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Bitcoinforecast is a fundraiser token for as well as Altcoin- and Litecoinforecast. Three stages are currently planed. Stage 0: Pre blockchain Stage 1: Token distribution Stage 2: Buyback The token is currently at stage 0, waiting to be deployed to the block chain. In this stage, the token is priced at 1 MINTME. The token will be deployed to the block chain as soon as enough tokens are sold to cover the deployment fee. Once the token reaches stage 1 the price will be increased to 10 MINTME. The price will then increase by 10 MINTME for every 1M tokes sold until the total supply of 10M tokes are distributed. In stage 2, part of all revenue streams to the sites will be used for buyback. Tokens will be bought from the order book on an ongoing basis scaled to the revenue streams of the sites. In the event of the sale of one or more of the sites, at least 25% of the sales price, will be used for token buyback. PS! As a bonus for token holders I will try to regularly post what tokens has active AirDrops.

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Thank you to helderstr (EURUSA token) for the donation.

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[p]New Airdrops:[/p] [UL] [LI]GREENTOKEN[/LI] [/UL]

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[h6]PSA[/h6] The token lndicator (lowercase L instead of uppercase i) may be a scam coin impersonating Indicator. I recommend you stay well clear this possible exit scam.

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Happy New Year!!

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Thank you Shane

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PSA: The token SmiIe (Smiie) may be a scam coin impersonating Smile. I recommend you stay well clear this possible exit scam.

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PSA: The token SmiIes (Smiies) may be a scam coin impersonating Smile. I recommend you stay well clear this possible exit scam.

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No new AirDrops with rewards > 10 tokens since last post.

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From now on I will no longer list AirDrops that reward less then 10 tokens.

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There are no new AirDrops since last post.

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Active AirDrops as of October 19th 2020 01100001 adbBT ADILO ADIOMI GAMES ADPH African AGENCY Airdrops BMW ALADEEN Anukis aridrop123 ARTANE atenas Ballsuck BETECE Bitcoinforecast Biteasy Bitkaltoken96 BITMA bosstoken BPCoin Cageon360 Carro Chronic Claimer Crecoin cryptotube Cssc Defi OffshoreSwiss Dubai DWITE ECFT ECONOTOKEN EURIKA fcfs FLOCRYPTO Flourish FLOWE Genisys GoldCoinFOMO GRANT grapetkn HardSpaceCoin HNJCOIN Indicator JIMAD Jinxy Bitz KRNL KryptekCoin Lcoin LIBAS ...

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LifeHits LiliputLLC MAESTRO Micer MintMePlus MintToken MonkeCoin MonsterFlux morecoin MS-Coin NasCoin Navajo NULL obituarybelial Olso PCAltCoin PCcoin Plasma Redcoin RGCCOIN RollCoinExtra SAILOR SavageCoin SHELLS SilverCoinFomo SMILEY SOUB Sphinx TACOS TalkRadioService TCKK Troyano watchfull WaxOnline WOLF XRIZ YEarnFinanceFomo

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I will sporadically publish lists of MintmeCoins that have active AirDrops. Posts with only new AirDrops will require a Bitcoinforecast token balance.

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