product you sell is a cell phone as if it is, for example, a piece of clothing. Your popularity will depend on who well you develop and if you are effectively answering people's needs with the quality of your product and services.

Having the chance to create such a reliable ecosystem through tokenization will give you the chance to get familiar with your services. It's very important that before launching your product on the market you get familiar with it, because that way, once you start selling it, you will be able to solve any question that your customers may have with ease.

Taking advantage of the digital era is not something that comes naturally, it is something that we must learn and tokenization can help us achieve this as we get our products and services out there to meet the client's needs the best way possible.

Mary Schwartz