Anhydrite (ANH) — is a cryptocurrency with a self-regulating exchange rate that is in accordance with the Binance Coin (BNB) cryptocurrency. This became possible thanks to a new, unique coin minting system, which uses an atypical Pyramiding minting method. Thanks to the peculiarities of this method, the market rate of ANH will always move in parallel with the market rate of BNB to them, which provides interesting opportunities for trading and especially for arbitrage. During the deployment of smart contracts, only 60 million ANH coins were created, part of which was transferred to developers as a reward, while the rest was directed to separate accounts and used for the needs of the project. There is no possibility of manual minting of coins, therefore, further minting occurs only automatically and in quantities that are economically justified and calculated according to a special formula. All new coins that are minted are placed in the accounts of «Open Crypto-Pyramids» and distributed by them as a reward for investors. Developers do not have access to these accounts and cannot influence the movement of Anhydrite cryptocurrency. The Anhydrite ecosystem is designed to have endless, autonomous functioning, which is fixed in smart contracts and cannot be changed or terminated. The owners and developers of the project have no influence on the distribution of values and also do not have access to the finances contained in the smart contract accounts. Since the deployment of the project, the developers become ordinary investors with the same rights and opportunities. Anhydrite is a complex ecosystem, a project which is designed to break stereotypes and prove that the impossible is possible. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: Telegram: | | | | VK: Features The peculiarityt of the ecosystem of the Anhydrite project is the result of the interaction between the Anhydrite cryptocurrency with the structures for minting new coins called «Open crypto-pyramids». Technical Info Following is the ecosystem of the Anhydrite project: The Anhydrite (ANH) cryptocurrency Airdrop Crowdsale Pyramid structures: Violet Pyramid Green Pyramid Yellow Pyramid Orange Pyramid Red Pyramid Website The Anhydrite cryptocurrency and the Pyramid structures are smart contracts written in the Solidity programming language and deployed on the «Binance Smart Chain (BSC)» network. The Anhydrite (ANH) cryptocurrency is a token of the BEP-20 (ERC-20) standard. Pyramid structures are smart contracts of the BEP-721 (ERC-721) standard. All Smart Contracts:

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14:10:54 29 Oct, 2022

How to purchase Anhydrite 10 times cheaper than its original cost? We have created a separate, special To purchase ANH coins you don’t have to do any special actions, you only need to send any amount of BNB to the address of this and in return you will receive Anhydrite in the ratio of 1/10000, that is, for example, for 1 BNB - 10000 ANH. Read more here:

23:10:44 28 Oct, 2022

Our first Airdrop for the total amount of 2 million ANH is underway! It doesn’t mean it will all be given away, the Airdrop may be stopped earlier. You don’t have to take any additional actions, it’s completely free. The only limit is 25 ANH coins per wallet. Though, you can use any number of wallets. To get cryptocurrency for free, you need to have a MetaMask wallet configured to work with the “Binance Smart Chain” network, which must have a minimum amount to pay the network fee (about 0.0007 BNB). Go to, click on the button and confirm the transaction in MetaMask.