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What 2022 holds for the market of Crypto tokens

Jan 27, 2022

           This 2022 seems to have woken up on the wrong foot economically. We just woke up in it and the bad mood in the financial markets has accompanied us since then. The fear, the uncertainty and the expectations placed on it seem to be collapsing. So many plans, so many startups and investments, whatever is our case we harbor a fear and apprehension of what this year will be like.

So, What do we do? Do we stop? Do we do nothing? Will the right foot never step on the ground and will we continue to walk on one leg this year?

The gray cloud over the economy

          Even before starting the new year, we could see a gray cloud coming over the economy that has awakened more this year. High inflation in the United States (the highest in 40 years), volatility in the stock markets and sharp falls on Wall Street dragging behind the world financial markets, announcements of the American reserve with interest rate hikes, China banning the use of crypto technologies, and of course, the crypto world is no stranger to all this, and its high volatility has been further compromised.

What to do then? To invest or not to invest?

          "After the storm comes the calm", "in troubled waters, fishermen profit", popular sayings that may well apply to this economic and crypto world of today. While many run and despair, a few others are preparing their future profits. Everything is about having patience and calmness to make smart choices and not acting out of emotions. In these times, those who are starting out or those who are already in the market should be able to see over the cloud and consider the opportunities ahead of them without losing their temper.

However it’s true that the market moves a lot by feeling or sensation, so leaving much of those fears and visualizing more the future will help anyone make wiser decisions. Making the waters in the medium term return to normal. The last 10 years, more so inside the crypto sphere, has shown us that things are never as bad as they seem. Then the clearer and more concise recommendation anyone could give is: if prices go down more, buy more; if they go up more, sell at better prices.

Many are the companies that, as for today, continue to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It’s expected that the global blockchain market will reach $23.3 billion by 2023. Over 18,000 businesses are already accepting cryptocurrency payments and this is just the beginning.

The best way, not only to remain alive during this new year, but to thrive and not to lose your whole capitalization is to invest in assets that in the long and medium term will leave profitability. Allowing you to take advantage of these temporary circumstances of the financial markets.

Crypto tokens as an investment

          The crypto market will not stop growing, there is a lot of investment and capitalization at stake, expansions and investments will continue, only those who manage to resist and persevere will succeed.

2022 is full of opportunities in the realm of token creation. Now, it will take courage to join since succeeding in crypto tokens as a true investment will also depend on your level of vision. Studying well the projects, their sustainability over time, their whitepaper, their honest promise, those whose technologies offer a solution to a specific problem and those that can make a difference.

Yes, there are sustainable and very useful projects that will leave their mark and profit in the future. It depends on our analysis, study and learning how to choose to invest. What you don't do, someone else will do.

How MintMe changes the picture

          Now, knowing that the crypto token market is here to stay, MintMe offers an alternative for all those investors and beginners in crypto projects to own a profitable and durable token that, in addition to name and prestige, gives your company a solution for your customers.

It injects capitalization to your project, expands it and gives it a scope that on its own would be very difficult. Additionally, it adds security to your transactions, giving you and your clients the guarantee that your financial transactions will be in a cryptographic system, making it impossible to tampert.

Blockchain technology through cryptographic tokens created at MintMe gives a solidity to projects that are starting or are already consolidated and want to advance in technology. New tokens that people can support, buying and selling in a secure environment of creators, artists, famous people, dreamers, and visionaries that are here to make 2022 a year of crypto growth.

We invite you to contact us and get to know our project in depth and be able to give you the confidence you need in these times in today's markets where knowing how to choose is the difference. Do not let fear overcome you, the best is yet to come and in the end those who visualize it, bet on it and agree to it will be rewarded.