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Aernord Token is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency that leverages blockchain technology to provide a secure and decentralized platform for fast, efficient, and affordable transactions. With its innovative features and robust infrastructure, Aernord Token is poised to revolutionize the digital economy and transform the way people think about money. Whether you're a seasoned crypto investor or new to the world of digital currencies, Aernord Token offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for growth and financial success. So why wait? Join the Aernord Token community today and experience the power of the future of money! Tokenomics Aernord Token operates on a deflationary tokenomic model, with a total supply of 100 million tokens. The token has a built-in mechanism to decrease the supply over time, as a small percentage of each transaction fee is burned, thereby reducing the total supply of the token. This means that as the usage of the token increases, the scarcity of the token also increases, potentially leading to a rise in its value. Aernord Token also offers staking rewards to users who hold their tokens in a wallet for a specified period. By staking their tokens, users can earn a portion of the transaction fees generated on the network, incentivizing long-term holding and contributing to the overall stability of the token's price. Additionally, Aernord Token has a strong community focus, with a portion of the transaction fees allocated towards community development initiatives and marketing efforts. This approach encourages widespread adoption of the token and provides value to its holders by increasing its exposure and visibility. Overall, Aernord Token's tokenomic model is designed to promote scarcity, long-term holding, and community growth, making it a promising investment for those looking to participate in the cryptocurrency market. Future Plans for the near future include an initial sale of tokens, deployment on the Crypto blockchain, development and launch of the Aeronord Token application.

Created on:
09 Jul 2022
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1 000 100.0000
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10 year(s)
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6 787 058.2191
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5 786 858.2191
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3 212 941.7808
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Latest News
09:11:51 08 Nov, 2022

Our Airdrop campaign have been launched and we are Airdropping 50 ANT every participate for free.

15:10:45 29 Oct, 2022

We at Aero Nord Blog are happy to fully launch Aeronord Token we seek your support to help the token spread

13:07:07 09 Jul, 2022

Airdrop campaign coming soon.......