BANG is a utility token powering The Bang Network a social place built for the mintme community. Currently BANG Network consists of a social network with a community chat lounge. Members can acquire BANG TOKENS for simply using the site daily.

Furthermore BANG links with other token creator projects expanding and bringing further utility to the network.

Mypeppermint is the defi ecosystem of the MINTME network. Swap coins, bridge tokens, and stake PMINT for rewards!

Mypeppermint group can be found here >>>

Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker With Real-time valuation and analytics. Keep track of your crypto profits, losses and portfolio valuation. Create a unique cryptocurrency portfolio, track crypto market performance in real time.


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Created on:
03 Feb 2021
Release period:
50 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
5 183 244.3099
Not yet released:
4 816 755.6900
Wallet on exchange:
4 788 533.6302
Active orders:
131 394.4000
52 613.5075
Sold on the market:
200 940.0583
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
20:09:28 29 Sep, 2022

1000 CLICK TOKENS have been included as a second reward pool on BANG NETWORK. Members will now earn BANG tokens as well claim CLICK tokens daily for site activity. The CLICK reward pool will continue to pay out until the pool runs dry. :-)

About CLICK TOKEN? More info HERE>>>

    For registrations
    For daily visits
    For clicking on links. :-)
    For referrals
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15:09:10 20 Sep, 2022

Docs add a collaborative work space, part wiki, part document editing, part shared dropbox.

Features include:

    Docs that can be linked to groups or users, with a variety of privacy levels
    Support for fully-private document uploads
    Doc taxonomy, using tags
    Fully sortable and filterable doc lists
    TinyMCE front-end doc editing
    One-editor-at-a-time prevention against overwrites, plus idle detection/autosave
    Full access to revision history
    Dashboard access and management of Docs for the site admin
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16:09:29 19 Sep, 2022

Menu's have been updated.

Top right hand side of the screen users can now access a mega menu consisting of all social features.

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Trader Amount
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21 536
6 315
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