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The goal is to create a fund to help MintMe projects or startups to develop. I am investing all my mintMe mining rewards The Daahk token should allow investment in the site's Mintme.com projects as well as startup projects. The first goal is to be able to put the Daahk token in the blockhain. The second goal is to create value through investment in projects Mintme.com or startups (Daahk at 1 MintMe). More you invest more the Daahk will become strong and valuable (Final goal at 120 MintMe). The winnings will buy back Daahks to earn more MintMes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for investing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Created on:
30 Apr 2020
Active orders:
1 511 855.0000
Release period:
1 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
9 998 405.1625
Wallet on exchange:
6 564 115.4216
287 800.0000
Sold on the market:
3 132 915.3036
Not yet released:
1 594.8374
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
16:03:26 21 Mar, 2022

The MDYS position is lower. 316000 tokens of MDYS are in sell. There are still 94800 tokens to be won After the price will grow up. Buy now if you want to make gain.

10:03:51 09 Mar, 2022

Do you want to Daahk token go higher ? MDYS position must be close After the position will be close, I never sell Daahk tokens under 0.02 mintme i give 30 percent of your buy on MDYS position in Daahk tokens.

16:03:43 02 Mar, 2022

I have fund a new interesting token https://www.mintme.com/token/Hotel/ in my country. 03/03/2022 - The Hotel owner has made an offer on his commment below