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Imagine having a business and being able to properly monetize the exact amount of Coupon usage for your company? Crypto Coupon is the world's first universal coupon asset! The Crypto Coupon was designed to become a universal coupon for all things known to mankind. Buy, trade, save, spend or invest. Companies can use Crypto Coupon to give away and track the provisions of Coupons given away to customers annually. When companies obtain our tokens they will drive the value of Cryptocurrencies all around the world because our tokens will be traded and commonly rewarded for free at just about every corner. This will hopefully mainstream Cryptocurrencies and cause people to own Crypto, who would have never invested in it, in the first place. After all who would say no to free money at the checkout line? Thank you so much for the love and support for Jerry Wilson Products - Sincerely, JJ Wilson CEO of Jerry Wilson Financial & Jerry Wilson Products.

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Happy Birthday to Cryptocoupon & JWF!

Thank you everyone for supporting JWF & Cryptocoupon! The 1st year anniversary of Cryptocoupon is here! Again congratulations to those who have stuck around this long, and who continue to give support to this project. You are all highly valued and loved here at Jerry Wilson Financial. We are Mintme family - Sincerely J.J. Wilson

Our goals!

[ul] [/ul] At Jerry Wilson Financial we are solving problems that other Blockchain companies fail to care about. For example, reversible transactions, cold storage solutions, and collateral assets. All to support investors in tragic events that could lead to great financial loss via 3rd party malicious. Why have FDIC insurance when you could have better?

Thank you everyone!

I again want to thank everyone for their contribution & faith in our projects! If anyone would like to make a suggestion or if there are any questions you all may have, then please don't hesitate to reach out to me on social media or here on I pride myself on making sure all of you are well taken care of. - Sincerely JJ Wilson

The FDIC will be child's play!

Compared to what the FDIC has for their bankers. Jerry Wilson Financial is building collateral and banking in a way that gives you all the lovely features of a traditional bank but, also all the transparency and use case ability of the Blockchain experience that your heart desires. We are re-innovating cryptocurrency and banking!

Our Facebook Page is back !

At Jerry Wilson Financial & Products we will always stay relentless in our effort to meet customer satisfaction. Stay bullish



Why Crypto Coupon?

Crypto Coupon is a cryptocurrency that was invented to become a currency with utility capabilities. The token is designed to become a universal coupon for all things. Companies obtain Crypto Coupons to use as a reward and incentive to create new investors in the cryptocurrency market by giving customers Crypto Coupons at the checkout line. Token holders and Companies will also have extra benefits or rewards for adopting our currency so we can all begin to save while we spend. Companies can also use the token to track their costs and expenses given away annually due to discounts in their markets.

We are creating Investors!

Get Cryptocoupon today before companies realize the utility and capabilities of our token! Because with Cryptocoupon the average consumer will become an investor! This project is about to be heated!

Discounts with style! 😉

With Cryptocoupon you get more bang for your buck! Own Cryptocoupon and gain access to the world's first universal coupon/currency. Save while you SPEND!

Discounts with Style!

With Crytptocoupon people will be able to get value for their savings. Now businesses can reward their customers with Cryptocoupons and get them aboard the Cryptocurrency train!

Why Cryptocoupon?

Cryptocoupon is a Cryptocurrency that aims to be given or earned at every store known to mankind, it currently has a max supply of 10M coins, but there's plans to expand this amount with the launch of V2. The goal is to make it minable by anyone with low electric costs if none, stakeable and backed by the economy by allowing the token to be earned at stores as credits for vip deals.


Who would say no to free money and discounts? Cryptocoupon is the world's first mainstream cryptocurrency for the casual consumer.

Crypto Coupon is live

Whatever the challenge Crypto Coupon is ready! Please support our project, owning Crypto Coupon makes you a part of our team and family! Together we can make a strong community, get the universal coupon adopted into society, and help put Cryptocurrency into the possession of casual consumers or people who would never have planned to own cryptocurrency. The world's first currency issued by all corporations or companies worldwide!

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