CryptoCoupon White Paper 1.0 Imagine having a business and being able to properly monetize the exact cash dollar amount you gave for Coupon usage in your company? Crypto Coupon is the world's first universal coupon asset! The Crypto Coupon was designed to become a universal coupon for all things known to mankind. Buy, trade, save, spend or invest. Companies can use Crypto Coupon to give away and track the provisions of Coupons rewarded to customers annually. When companies obtain our tokens they will drive the value of Cryptocurrencies all around the world because our tokens will be traded and rewarded with every purchase at stores around the globe. The goal is to get Crypto Coupon rewarded for each purchase at phisical checkout lines etc.. This will hopefully mainstream Cryptocurrencies and cause people to own Crypto, who would have never invested in it, in the first place. After all who would say no to free money at the checkout line? Thank you so much for the love and support for Jerry Wilson Products - Sincerely, JJ Wilson CEO of Jerry Wilson Financial & Jerry Wilson Products. Our Twitter Handle:

Created on:
30 Sep 2020
Release period:
2 year(s)
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10 715 324.4654
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3 383.7744
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239 628.5083
3 046 350.3383
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6 940 110.2644
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Latest News
23:11:25 06 Nov, 2022

Stay tuned for more buy backs. Crypto Coupon is now on Twitter and for now we are using our Tradeing page as our official website until development on our actual website can be completed.

Furthermore our Facebook is no longer active, we no longer use their service. Please follow us at Twitter @CryptoCoupon1.
Note: White paper and website still under development.

01:04:42 02 Apr, 2022

The development of our domain name is underhand. Great plans are in the works but I don't want to spoil the fun. Most information about our plans are currently being worked into our white paper. Social media will be republished here soon.

22:03:01 30 Mar, 2022

We have purchased our domain name, our website is under development. The white paper also is under development. Soon the ruff draft will be released.

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