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MintMe Discord Bot­čĄľ MintMe Bot was made to make a bridge between the crypto world and the real world. All features are intended for people familiar with MintMe. and other blockchain systems like Ethereum, or who is willing to learn. Please note that the bot is still in beta and therefore is subject to change without notice. Not affiliated or endorsed by, but it aims to be the best cryptocurrency wallet. In case of any questions relating to the use of the bot, you can contact us via

Created on:
17 Sep 2020
Active orders:
50 688.0000
Release period:
5 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
6 874 518.3091
Wallet on exchange:
5 373 937.0317
Sold on the market:
8 028.4228
Not yet released:
3 125 481.6908
Direct buy volume:
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18:09:53 19 Sep, 2021 Now you can swap Anukis, LIBAS, PETETE and Satoshi for 1000x Tokens. Check it out on

15:03:00 06 Mar, 2021 The discord bot has been updated, it now includes wallet functions equivalent to metamask and other wallets [center] [/center]

22:02:08 10 Feb, 2021