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We are a group of friends with a laboratory dedicated to developing websites, desktop software, smart contracts, tensorflow models, discord bots, mobile applications, web games and other services. you can contact us by direct message or discord.

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New » MintMe Discord Bot » Update v2

[p] The discord bot has been updated, it now includes wallet functions equivalent to metamask and other wallets [/p] [center] [h3] MintMe Discord Bot - Invitation[/h3] [h4] - Bot Guide [/h4] [p] Test server[/p] [/center]

New » ERC Tokens Standards for Mintme

[p][/p] [p] ERC20 Contract [/p] [p] ERC223 Contract [/p] [p] ERC721 Contract [/p]

New » MintMe Discord Bot

[p]We have created a discord bot, to obtain all the information of the tokens.[/p] [p]Use "!help" to get commands.[/p] [h3] MintMe Discord Bot - Invitation[/h3] [h4] - Bot Guide [/h4] [p] Test server[/p]

Airdrops Radar » Never miss Airdrops!

[p]We have created a small tool for you. A complete list of active airdrops on the page.[/p] [h3]Airdrops Radar » Never miss Airdrops again![/h3] [h4]Airdrops API » You can use it in your project![/h4]