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Update as of 28 Mar 2022: Bitcoin Brass is raising funds to purchase 5 to 20 acres of land in the State of Virginia, USA to create a fruit tree orchard and sell fruits to local markets. Fruits sold on sight can be purchased with Bitcoin Brass tokens. It will take about 5 yrs to grow the orchard and profits will be used to support the Bitcoin Brass price. Please purchase your Bitcoin Brass token directly if you wish to directly support the orchard. $50,000 dollars will start us hunting for a good piece of land. Bitcoin Brass tokens will be sold now at 25 cents a token. Please donate! Please help this project out by not selling your coins so cheap. Thanks! As always the Goal for Bitcoin Brass is to be used for every day purchases if you have any suggestions please follow us on Bitcoin Brass Discord channel.

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Let Raise $50,000 to purchase Land

Bitcoin Brass is being sold at 25 mintME coins. Help raise funds to purchase a land that we will use to grow fruit trees! You will be able to buy the fruit with Bitcoin Brass Coins. Also any holder of the toke can camp on this land for free. Just like you own it.

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