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ClayCoin is a cryptocurrency token created by Shawn Antonio Sigle, who decided to create a payment system as a test to the world, making fun of the wild speculation in cryptocurrencies at the time. Despite its satirical nature, some consider it a legitimate investment prospect. Once Claycoin deployed to the Blockchain, whoever invested in is reaping the benefits on the moon. (For any mintMe User that purchases ClayCoin + Each new ClayCoin Holder = GAINS FOR ALL HOLDERS, ClaykoSwap LP v1 out now,press link below!)

Recent posts

ClayCoin: Partnership with Clayko Inu

I made it clear that I wouldn’t be focused on ClayCoin that often. In fact i’m only buying for now on. No more updates as this token is basically a “bad shiba inu” clone That’s true. If you believe in ClayCoin, ALL OF YOU WOULD GO AND BUY CLAYKO INU 🔥💎👀 They’re listed on , link below. [url=][/url]

Clayko Inu : Liquidity Locked & Live Price

|Locked CHIB For 10 Years: [url=][/url] |Price Tracker: [url=][/url]

Clayko Inu : BSC TOKEN

It’s here. Clayko Inu is deploying to Binance Smart Chain as we speak. Buy now. [url=][/url] Will be available to buy and swap on PancakeSwap soon today. Will be able to track via poocoin 💩

Clayko Inu: Buying 2 CHIBs, big pump!

I am going to be buying some more Clayko Inu before the Deployment to Binance Smart Chain. Hope you do the same.

Clayko Inu: Projected ATH OF $80+ per CHIB

If EACH of you hold 1 CHIB and some CLC, We will take over the MintMe Trading page... And you will gain once Clayko Inu DEPLOYS IN 2022 I want you to BUY NOW, doesn’t matter if it’s half of a CHIB , A whole one , or 5 of them💰‼️ and then join the OFFICIAL CLAYKO INU TELEGRAM CHAT LINK IN THE COMMENTS.

ClayCoin: Can we hit $0.01?

I haven’t been focused on ClayCoin, due to the developmental process of Clayko Inu. I also feel like the rollout of ClayCoin, isn’t and wasnt fair either , because you have •the top 3 holders holding 10% of the total supply... • Only 1.4 million ClayCoins burned, each top users can burn 100k each and increase demand for CLC •INEXPERIENCED AND INEXPENSIVE BUY ORDERS. You should buy in cheap, sell high. BUY ORDERS SHOULD BE IN THE SAME price RANGE AS SELL ORDERS

Clayko Inu : Whitepaper/ Telegram Chat

CHIBPAPER Intro (Excerpt from Clayko Inu Telegram) Hey CHIBs! Hytoshi here. Sorry I couldn’t make it. This document is the first official blueprint of the Clayko Inu Eco System, The CHIB Eco System. This blueprint contains the full explanation and visualization of the project’s Eco System. Clayko Inu is not just a crypto currency asset. In fact, the project has a lot more to offer. We strive to offer multiple unique solutions by targeting multiple sectors and merging them together. Clayko Inu is the first project on MintMe to design their Eco System on a unique way with these sectors combined. On top of that, the CHIB Eco System is designed so that the holders can actually decide if they want to be a part of this system. This choice is up to every individual. Shall we begin? 🤺 [url=][/url]

ClaykoInu Price (CHIB) : $6.00 USD+🐶😞😳

I just bought in cheap! ... ($CHIB) will be on the BSC , able to trade on MintMe and Claymex in 2022. And if you want in CHEAP ? BUY NOW BECAUSE ITS A GOOD PUMP HAPPENING IN DECEMBER 💛🐶💛🐶! [url=][/url] • Will be tradable on PancakeSwap • I DO NOT OWN THIS PROJECT, Only was a token marketing dev for the coin release period ! Don’t believe anything sources tell you. • Currently trading on MintMe.Com at $6.00 USD+

Start BUYING now..

This pump will show who’s gonna diamond hand or paper hand 🧡 Clayko Inu ($CHIB) is also coming in 2022💛🐶👀

30,000+ ClayCoins BURNED

I accidentally burned some CLC. All I can tell you now is to buy the dip. December will be BIG. 🧡

ClayCoin: Claymex

[url=][/url] ClayCoin will be paired alongside MINTME via ClayConnect until the deployment of Claymex.

Claymex: The ClayCoin DEX/VP

Full details will be released in December. A post is on our Instagram page link about this project in our introduction section.

Buy the DIP 🗣

1. ClayCoin will receive a HUGE pump around December 2021. 2. Whoever buys 15k worth of ClayCoins at the price of 0.245 and beyond will gain and so will diamond handers. 3. ClayCoin is working on launching its new bsc token via ! Name will be released once launch is approved.

ClayCoin Faucet Now Available + CLC/MINTME LP Officially Locked

Congratulations ClayCoiners and ClayCoin Community. I have 2 big announcements to make. 1. We're now on the Earners Channel! You can use the faucet to earn FREE CLC every 30 minutes!!! 2. The 15,000 ClayCoins Etherorama withdrawn off the exchange is part of the CLC/MINTME LP. The 30,000 ClayCoins were withdrawn due to marketing and other information Etherorama would not like us to disclose. The MINTME in the LP did decrease in MINTME but I will be adding 0.08 back into the Address therefore increasing price of CLC/MINTME and the LP in general. CCN (ClayCoin Cryptocurrency News) will be updating the news articles on the official ClayCoin website today. Stay tuned, BUY , FAUCET AND HOLD THOSE CLAYCOINS !! Us going to one cent per ClayCoin is coming real soon.

How MINTME price affects ClayCoin

We're at a ATH of $0.0015 USD per ClayCoin. This could be temporary due to MINTME hitting $0.01 per coin.

ClayCoin: Clayko Inu

The price per CHIB is around $2 USD. Go buy some today! [url=][/url]

ClayCoin: ClaykoSwap LP v1

Its here. Welcome to ClaykoSwap. I prefer sending amounts of tokens you dont mind being unable to withdraw. This will increase the price of ClayCoin by 2022 if all 41 of you send at least 1,700 ClayCoins via ClaykoSwap. [url=][/url]

ClayCoin: ATH Price Update

We broke a USD all time in price per ClayCoin. I would like to thank the loyal holders who are going to stay as we work our way to the moon! Yes, I think we can go higher than $0.00085382. I think the goal is to sell a percentage of your portfolio at the price of $0.04, maybe even $0.25 per ClayCoin for now. The point for this is so all ClayCoiners (aka HOLDERS lol) can receive the INTIAL investment they put in... plus more. So if you want to get to $0.0009 lets start buying my Sell Orders. The buy orders on ClayCoin is too cheap. Anyone on that list buying at 0.0001 and less then 0.245 is hurting the community. 🔴$2,000+ MARKET CAP 🔴40+ HOLDERS 🔴ATH PRICE IS $0.00085382 per ClayCoin

ClayCoin: Instagram Promotion

This Instagram page will permanently keeping this post up. For their gratitude we will issue the account owner with 41,000 ClayCoins. He will NOT sale his shares. [url=][/url]

Etherorama: Pump And Dump?

This token is made for specifically gains ... So buy LOW SELL HIGH

ClayCoin: Token Competition Statement

These last hours, two top tokens DogecoinX and MineMint have been in somewhat of a trading and financial greed conflict. We at ClayCoin Organization are not taking sides, although we don't want tokens in competition with each other. This will ruin the image of both cryptocurrency companies. If you guys are reading this, please make peace and amends. We as a cryptocurrency token want EVERYONE to succeed. Last thing, SCAMS AND FRAUD are not tolerated. We seen evidence of several companies purposefully decrease or increase tokens for their benefit.

ClayCoin: News From

[url=][/url] 😍 Thank you guys.🙏🏾 Keep buying and holding. Comment #CLCArmy in the comments on the article for a surprise!😁

ClayCoin: Telegram Information

🔴$2,000+ MARKET CAP 🔴40+ HOLDERS 🔴PRICE IS $0.0005535 Welcome MintMe and Telegram Family! This is the CEO of ClayCoin, Clayko🧡🚀 Talk about anything ClayCoin related in our public Telegram community. Failure to do so will result in permanent ban. To the moon! 💰😳❗ OFFICIAL WEBSITE: [url=][/url] BUY AND SELL CLAYCOIN: [url=][/url] BLOCKCHAIN EXPLORER: [url=][/url] TELEGRAM: [url=][/url] ⚠️NEVER SELL BEFORE THE $100k MARKETCAP⚠️ ⚠️ YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR TICKET ⚠️

ClayCoin: Liquidity Pool 🔏

The main reason behind a 5 year, locked LP was in fact, our main Financial Funder, EtheroramaFoundation. The foundation stated that if ClayCoin holders and the community stake their CLC & MINTME into the Liquidity Pool, it would benefit every holder in 5 years, therefore enormously increasing the price per ClayCoin and the sell orders. Once the last & 5th year is arriving for the LP, ClayCoin will create a public proposition to add an additional 5 years onto to the Locked LP if successfully voted. Want to stake your ClayCoin or MINTME to the LP ? Press link below [url=][/url]

ClayCoin: 1M ClayCoin Tokens Burned?

We've gotten a update that one of the top holders just burned approximately 999k+ ClayCoins. If that decision puts a decrease on ClayCoin's newly historical price run, that'll be a big blow for us all. Dont stress, keep buying ClayCoins and holding them as well. Open/close can refer to the price at which a cryptocurrency opens at a time period, for example at the start of the day; the price at which a cryptocurrency closes at a time period, for example at the end of the day. In general, these terms were more useful in traditional financial markets as there are fixed hours of the day in which trading occurs. In software development, open/close refers to the programming principle of software parts (functions, modules etc.) being extendable without allowing any kind of change in the source code. The code itself permits flexibility while restricting the ability to change its fundamental parts.

ClayCoin: Bearish or Bullish Hammer?

People are asking me, "Is a hammer candlestick pattern bullish?" The hammer candlestick is a bullish trading pattern which may indicate that a stock has reached its bottom, and is positioned for trend reversal. Specifically, it indicates that sellers entered the market, pushing the price down, but were later outnumbered by buyers who drove the asset price up. Importantly, the upside price reversal must be confirmed, which means that the next candle must close above the hammer’s previous closing price. Buy ClayCoin now,at my MY sell orders before it increases even more!

ClayCoin: Bullish Chart Signal Information

[url=][/url] This article applies to the aftermath of the sellofftherefore resulting in a Bullish Hammer, after ClayCoin historical 80%+ price increase on 8/17/2021 and all new All Time High. As of Wednesday August 17th 2021, MINTME altcoin company,EtheroramaFoundation is the 1st certified Financial Funder for ClayCoin Organization. We in fact currently hold a very small portion of their native cryptocurrency token, Etherorama, not to mention before the newly historical success of ClayCoin. EtheroramaFoundation biggest problem with ClayCoin is top holders pumping and dumping the asset which they are funding. A CLC source confirmed. So with that being said,we at ETH/CLC knows exactly what we're doing with ClayCoin, as far as sell orders and marketing. What we need is the ClayCoin Community to take notice.

ClayCoin: 8/17/2021

Tonight will be a big success for the ClayCoin community. Whoever holds ClayCoin as of now will reap the benefits. That's why I been announcing people to buy while its cheap. The price will never be the same. It may fluctuate due to 3 top holders but if we buy and hold ClayCoin, the price will NEVER decrease below 0.22 MINTME. So, are you ready? But the real question is who willing to diamond hand their way to the moon? Good luck. I will be off this account for a while.

Buy MY sell orders for ClayCoin.

Once its majority of my sell orders, ClayCoin price will excel. We're 10% from the ATH.

ClayCoin Telegram Community

Join the ClayCoin Community Telegram Chat! Link in introduction page.

ClayCoin Liquidity Pool

Earn Compound Price Interest by staking/sending your ClayCoin in the ClayCoin Liquidity Pool. All CLC will be released in 5 years, therefore increasing Price per ClayCoin. Link is in our introduction page.


ClayCoin All Time High

Price per ClayCoin (USD) : $0.0005535

July Update

We are currently at 0.11 MintMe per ClayCoin. If we keep buying the dip and hold, the ATH will be surpassed. Buy ClayCoin today.

Etherorama: Buy now!

Etherorama . Destined to be one of MintMe best cryptocurrencies. I bought 30 Etherorama tokens because well.. I sold the entire Etherorama cryptocurrency token for a decent price recently before ClayCoin was even deployed. And I agree Etherorama purpose is excellent. #EthToTheMoon


Welcome back ClayCoiners! The price for 1 ClayCoin is 0.11 MINTME. As of tonight for the first time, that changed enormously. A whale MIGHT buy ClayCoin at a ATH ONCE AGAIN. Buy NOW, while its still somewhat cheap. PS: Remember, the ATH for one 1 ClayCoin was 0.25 MINTME, so BUY NOW. See you soon.


The price for 1 ClayCoin is 0.1 MINTME. As of tonight for the first time, that changes enormously. A whale MIGHT buy ClayCoin at a ATH. Buy NOW, while its still cheap. See you soon.

To the Holders..

If you seen our price on launch day vs now... You'll understand why you should hodl your CLC. Also, the big goal is to push ClayCoin to a $1 price per CLC. I'll be working with the ClayCoin devs later this month to see EXACTLY what it will take to CLC to become $1. #ToTheMoon #ClayCoin

Follow ClayCoin on instagram!

Instagram : claycoincrypto [url=][/url]

I'll Be Back.

Taking a few days off. Keep buying and hodling CLC.



Other tokens I see investing in?

As, of right now ..... 1.RocketCoin & ClayCoin!!!! 2.LIBAS 3.DogecoinX (even though they have a alot of issues with token creators lol..) PS: BUT BE ADVISED THESE are my picks, NOT YOURS.... JUST KEEP BUYING AND HODLING CLAYCOIN!!!


WHALES ARE GOING TO BUY A BIG PORTION OF ClayCoin today. Be advised that the price could make a big increase or decrease depending on how they buy & sell ClayCoin.

Whales 😂?

For anyone who is scared or worried of whales lowering and rising the cost of ClayCoin in a financial way for their gain, dont be. With YOU, we will laugh at any pump and dumper , ponzi ARTIST or something/anybody else that will try to or defluctuate or raise the price to their standard on the Moon.

ClayCoin: Price Update

The price of ClayCoin was once at a all time high of $0.0004 USD🔥. As of today, we took a loss🤫. But, will you quit😳? Or will you stay for the long journey to the Moon👀?

Goals For ClayCoin.

How to purchase ClayCoins at a cheap price.

ClayCoin is coming to the MintMe Blockchain!

Before 2021, ClayCoin will be on the MintMe Blockchain. Meaning you can deposit and withdraw ClayCoins to your desired destination. PS: We're not like these other tokens who most likely pump and dump, whoever holds ClayCoin now until deployment will BASK in the benefits. START BUYING CLAYCOIN AND HODL! sincerely, Clayko ;]

Top Holders