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DogecoinX is a deflationary, satirical token taking its relatable straight forward satire approach to the world. We try to be a straight shooter but we do get strange noise from random hater cryptos. We play doctor, coder(🤦‍♂️), writer, trader and sometimes even we play internet security firm consultant (satire joke) 🤣 🤷‍♂️ We look to be a marketing style crypto generating revenues from referrals, lead sales, internet traffic redirection, and utility brought about by acceptance probably mostly through us through advertising.(plug- checkout it out, sign up through and buy some DogecoinX!) We try to reissue those to shareholders by buybacks, limiting token offerings, adding market depth. We try to be fair and aim to have high market depth to support your investment. We strive to stay creative to develop multiple uses for this token rather than just one or two. We currently own 10 domains crypto related so we do have expenses. We chose to use redirects until we get a chance to build out. Now over 100 Deployed Tokens on MintMe we see growth in the mintme platform as a whole! We aim to stay below 1,000,000 tokens in issuance(exception development and creators FUTURE tokens released 2m) All tokens are on the secondary. 3m Burned. We aim to be deflationary by partial redemption burn (25-50% when used for advertising) A joke coin now growing in potential, just a random guy on the internet one day found this site and wanted to try it! Within 15 minutes I was deployed on Ethereum! Hi Mom! 👋 After months actually growing a footing. 320+ Wallets Opened! We are learning, doing well considering NO experience! We Thank You All For your Support!! This is a hobby but we try to be a win for our investors and community by bringing in new users and not letting bullshit slide. Cause we all win with more users and less bullshit! 🤷‍♂️

Created on:
25 May 2021
Active orders:
444 845.0000
Release period:
5 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
9 112 920.0821
Wallet on exchange:
4 021 615.3931
3 766 274.2267
Sold on the market:
1 301 620.1489
Not yet released:
887 079.9178
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
14:11:43 14 Nov, 2021

We are still awaiting payments from EUBI insurance for their fractional share payout in mintme that was suppose to be added to our balance sheet. That’s why we call out frauds like EUB insurance pulling fast ones on investors like fast invest! EUBI is fast invest times 100x. But still waiting to see if EUBI decides to not be a fraud company. To be determined. Will keep everyone updated until he pays.

12:11:11 14 Nov, 2021

EUB Insurance cannot make payout on its promises making the insurance company rating a F- as your money is gone once it touches this companies hands. So far this company stole 700,000 and they did not pay out. They will not pay on claims. I am making one now and dude just closed his Ponzi Company down. This insurance Fraud company is just a thief making promises and is unable to deliver because all the money is spent in the EUB Insurance Ponzi schemes. The company can’t pay out it’s broke! All funds missing or kept by owner like Bernie Madoff.

12:11:53 14 Nov, 2021

EUB Insurance is a ponzi insurance company unable to pay its bills. It’s all falling down and fraction shares of his worthless con company that doesn’t pay out is just a bullshit blatant two faced character with no morals that just screws victims of EUB insurance fraud. This company is unable to preform any functions in insurance like paying out. This con insurance company takes in money never pays. Just a con shell insurance company. Do not recommend. You will just get your money taken from this EUB Indurance fraud company. Who owes me 20,000 mintme off a 700,000 investment. Dude is trash.