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This coin is being wasted space. Anyone have an idea to benefit the community with its use? The idea of ​​the bridge between MINTME and ETH has been unfeasible for months due to the very high value of the fees of the ETH blockchain. So that project will remain pending.

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April update #1

[h4]Delivering as promised, I have used the total amount sold in the last few days to support MaTest. Thank you all![/h4]

Post 827

4 equal donations of 2378 MINTME were made to the creators of the HighPay, ECFT, Aragium and Anukis tokens. The first 3 because they were the ones who responded with a message to the post, while Anukis simply because the token is a project that is worth supporting as it contributes a lot to the development of MintMe. I would have liked to support the creator of FaithCoin because he also raised his hand, but his token apparently disappeared.

Post 826

In the end 9514 MINTME were collected. Thank you very much for participating. Shortly I will make a second post to notify what donations were made. This token is likely to become a kind of crowdfunding for crowdfunding within Leave like or a comment if you think the proposal is good.

Post 789

According to what was said in the previous post, I am going to donate at least 4366 MINTME as a product of the direct sale of the token. I will leave the sales orders for two more days and then remove them. Perhaps this can raise some additional funds. [p][/p] I would like you to write in the comments which tokens you would like me to support. I thought a larger amount would be achieved so I will only make 3 equal amount donations.

Post 435

[p]The sale offers that I have placed do not mean that I will abandon the development of the token. This is an experiment that aims to test what happens if the creator of a token significantly lowers the price of his token. Will orders be fulfilled? Will there be a panic reaction and sell orders will be placed at even lower values? Will it be more effective than airdrops in getting attention? We will see.[/p] [p]100% of the earnings will be used to make 30 donations to token creators[/p]

Post 404

Post 124

CoroEx Coin Flipping is ready! It uses the MintMe's bockchain to randomly select the winner. It keeps the count of the total of the games. This value will be used later to "burn" a percentage of the CoroEx so that circulation decreases and the token gains value as it becomes scarcer. There is no minimum amount to participate, you can bet 0.1 or up to 500 MINTME on a game. Visit [url=][/url][h6] [/h6]

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