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Propositions List token ($DogeBNB) is a fair launch meme currency powered by Binance Smart Chain, DogeBNB community & DogeBNB Nft platform.   DogeBNB was launched via fair distribution Initial  Dex Offering on Julpad, 70% of the supply was allocated to the community. Fair launch proof: Team tokens (- 10% total supply) vesting period 20 years! Unlock schedule: DogeBNB Innovation:   1. Binance Smart Chain 2. Transaction speed ~ 10-sec global transactions 3. Peer-to-peer  4. Fair launch token ( 70% supply allocated to the community) 5. Community-driven  6. Backed with NFT-s  7. Transaction cost ~ 0,1$  8. Deflationary token 9. NFT platform on Binance Smart Chain 10. Team token vesting schedule 20 years Visit to learn more.

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06 Jan 2022
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