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Tokens and business expansion: How to promote your brand more effectively.

Jan 27, 2020

“ Tokens can help you create meaning”.

Many new brands and companies are increasingly relying on very expensive social media advertisement, partnerships with social media influencers or digital marketing specialists to capture the attention of the audience and immediately engage with thousands or millions of attentive consumers soon, by leveraging the unique position these methods have in the digital world market. Yet, there is something new that can help you develop your company or promote your brand effectively within the reach of your hand as a startup, easily and without any third-party intervention.

The blockchain befriends startups

About 84% of brands will invest in at least one influencer marketing partnership in the next 12 months or engage in several marketing campaigns within a year, one after the other. Of course, is understandable especially for new brands that need to be especially efficient and achieve high-levels of ROI on their campaign spend—to target customers through creative sponsored and/or branded content. But not every startup finds a marketing partnership that suits them correctly or that fits their economic possibilities. I must say that this is one of the many reasons why big companies are already turning to blockchain technology. They have recognized that the possibility of offering something better, reaching a lot more clients is huge and the prices are lower.

I would compare blockchain technology with a door to which you do not require a key, just the will to open it. Accessible to everyone, and with the amazing potential to improve trust, mutual support, international transactions, data security and much more. But the best of it is equality, the chance to be part of it despite the level of your company. Whether you are starting, in the middle, or right in the major leagues, blockchain initiatives like MintMe Coin are made to bring equal opportunities to everyone.

Also, for brands wanting to kickstart their success, the process of creating and launching a successful marketing campaign involves identifying specific campaign goals, and working closely with people to develop, implement, promote, and assess the success of each campaign, getting to know the peoples needs and let them tell you what they really want from you. Thanks to blockchain people can be closer to each other since they don’t need any middle man to choose for them or to tell them the way they should make a business what is better for them. incentivizing mutual support and increasing trust.

Tokens, giving more than taking

Are you one of those companies that are going around trying to choose among tools, and/or software, agencies and advertisement companies right now? these “marketplaces” can oftentimes be expensive and offer little to no direction on how to develop, execute, optimize, and manage an effective campaign, is quite frustrating to find out that they sometimes take too much and give too little. While creating a token with a clear purpose being able to guide people to the same place to buy, pay, interact and know more about you enlisting the services that you can offer, on the other hand, may yield better results, especially for brands and advertisers who are just starting of is this very competitive environment.

Tokens are the perfect tool to engage in social media platforms. People spend 1.7 hours per day scrolling on social media in the U.S (according to We Are Social) much less time watching television or reading magazines. The new market of the next generation is setting strongly in the internet world. New brands looking to make an immediate impact in the marketplace could surely find a great advantage by creating their own digital coin to rule in their niche. For both startups and established brands looking to connect with consumers across social, personalized tokens could be the tool to engage more directly with your followers and potential clients. Tokens can ultimately help companies gain immediate traction in ultra-competitive markets attained to the limited fiat world.

Brands with a meaning

Whenever I see someone using the name of a brand to describe a product that could be manufactured by thousands of other brands I’m surprised and I laugh content, just thinking that they did an excellent job winning people's credibility to build more than a brand but a meaning. I think this is something tokens can help you create, “meaning”. Not only you are selling a product and trying to satisfy impossible request Millennials that lack trust has. You are offering people something real with which they can relate with honesty.

When people buy from you using your own coin they are engaging more than using any other fiat currency. This means that they care about you and your brand enough to pay for your services using your own currency, directly to you and without the intervention of anyone else. This is very significant.

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is bigger than we think, and even though it’s still in the process to develop and grow to become mainstream we can already see all of the potentials behind it. As a new starter or promising entrepreneur, you cannot lose the chance to participate in such an inspiring movement. Maybe you won’t get into it 100% but since platforms like mintMe offer such easy process of token creation and since mintMe Coin can be mined easily through any device with IoT access then, you shouldn’t think it twice to try it out.

By Mary Schwartz