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16:03:55 14 Mar, 2022

https://pancakeswap.finance/swap#/swap?outputCurrency=0x752d15aD06B6129EAc1E2d76573a560a096cBF9a Just added over 10 000 5YRP in liquidity on pancakeswap. Go check it out

10:03:20 09 Mar, 2022

5yrp Market Place What is the idea around this market place? Well its is simple 5 YEAR Plan will create a platform for all to trade. The platform will an e- commerce site, where trading/buying selling what ever is available at the moment and if not available you can but in a request for the product or service that you would require. 5YRP will not be the main currency of trade but rather be used as a rewards or payment system for certain service on the platform. 5YRP will be handling the logistics part of the platform The users of the platform will be handling there own affairs P2P trading with all in good faith. 5YRP will be creating a rewards program for the users on the platform in order to boost activity and participation in the program.

07:03:48 09 Mar, 2022

Get Your 5YRP @ the cheapest price yet don't miss out. Only 120million Tokens that will ever exist. Don't miss this opportunity.

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