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Babyraptorcoin is a Dino coin . This Raptor will grow big and hunt and eat all other little fluffy doggy(shib) and bit out there . He is funny and scary in one time and hope you will support him in his growth . Babyraptorcoin is there for the long term. It's been created for growth, not a quick buck . The goal of the Raptors is around 150 mintme or 1€ or more . Thanks to all holders of Babyraptorcoin. Go Raptors ! 🦖🦖🦖🌴🌳🌲

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3 months up and running

Babyraptorcoin is now up for 3 months and have already 65 holders ,we hope it going to grow in future . The owner is a Shiba holder and and is keen to burn of some shib with profits from Babyraptorcoin , and is for growth of the Raptors 🦖 🦖

Still good trading prices

The traders of Babyraptorcoin have still good trading prices on the exchange .get your Raptors now ,and some Free for sharing .🌲🦖🦖🌴🌴

Babyraptorcoin up and running

Babyraptorcoin is now on the Blockchain and available for trading . Support the Raptors .💪🦖

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