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Webchain update

Dec 7, 2018

I've decided to post part of my response on discord as news because it contains some information about what are we doing: It's friday evening and I just logged in to Gitlab to make this screenshot, it's real, not selected but random one This is what is happening all day and even part of nights...

  • We focus on those entries from Roadmap:
  • Launching a huge project with the first real world use case for WEB;
  • Adding WEB as a payment method in our hosting business with over 1 million clients;
  • Adding a WEB mining option in our hosting panel;
  • Launching the first token project on top of Webchain;
We also work on CoinIMP, one important feature that many many clients asked for - ability to distinguish how much each vistor mined. This gives big possibilities because they could create game based on CoinIMP where every player would mine inside game and get crypto as reward. So far it was not possible to distinguish how much each web site visitor mined, now it will be accessible via API. Quite interesting and useful function and we just merged it, meaning it's ready for release. (not yet on production though) And as always, we will post all release notes when we release new version of of CoinIMP. It's not like we are not saying anything :wink: But that's true, we are not very verbose at this stage, but we plan to change it after release of our big project.

Artur Makówka - CEO