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Come join our JWF official Twitter!

Welcome to the official media outlets for Jerry Wilson Financial & Products. Our social media pages were created to support all projects under JWF & our collateral assets. Jerry Wilson Financial social media is here for fun/educational purposes. We take no responsibility for personal financial loss due to any recommendations. Visit the link to our Twitter below Thank you! [ul] [/ul] Sincerely- JJ Wilson [ul] [/ul] [url=][/url]

Thank you everyone for you contributions!

Thank you Jerry Wilson Financial investors for your contributions. Comming this 30th will be our first 1 yr anniversary of Cryptocoupon. There will be some more buybacks like today where we sold 70,000 CPON & bought back over 9,000 CPON for a higher price. This is only the beginning, we plan to continue to be here every step of the way, making sure you guys get exactly what you paid for. May your days be bright, and blessed in everything you put your hands to. Making sure you all are satisfied with your purchase is my utmost goal. I want yall to understand that, I am dedicating my entire heart into this project. I know in the past I have made some mistakes as all CEO's of Projects have but I want yall to know this project is still a one of a kind idea that still hasn't been seen on the market before, considering that we are designing a Cryptocoupon and not just any normal cryptocurrency. We are in this together, we are Mintme family! - Sincerely JJ Wilson

The cherry on the top🍒

25M XShib was purchased in the name of our investors. This cycle repeats every 6 months & all tokens stay within this wallet. The APY is then collected from the Burn wallets & recycled back into the project to facilitate growth. Every purchase (of Husky) enters a chance to burn/back the project. (0 to 100M XShib selected at random). Every created token under JWF will share in these collateral pools tethered to real-world assets. In other words, (all) Tokens under Jerry Wilson Financial support & create an ecosystem of collateral assets that Jerry Wilson Financial purchases on the behalf of investors. In the future, this may also include assets like Gold, Silver, XRP, and even Safemoon to facilitate real-world value. Track the progress of our official backing wallet @ the etherscan address below. [/ul] [url=][/url]

Our goals!

[ul] [/ul] At Jerry Wilson Financial we are solving problems that other Blockchain companies fail to care about. For example, reversible transactions, cold storage solutions, and collateral assets. All to support investors in tragic events that could lead to great financial loss via 3rd party malicious. Why have FDIC insurance when you could have better?

Thank you everyone!

I again want to thank everyone for their contribution & faith in our projects! If anyone would like to make a suggestion or if there are any questions you all may have, then please don't hesitate to reach out to me on social media or here on I pride myself on making sure all of you are well taken care of. - Sincerely JJ Wilson

The FDIC will be child's play!

Compared to what the FDIC has for their bankers. Jerry Wilson Financial is building collateral and banking in a way that gives you all the lovely features of a traditional bank but, also all the transparency and use case ability of the Blockchain experience that your heart desires. We are re-innovating cryptocurrency and banking!

Public transparency

Nothing is hidden from you guys, I'm very public with what this project is all about. You can follow my Facebook pages to find out more about who I am as a token creator, Everything is intended to be public & as transparent as possible for you all. Thank you so much for your support If you have questions please feel free to message me directly on the dedicated Facebook pages described here on our Mintme page. If you have any issues here I also always respond to comments here on the Mintme page. Again I can't stress it enough, Thank you so much for the love and support for Jerry Wilson Products - Sincerely, JJ Wilson CEO of Jerry Wilson Financial & Jerry Wilson Products. [ul] [/ul] Jerry Wilson Poag's official Facebook @ [url=][/url] Siberian Husky[/url] Facebook page @ [url=][/url] [ul] [/ul] Cryptocoupon project @ [url=][/url]

Thank you everyone for being valued supporters!

Special Thank you to LeifRoditt, KaiohCrypto, and all Jerry Wilson Financial & Product investors. To everyone who is early to this project. I'm very thrilled and excited to see the future of the many projects being designed here at Jerry Wilson Financial & Products. Please stay tuned for future opportunities by following our Facebook page, Twitter page, and Telegram chatroom. Helping us make our dreams helps us make yours! Jerry Wilson Financial is dedicated to customer satisfaction!

Our Facebook Page is back !

At Jerry Wilson Financial & Products we will always stay relentless in our effort to meet customer satisfaction. Stay bullish

Today we are announcing our Airdrop's!

As a way to thank our investors, we are announcing an airdrop for Crypto Coupon for one day only. We are also holding an airdrop for the new cryptocurrency called Black Widow ($BXW), candlesticks, double XP token, turd coin, and Quantum Bitcoin on until the official birthday of the Crypto coupon on September 30th. Visit[ul] [/ul]

Introducing Black Widow Cryptocurrency!

Introducing (BXW) Black Widow Cryptocurrency for deep and Dark web transactions and gambling. The currency was designed as a fundamental point system for the new trading card game being created by Jerry Wilson Products & Black Widow Gaming. The trading card game called (Black Widow Knights) will sport a gambling system in which players battle with their Black Widow knights until all black widow cryptocurrency has been siphoned from your opponent or vise versa until the victor is declared. Players will battle and take the Black Widow cryptocurrency from their enemy until they run out or until they rob you of all yours! [ul] [/ul] Black Widow Trading card game is coming to a store near you! You can partake in our launch Airdrop until September 30th, 2021.

Exciting announcement!

We are working a very sweet project's here at Jerry Wilson Products. [ul] [/ul] Today we have almost completely finished our official white paper for Crypto Coupon and the finished results were way better then what we expected as a new turn of events has led us to develop our first Trading Card game. [ul] [/ul] The paper will also include details of revenue and allocations of the profits raised from our many projects. This way our investors can really have trust that we are doing everything in our power to bringing our investors good results and profit. I really don't want to give too many details until the white paper and card game rules are finished but when they are it's going to shock y'all! [ul] [/ul] Great plans ahead for Crypto Coupon and Jerry Wilson Financial! Keep ur heads up because we are about to blast off to the moon! If Doge Coin can do it then why not Crypto Coupon! Let's make it happen! [ul] [ul] Sincerely JJ Wilson CEO of Jerry Wilson Products.

About todays trading history!

Thank you for being loyal holders of the Crypto Coupon currency, we aim to give back as much as possible so we made some extremely cheap trades selling over1,500,000 CPON to Smiles and other holders as an incentive to get the ball rolling and show our gratitude. We want the community to really have a hold of ownership so we figured a good chunk would due. Keep in mind these cryptocurrencies on Mintme aren't cheap, at the time I had spent $145 to launch this project. I bought that by buying Mintme here with Bitcoin, which is what gives all our currencies value. This will be the last time I dump that many tokens so that the project can succeed. I posted up over 2 million more coupons for about a dollar a piece so I won't be making anymore cheep trades like today.



Yo shout out from the roof tops if you own Coupon!

Crypto Coupon is dedicated to bringing you a well-polished product and more but as members of the community, we rely on our fan support to help get Crypto Coupon out there into the world. A little clout would be appreciated or word of mouth to ur friends. Real-world implementation is very possible. Also, please feel free to message in the comments some feedback. I'm kind of considering bringing our Facebook page back and I hate to use them but, we need their commercial revenue so that will be one of our next steps to success with the Crypto Coupon Project. Also, don't forget to partake in the September 30th Birthday Airdrop. The only main thing to having Facebook is they have a good way to contact customers. That way I can honor the part of my agreement which is to provide good customer service thank you. 24 hr call center is in the works, but we will be accessible for contact through Facebook's reopening and Twitter. Sincerely: JJ Wilson - CEO of Crypto Coupon Project

Birthday Airdrop incoming!

September 30th, 2021 will mark the 1st Birthday of Crypto Coupon so we will be holding an airdrop on that day for 24hrs so stay tuned! [ol] [/ol] Please follow our Twitter page @JerryWilsonPoag [ol] [/ol] Sincerely: Jerry Wilson Poag Ceo and founder of the Crypto Coupon project.

Why Crypto Coupon?

Crypto Coupon is a cryptocurrency that was invented to become a currency with utility capabilities. The token is designed to become a universal coupon for all things. Companies obtain Crypto Coupons to use as a reward and incentive to create new investors in the cryptocurrency market by giving customers Crypto Coupons at the checkout line. Token holders and Companies will also have extra benefits or rewards for adopting our currency so we can all begin to save while we spend. Companies can also use the token to track their costs and expenses given away annually due to discounts in their markets.

We are creating Investors!

Get Cryptocoupon today before companies realize the utility and capabilities of our token! Because with Cryptocoupon the average consumer will become an investor! This project is about to be heated!

We completed our applications for Uphold and Coinbase

[ul] [/ul] [ul] [/ul] We completed our application to Coinbase and Uphold! [ul] [/ul] Crypto Coupon is reinventing money. The Cryptocoupon is the world's first currency and coupon wrapped into one. The token plan is to have a 100% burn when V2 launches! There are only 4, 727 497 Coupon Tokens released with, only 10M total to be created until V2. The remaining tokens out of 10M total, will be released over the next two years at around 500 tokens a day. The idea is that people will be rewarded at the register or checkout line with the world's first cryptocurrency that is aimed at the casual consumer and allows the token to become pegged to the dollar bill. This will also hopefully allow consumers to find interest in not only our token but other Altcoins when they would have never considered owning cryptocurrency in the past. This is because companies and retailers will use Coupons as a reward and an incentive for savings on in-store products and goods.

We Deactivated Our Facebook account

Unfortunately, we have decided to discontinue our Facebook page due to the Communist rules of their company. We disagree with their policies on editing free speech so we have discontinued using their service for now. Possible reactivation may happen only because we may need their ability to create commercials for us, but we do plan to do some comercial marketing.

Discounts with style! 😉

With Cryptocoupon you get more bang for your buck! Own Cryptocoupon and gain access to the world's first universal coupon/currency. Save while you SPEND!

Discounts with Style!

With Crytptocoupon people will be able to get value for their savings. Now businesses can reward their customers with Cryptocoupons and get them aboard the Cryptocurrency train!

Why Cryptocoupon?

Cryptocoupon is a Cryptocurrency that aims to be given or earned at every store known to mankind, it currently has a max supply of 10M coins, but there's plans to expand this amount with the launch of V2. The goal is to make it minable by anyone with low electric costs if none, stakeable and backed by the economy by allowing the token to be earned at stores as credits for vip deals.


Who would say no to free money and discounts? Cryptocoupon is the world's first mainstream cryptocurrency for the casual consumer.

Crypto Coupon is live

Whatever the challenge Crypto Coupon is ready! Please support our project, owning Crypto Coupon makes you a part of our team and family! Together we can make a strong community, get the universal coupon adopted into society, and help put Cryptocurrency into the possession of casual consumers or people who would never have planned to own cryptocurrency. The world's first currency issued by all corporations or companies worldwide!


Unfortunately, we spoke to Mintme management and all tokens created here are none upgradable so the token economics of Coupon will have to be totally re-imagined but, the idea still stands as a possibility so this coin may not be the actual currency to be created but a crowdfund coin for the next and better project I plan to bring. When we do the second version of Cryptocoupon we would probably do a 2 for 1 exchange for all coins purchased here on