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DogecoinX is a deflationary, satirical token taking its relatable straight forward satire approach to the world. We try to be a straight shooter but we do get strange noise from random hater cryptos. We play doctor, coder(🤦‍♂️), writer, trader and sometimes even we play internet security firm consultant (satire joke) 🤣 🤷‍♂️ We look to be a marketing style crypto generating revenues from referrals, lead sales, internet traffic redirection, and utility brought about by acceptance probably mostly through us through advertising.(plug- checkout it out, sign up through and buy some DogecoinX!) We try to reissue those to shareholders by buybacks, limiting token offerings, adding market depth. We try to be fair and aim to have high market depth to support your investment. We strive to stay creative to develop multiple uses for this token rather than just one or two. We currently own 10 domains crypto related so we do have expenses. We chose to use redirects until we get a chance to build out. Now over 100 Deployed Tokens on MintMe we see growth in the mintme platform as a whole! We aim to stay below 1,000,000 tokens in issuance(exception development and creators FUTURE tokens released 2m) All tokens are on the secondary. 3m Burned. We aim to be deflationary by partial redemption burn (25-50% when used for advertising) A joke coin now growing in potential, just a random guy on the internet one day found this site and wanted to try it! Within 15 minutes I was deployed on Ethereum! Hi Mom! 👋 After months actually growing a footing. 320+ Wallets Opened! We are learning, doing well considering NO experience! We Thank You All For your Support!! This is a hobby but we try to be a win for our investors and community by bringing in new users and not letting bullshit slide. Cause we all win with more users and less bullshit! 🤷‍♂️

Recent posts

DogecoinX still awaiting EUBI Payments

We are still awaiting payments from EUBI insurance for their fractional share payout in mintme that was suppose to be added to our balance sheet. That’s why we call out frauds like EUB insurance pulling fast ones on investors like fast invest! EUBI is fast invest times 100x. But still waiting to see if EUBI decides to not be a fraud company. To be determined. Will keep everyone updated until he pays.

EUB Insurance Refuses to Payout!

EUB Insurance cannot make payout on its promises making the insurance company rating a F- as your money is gone once it touches this companies hands. So far this company stole 700,000 and they did not pay out. They will not pay on claims. I am making one now and dude just closed his Ponzi Company down. This insurance Fraud company is just a thief making promises and is unable to deliver because all the money is spent in the EUB Insurance Ponzi schemes. The company can’t pay out it’s broke! All funds missing or kept by owner like Bernie Madoff.

EUB Insurance in Default Ponzi Colapse

EUB Insurance is a ponzi insurance company unable to pay its bills. It’s all falling down and fraction shares of his worthless con company that doesn’t pay out is just a bullshit blatant two faced character with no morals that just screws victims of EUB insurance fraud. This company is unable to preform any functions in insurance like paying out. This con insurance company takes in money never pays. Just a con shell insurance company. Do not recommend. You will just get your money taken from this EUB Indurance fraud company. Who owes me 20,000 mintme off a 700,000 investment. Dude is trash.

EUB Insurance Fraud & Ponzi

EUB insurance is a fraud insurance company making fake promises and selling tokens for more than they are worth (nothing) to victims of his Ponzi scheme. EUB insurance is a broken insurance company who stole funds then went away like Bernie Madoff. This con company stole 700,000 mintme and is Mintme Biggest Fraud of All Time. These fraud insurance companies take money and never pay out. Any EUBI SPONSORED PRODUCT IS A FRAUD. Supported by Fraud Con Bids. To sell to victims on other platforms. These con tricks is why EUB insurance is a international Fraud.

EUBI = Bernie Madoff

EUBI insurance seems to have disappeared like Bernie Madoff. 🤷‍♂️Like all his con products he sponsored. 🤦‍♂️

EUBI Insurance company fraud.

EUBI determined to be a fraud insurance company promoting Ponzi schemes and lies. As largest investor telling the truth cost me 500,000 mintme. But frauds like EUBI should be exposed. Fraud insurance company’s steal money then Never pay out. We are still awaiting our 20,000 mintme payment EUBI insurance company is unable to pay because it has spent all its money in the ponzi is coming down. Until paid these things from EUBI insurance prove the company’s inability to operate morally or legitimately. Will remove once paid every month for The rest of my life. Otherwise EUBI is just a fraud insurance company and crypto.

EUBI can’t pay his bills

EUBI joke insurance company can’t make It’s payments to investors. Buyer beware. False price supported by multiple fraudulent accounts supporting the ponzi game. Watch for huge washout as mintme may look to change its donation policy to stop cons like this going forward.

EUBI doesn’t have 20,000 mintme 🤣🤣

EUBI is a broke ponzi without 20,000 mintme to pay. 🤣🤣 joke company

EUBI fraud falling down

EUBI defaults leaving everyone wondering if EUBI insurance covers itself incase of default.. apparently not… who would want insurance from a company that doesn’t pay?!?!

EUBI insurance rated F- for Planning future.

EUBI insurance did not take investor warning of increasing mintme prices like a failure insurance company they failed to hedge accordingly. Therefor ponzi scheming and killing their own coins. EUBI rated failure insurance and joke company. Recommend watch the con donators and report them to mintme as multiple accounts and Ponzi schemes. When they failed they rewrote the plan to give bananas instead of mintme. Con companies prss click Silvering and EUBI. Garbage.

EUBI ponzi Players Exposed!

Everyone donating to EUBI is part of the Ponzi. These players dupe unsuspecting victims on another platfom. Mintme can you fix this problem with donations being registered to trades?

Only Ponzi schemes support prices with donations..

Why would a company support its price to 4200 mint me with a bid if only 30mintme? Are they fibbing about the value to other people… 🧐🙄so far they are in default 13 days on 20,000 mintme. 🤷‍♂️

Will update when EUBI stops defaulting.

Will update when EUBI is no longer in default on his agreements

Still awaiting payment from EUBI Products

The list includes CLIcK, PRSS, Silvering, of course EUBI. All 4 company’s received junk status do you default.

EUBI … PONZi company?

EUBI made mintme promises of 20,000 mintme per month then changes his tune to banana peals. EUBI ponzi is supported by donation rates and his shit is all ponzi supported. Keep 👀 out. Follow Trade logs for investor scams to defraud investors to pay other investors.

EUBI defaults on dividend payments

EUBI seemed to fall apart recently. Looks like no but depth and he stopped paying dividends. 🤷‍♂️ When you take off you realize what kinda company you invest 500k mintme in.

2 month off

Looks like I have family maters that take up my time. I am sorry and out in more bids. I cannot keep adding $25/week because I will be unable to progress with this for a considerable time about 2 months. We added some bid orders. But going forward i have family stuff that’s more important unfortunately right now.

Marketing Spots.

We will offer marketing spots on our website. We will have different rates for things. We will make 6 months ad placements starting at 5,000-10k DogecoinX Tokens for a smaller or lower placement. We will also write a (positive) post about your token for 1,000 DogecoinX. All request would need to be made through the website when live. You can link out of the site but all referrals into mintme will be towards DogecoinX referral Links. All tokens received for ad payment will be burnt for the first year. So if you are even considering advertising your token to add value, you may want to own some DogecoinX. We may end up releasing some of what we purchased back if it being used and the price starts to rise rapidly above 5-7. If you are interested please feel free to message us. May take time to return messages.

$25/week add until site launched.

We have been caught up with a family event and this shit doesn’t help. So we will add $25.00/week mid/upper end buy depth and buy ups until it’s launched. This gives us a little pressure to move forward in spite of some wack ass tokens and their wack threats for no apparent reason. We will continue growth and no longer speak of two faced coins that got rise from our promotion then stabbed us on the back for no apparent reason. We will not have any fancy platform just blog and marketing and referrals of new tokens. But will it provide the most utility for the platform bringing in New users? Well that’s our goal and I can only think of like 3 tokens against us and they want more trades so they are attacking their own token by attacking me that’s trying to help everyone.

PRSS apologizes over scam call.

PRSS apologized for scam call as he realizes Minemintteam is the real conman. PRSS apologized about giving customer information away out of his security firm. PRSS had a mole giving out information and trying to harm customers. Atheist like Xatter were the bad influence in the situation. But don’t worry we have confirmation from both of FRSS accounts baby Yaga and PRSS. He was suppose to remove his post tho. Maybe this is a reminder to remove it before you rehire your mole giving away customer info?

Creator funded Token.

For those confused this is not a share of any company… your attack will end up being misdirected… our marketing funnels from websites are pointed here. Put value is what YOU put on it. But we will buy back put in bids and even sell our token(but that’s not really fun). We think like all crypto it’s value is belief. You gotta put that number in your head… if it’s higher you sell if it’s lower you buy. And if we give you tokens and stuff is because we BOUGHT them on the open market. If you think anything backs DogecoinX other than what we put into it and our use cases then you are mistaken. We funnel sales from random painting jobs or random lawn mowing into this coins buybacks. Something where we took a idea from here and expanded its use case by marketing channel without DogecoinX. We feel the idea was worth the buyback. So please do not buy if you think we are a stock. killed by Mineminttoken

Looks like the minemintteam killed the platform folks with lawsuits and legal stuff. We apologize for them and their partners in crime.

Minemintteam online stalkers

The minemintteam looks to try to be online stalkers. They stalk our Promoter. These guys are weird hater coin. They fail then blame others. This is an embarrassment to the Platform. This sort of stalking allowed by the mintme platforms brings us pause as to the legitimacy of this platform of conmen sue other tokens because they made money or sold to low. We feel these kinda conmen should be exposed for the best of the platform. We expect claycoin to be sued by minemintteam along with LIBAS, Satoshi, dance and music, well everyone but prss and Xatter and them. They are looking to even take down other sharing of income tokens! We have found a few weird actors like these guys who just are out to kill any token they used for advancement.

Minemintteam looking to sue!

Minemint team is looking to sue, all tokens but theirs! With DogecoinX being their target because we called them out on their massive con scam to dilute their investors. We looked to the white paper for “con investors by diluting” we didn’t see anything. We are wondering the legality of lying to increase price then cutting all investors that bought above 1 out after changing their bird to 500 token sales to increase the price before slamming it to .05 mintme. Those decisions to kill their coin are 100% the actions of a fastinvest style CEO. Hit and run take your money. Then try to sue someone for the con.

Xatter Rims Minemintteam

Xatter Rims minemintteam, they paid him for his service over 200,000 tokens! Now he is selling them to pay for his token that doesn’t sell and medical attention for the disease know as the minemintteam. Thick crusty shit licking is a anarchist favorite. So as a reminder folds we have family issues.. won’t stop me from letting y’all know. Plus that idiot lowered his sale prices down 33% again. Atheist have no morals just take from people. Invest in Xatter why he is driving it in the ground like minemintteam. His favorite flavor. This is a response to Xatter trying to talk shit..

Time off.

I will be taking some time off for personal reasons. This token we created for fun and to figure out how to utilize seems to just be under attack from weird haters. It does take it toll on me and I just need some time.

Minemint admits defrauding investors!

[url=][/url]]Minemint team pulled a fast one on its largest shareholder telling us they wouldn’t sell down. We purchased at .4 their token even after owning 250,000 at .0005… we know they used us to falsify things as we supported them vocally from their statements yet they plan out backstabbing plays standing with the likes of USDTrump and Fastinvest for advancement. 🤦‍♂️ We will counter sue the shit outta the Minemint team as we have formal misdirection purposely towards the largest investor and token holder also refusing to pay us a share. These are things constitute fraud and blatantly lies to a token holder. We didn’t sell any of this until they started bullshit claims. This redirection indicates they are the bad actors looking to attack the mintme community causing post like this….🤷‍♂️

Minemintteam liars! Proof!👇

We like to call bullshit out like the minemintteam. This “joke squad” lied to its largest investor causing us to purchase 15,000 tokens at .4 because they said they would not sell down… we seek grievances for the inability to sell those 15,000 tokens at .4 do to the “joke squad” dilution method plunging their sell prices down to .05 mintme. We were geniuses selling at 1 mintme as their destruction was raining down on investors. If you wanna see more as to their lies it’s all on the Facebook Mintme traders group. After we bought 250,000 at .0005 we bought 15,000 at .4… do you think that helped us? Think guys. I know it’s hard.[url=][/url]. Or maybe it’s [url=][/url].

Whole Conversation!

We like the whole truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god. Why yes obviously. We might have not know what we’re doing is wrong if anything but this is 100% of the entire conversation. You judge for yourself. Someone lied… it wasn’t me. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👇👇👇👇👇👇 [url=][/url]

Why liquidity provider?

After signing up we didn’t know what to do so we said liquidity provider cause we didn’t really want your money… no plan but not to take anyone’s money and nobody lose because of me playing around. I have more than upheld that end of my bargain to investors. Can anyone say otherwise? Seriously? Anybody? We wanted to make sure nobody lost while we figured out a path which was was very clearly undefined… your bet on us is a bet on any entrepreneur pointing in a direction not wanting to let anyone down, and figure out how crypto works in the same time all while understanding markets.. we are a mintme dream ticket minus us calling out the bullshit! we more than refute Minemint frivolous claims and point to their dilution as harm done to investors. Maybe market manipulate to hold down their own market? Why? Blame us while reaping in 40,000+ mintme? Idk. Maybe it’s actually them? 🤷‍♂️

Minemint looking to kill competitors

Minemint team is out for blood on satoshi too as well as others saying the creator cannot sell their tokens and buying them. I think that goes against what the signup said. They say anyone with a few hundred dollars cannot have their own crypto! This would stoke a huge blow to mintme as they would look to remove a huge number of coins and make it 80% harder to get a new users in the platform… they think only their platform is the best leaving everyone else a scam token. We reread our message logs and don’t actually care so we are looking to make those public for your opinion. We will blur out the names requested to be removed from any text. We think you should understand whatever they think is going on here. As we continue to hold the HIGHER moral ground refusing to be intimated by someone wanting to do harm or by imposing their will over many tokens or the platform. And limiting growth by limiting new users and tokens and threatening legal battles over selling!

Minemint team attacks mintme platform

The Minemint team attacks the mintme token platform taking on tokens like whistleblower, Indian Jones, and many other tokens. Stay tuned folks as they will soon find out we referred real people and businesses.. how can a new account understand swaps in 1 day and have exact same number of tokens…. Easily traceable on this platform for those who know actually… if buying and selling is good then we think Minemint token is attacking the platform. No body even knows why they are mad other than we sold and explained. We seek information of their grievance. 🤷‍♂️Don’t sell they may think you are manipulating or something else. Then they will file something with their lawyer attacking the platform if you sell.

What’s wrong with Minemint?

So what’s Minemint a problem?! Seriously anyone actually know what their grievance is? We got harassed and sold their coin. No story here.. we are confused as to why so many tokens got transferred out of mineminttoken and why they are also the whistleblower account also the (coincollector account) 🤷‍♂️ We are thinking those fingers are pointing back at them pretty hard right now actually as they manipulate their market down to .1… I donno here. We sold at 1 do to dilution to prss and they are selling for 10x less than that hyperdiluting value. Driving prices to all time lows. 🤷‍♂️ Not us.

How mintme works…

Some of you all realize this some don’t. The mintme market is larger than it was when I joined. It will continue to grow. Real New User Growth is the only thing that will raise, in general, all boats. (Level 201 disagrees will same statement considering “all”) anyways. A lot of you guys have great projects, but forget this is a small market right now. It’s concept is been very interactive, the Facebook of crypto companies! So my deal is kinda into bringing in users not just for me in DogecoinX but for mintme user growth as a whole and feel it’s trickle down effects will be beneficial to most deployed tokens. I am sure everyone of you can get a domain out launched and deployed just with the intention for bringing in new users for your own coin. We are actually getting cards made because talking about it people are interested they need something to hold on to. I am a marketing machine… we all should be!

Mineminttoken down 95%!

Mineminttoken down 95% as DogecoinX called scam while DogecoinX thinks obvious share dilution of over 500,000 tokens sunk its own ship. We are sure if they are quitting taking outta Whatever they can from the company or rebasing/diluting to people that over paid. From selling for 2mintme to selling For .1 the minemintteam seemed to take advantage of a lot of investors. With all the main large dilution selling what happened to minemint token? If it generates income like it said it may be worth more than its trading for, if They scam and run it’s worthless. Making us geniuses seeing through debasement and exiting a partial position at 1 mintme! 🎉🎉 10x more than what they are asking for their token now!

Our direction is mintme’s function…

Our direction and path has come to a mintme purpose. Not only have we found ours, ours is very much in alignment with theirs. You see we do domain stuff on the side and am starting to read a little about the mining process by webpages?!?! Like no way, what we think we will make DogecoinX advertising sales, we will get paid in mintme for traffic and time spent on the page too?! Am I reading this right? So I donno for real what will happen. I think what we are doing is right, however we didn’t know what we were doing and we are adapting and learning and investing in ourselves. We aren’t selling off to take a few mintme. We are finally in a direction that makes somewhat since especially considering our function now is bringing in traffic. You might not have liked our call outs, but I don’t really stand for BS. And our selling do to the dilution of one coin was genius cause we beat them to the market! What we saw happening… happened!

Reminding Investors and Creators

DogecoinX reminds investors and creators… 👇 [url=][/url]

…But they tried to kill my Doge.

We are drafting content now for future blog posts. Landing page and placements for ad spacing coming up. We will adjust advertising rates to increased traffic probably every 6 months. We hope to see some increased traffic. We met a group looking to educate in crypto locally and they wanted my card. It was like a weird fate. We think this platform may start to get footing in the USA. They are educators of crypto apparently and wanted more info and I showed them the Mintme site and said for $250 your educators group can have their own crypto! Curious how that plays out! Another website talking about mintme would be good.

Are we Mintme’s Golden Ticket?

I was just a dreamer wanting to be a crypto one day we found this site. All fun, but people started really wanted us to do something and with the name stuck we didn’t have much flexibility. With a focus and direction and long term goals with the platform, we think we can bring in new users as our primary function. Now this is a purpose we should all cheer for! We suggest slowly buying actually for the first time again really since about .75. We will be deflationary by usage through us we are thinking 25-50% Our use will be derived from only accepting DogecoinX currency, no cash, mintme, Bitcoin, or anything else on our marketing platforms where we show people where to sign up and buy it. Rates for marketing will depend on placement and size. And we will burn 100% of the first deal we agree to! So why are we golden? Our function is to make you win by being a option to more buyers, mintme win by collecting more trading fees, investors more deployments, us well…🚀

2 minor updates-

1. DogecoinX will remove some of its tokens from other creators (and our reserves) to a different mintme wallet as soon as we figure out how. We will do this for 2 reasons. Balance out the ownership while creating market stability. Also, We will not give any rationale for trades we make. We enjoyed talking up basically all other tokens to get them some attention. 2. We will focus our blog or another site on Tokeconomics. We think this course will benefit ALL token creators as well as other micro crypto traders. With logic usable in understanding larger crypto markets. This might take the frustrations out of a selloff and increase buyer traffic when one occurs. We all feel the same. We are all emotionally invested (me financially as well) so these red days are a test of who we really are. Do we run and blame, ignore(best), or man up(my go to). We all will get them, like the chicken pox. Investors judge CEOs under pressure.

We burnt 3,000,000 reserve tokens

We decided to burn some of our unused tokens by sending them to our mintme wallet. Verse token wallet. We think that should do remove them. We actually see very little value in the tokens for development way to dilutionary at these levels with current price. Exchange listings. Again tokens are there but (starting &) final adjustments needed to a the website. We have been side tracked for obvious reasons and caught off guard to allegations. We cleared that up made it known and we proceed to move on and away from some tokens for obvious personal reasons. Everyone knows our stance. So I am done with that and them. We took Xatters advice for SEO so we look to create a blog that talks about the fun off crypto..🤷‍♂️, redirecting traffic, and how tos and supply and demand, market depth, while offering advertising paid for in DogecoinX. Any further updates should contain tangible upgrades or advancements you can see.

Minemint volumes faked!

Mineminttoken volumes are faked! They are way higher than they should be we will see that in a couple weeks. We pumped volume in their Company for free to get the ranking. It’s not really their volume just me making it look like they were important. Marking for them. Now they are mad. Some people. 🤷‍♂️ Our cost 3000 mintme loss for them…

DogecoinX Security Firm picks up static.

Since PRSS is a “security firm” 🤣 DogecoinX security firm is honest. We discovered that the coincollector is one of the mint tea team and PRSS and Jones are the same account. We wonder why PRSS refused to identify his multiple accounts? Oh maybe because he said someone else’s wife is a scammer for us referring them. Technically making PRSS the worst token for the mintme community. Already down 66% and couldn’t hold up a $14.00 sale. DogecoinX security has 2x more buy orders than tokens outstanding. We notice those redirection scams often. We try to keep the community safe from scammers and prove to be a more reputable service than any mintme competitor. We won’t lead you in and scam you like the other security firm. No conman profiteering here, that’s prss and his broke sham company.

We pick up 7 more domains!

We got 7 more domains leading traffic to mintme. We are excited to have 12 funnels directing new mintme consumers. We have kept up a moral high round while being drug through the mud and still add to buy backs verse walking away. We invested over 500000 mintme in EUBI and his products. Over 80,000 mintme in prss that we might not see again. We have bought millions and millions of smaller tokens when they pop out. What we have is a solid crypto with a few haters that think they are someone important. Just like fast invest, usdtrump, coincollector, and prss we have dealt with a few bad actors. We can now bring in more traffic through our funnels than most all other crypto (but 6). Most of which is semi interested click through traffic . We should have had way better results this week but prss attacked us outta the blue.

Prss still pays dividend! We will buy

Since EUBI still pays prss dividends we will buy from all the poor hurt smaller investors with less than 10 prss. Selling to us is a fuck you to him! Thanks!

Conman press release.

The gig is up. DogecoinX does marketing and refers people. Apparently jealous PRSS is angry at my wife. 🤷‍♂️ He doesn’t like democrats! And mad I am the only buyer of my wife’s shit coin. She doesn’t read this so 🤷‍♂️ Why is he butthurt? We think a large dildo is lodged between the large intestine and small intestine. We will be performing DogecoinX medical procedure to remove it. We are thinking by DogecoinXray services it looks to be over 11”… and oh thank you for your bid support. It actually is nice to see votes of confidence in us after all this noise. Trust me I wish it wasn’t so. I am not one of “them” cool kids like Minemint and Xatter… but I am cool with that. 🤷‍♂️

Prss found guilty of using customer information against them to profit.

Prss found guilty all our courts over here in I don’t give a fucks land. Of using customer information to plan to set them Up and take their mintme. This was a bold play by a sham security company only out for stealing from clients and leveraging customer information against them. Asking for help or service. Not recommended as anything you say you will be lead in a direction for failure then have your money stolen. It’s a common con using some security, cop, or army for false recognition. We see what that company provided for Service to be 100% without a doubt the work of a classic conman

Prss ultimate conartist!

Prss used DogecoinX for profiting. It defrauded DogecoinX and it’s investors by not liquidating when we talk them. They proceed to misdirect us with fake Friendship all while counting their profits. They planned on using what they stole (rather useless) to make us look bad keeping our money as well as taking form DogecoinX. Our security team determine Prss to be the ultimate scammer! The world can’t be dumb enough not to see that.. 🤷‍♂️

PRSS voted most likely to scam investors

Prss current standing leave our marketing team to believe prss is the largest liability to mintme. It’s unreliable security service missed many tokens. His wack hypocritical style and his Jones account unwilling to sell his prss but everything else is down right frightening. DogecoinX As a whistleblowing security company determined by written expression from prss himself to be a lowlife who wouldn’t pay back investors. We find this anarchist as well as his worthless moral character. We think he is a conman faking as a security company. Ask him what info is for sale maybe something juicy!

Mall cop PRSS found to be worthless.

We have found PRSS to be a worthless token. It’s fake value supported by fake donations and misrepresentation of funds is almost sickening. Like what kinda conartist coin tells people to buy they have a 185 supporting bid then remove it to screw over their investors? Wack logic from a wack company.

$14 Sinks PRSS Total Buy Depth.

So $14 sale sinks multi billion mintme market cap company. And I am a scam company and market manipulator 🙄🥱. Like prss looks like a hit and run kinda company, find a bag holder them blame them for buying then say he took money. And he’s a security firm. What a joke. Like really. Nobody thinks your legit anymore. Nobody. You shot yourself in the foot with your con artist ways. You are a joke.

Mall cop wishes to not pay investors.

Mall cop reluctantly decides to pay its shareholders(that were promised a dividend to buy). After blowing wads on other companies making his token sink. We will just wait it out and collect his checks until we possibly are able to exit our positions. After prss called us a scam then did the same things what kinda look over there while I scam you kinda company does that shit. It’s actually a ceo embarrassment. Remember to tell your lawyer to draft your resignation with your apology letter.

Satire, Truth, or Fiction

Joke or reality? So an anarchist and a security firm team up all while the anarchist supports the Edward Snowden style stealing Information and sharing it at the same time that security owners alias is Edward Snowden… all while that token is blatantly giving away customer information true or false? 🤣🤣🤣

Mall cops buddies Jones gets pass

Mall cop allows buddies a pass while calling DogecoinX a scam. We find this behavior very odd from a mall cop. As our security firm obviously sees thing as bad or good. We think mall cops under think security plans with obvious being misdirection and omission and partial evidence to influence people. Common as time. Most people oblivious to whole truth. Some Security firms play biased reporting to cover their responsibility to its shareholders.

DogecoinX security picks up what others missed!

DogecoinX security picked up what other “security” services missed. Weird actors coincollectors obvious play off of us specifically, Jones, random account. These things missed by other laid back firms. Not DogecoinX our security service come with token ownership, probably not worth that much but substantial value to the competitors. 🤷‍♂️

DogecoinX Security- Stance

I want to be 100% clear. Minemint sell off had 50% to do with creators mouth and 50% to do with share disbursements. We felt it due for a reality check market test to show our VOTE towards what we saw…. So next. We think the MinemintToken is probably one of THE BEST tokens on the mintme platform. So although we may not like their mouth and token changes. We do like their product. We think this new market post initial investor shakeout (us & probably finished) will technically be way stronger. You didn’t really want your tokens given away honestly although we did. You wanted them to change hands at a fair price to someone else. That’s just 25% of our initial purchase. Pretty sure I wanna see where the rest goes in a calendar year!

Security Update BetterDogecoinX

We took the plung to locking the name of this token and creator. We have purchased the minimum to lock creator and name together as this is part of the Problem with mintme. DogecoinX Security proposes being able to rename the token with over 75% -90% ownership allowing for new users flexibility after their exciting launch to recalculate. Anyways until then…. We locked in the name BetterDogecoinX from the shit talking coincollector for 40 mintme. So I hope this shit talking was worth it? 🤷‍♂️ Anyways create another account…🙄😏 we will just detect it… 🧐 again we take logical steps in illogical situations.

DogecoinX Security - Logical in illogical times

DogecoinX Security stays logical and vigilant during illogical times.

The Grande Reveal. COVID Free. No Masks!

So who is Jones? Since we have been claimed to be scams, who is Jones? Jones ended up with many of The same tokens as only two other creators owned…. Hum🤔. Could those two token creators create one token to sell their tokens??? Weird how one of those two tokens strangely claimed DogecoinX security Firm was a scam, all the while doing what they claimed was a scam. 🤨 yes folk there is a something shady for sure here. Who is Jones? Track back the DogecoinX tokens. (Follow the money). So where did they come from. That person will know the truth of Jones. We suspect multiple deposits from multiple accounts pinpointing multiple people tied to that. Apparently Jones is the real scam as anyone associated with those tokens especially dealing with PRSS and scam claims would be pointing fingers at themselves and there for all accounts relating to that account and those tokens. So whose lying? 🤔 case closed as suspicious... Account created to mask identity.. why?

DogecoinX Security Firm Discovers JONES con Account

DogecoinX security services stepping up to cover mall cop. Our top notch security services determined Jones aka John Wik…🙄 to be a super shady account. This account can easily be Traced back by where the tokens went and how many went there. DogecoinX has determined they are from the Tea Leaves company also a mall cop production. Who managed to change visual ownership change of 300000 tokens disappear in the last hour. Shady. 🤷‍♂️ You be the judge. We just alert people to obvious scams. No need to worry folks this case is closed deemed scam

DogecoinX discovers Jones is shady.

DogecoinX found through security analysis Jones is a mixture of 2 token creators. Both ended up having serious declines. Jones is a tea leaf creation much like coincollector. We aren’t a security firm but more than a mall cop. Enjoy watching disappearing ownership claims on the tea leaf with withdrawn to look like it wasn’t shady trade made recently. We expect them to try slash markets of smaller tokens. So we suggest buying a little random tokens at market after slashing them. Don’t worry about DogecoinX we are more solid than tokens outstanding. But support the small creators.

DogecoinX owns over 10 domains..

DogecoinX now owns over 10 domains redeirecting traffic to mintme via web redirects with DogecoinX invitations. With time these build outs could prove potentially profitable. But do I act like mall cop and keep it without telling y’all or do reinvest it in more buildout and buybacks? I am a numbers guy I just see buybacks. All the rest is just garble. People like garble, we can do that too. We did get 1 referral. We will use any referral trading volume fees towards buybacks as well. Maybe trading referral volumes someday account for a forever dividend for DogecoinX. We have doubts but we are optimistic as well, it would be illogical not to be. I think paying for ads in these sites with DogecoinX only will self create its value based on demand. Giving its self utility. Under pressure we are forced to preform and without mall cop we wouldn’t have put the pieces together. Thanks mall cop and mad cap money ideas we now have a funneled utility plan for our Token.

Looks like votes are in

Looks like votes are in folks…. Mall cap got fired for harassment of mall patrons. DogecoinX remains sold while mall cop can’t hold 50 Mintme limit bids. Think with results in they actually prove not only is mall cop an ass, he faked his resume a qualifications to get the job, then used his mall cop security badge to try to lure the kiddos offsite then to save himself from responsibility, blame (the victim) the kids for being alone looking for help from a badge… .(like a perve a working in a day care blaming the kids for his actions, corporate espionage is on the rise) Mall cop is actually the scammer using someone else’s reputation to sell tokens. 🤷‍♂️ I wouldn’t let him secure a parking lot he might give away the concrete realizing it’s the secret formula. 🤦‍♂️

Blarg Mall Cop Says…

Mall cop says we can’t transfer tokens we bought or our own tokens but mall cop can. Isn’t the tea all about transferring tokens? I donno we are so confused.

Investment in mintme.

We too a large over priced entry into mintme tokens. Okay. We spent those. Okay. We even bought more after a few shitstorms. But damn I am asking myself what’s wrong with people is it just here. Maybe it’s international differences but I donno. We seem to have the bullshit meter go off quite a bit on here. I don’t think we have misdirected anybody. We provided liquidy as stated, we even added market depth outta pocket, as well tried to comprehend marketing funnels. We added thousands of dollars into the platform, tokens, and creators. With a concern nobody loses money in DogecoinX. So we bought our tokens back. I am confused why we are bad again? And how a information leaking security company with no bids pull it’s bids and call us a scam? Is this like total bullshit to anyone else? People see through this shit right?

Scam companies offer more buying depth?🤷‍♂️

Apparently scam companies offer more buying depth than ones calling them scams… isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Anyone think that’s odd for a breaking story. Should be more like breaking news DogecoinX offers 40x more liquidity making it actually strong while it figures itself out. Nope it’s a scammer. Uh. Like what can I technically do that’s scamming people. Like mall cop I didn’t know there was a rule for giving money to everyone. Sorry. Who’s scammed exactly again? I think us losing 75% is worse than you making 1000% just sayin. And I mean like isn’t the news actually like actually stupid other than the release part of it? That’s the actual news!

Put it simply. Name Branding to Utility.

We played with mintme and deployed like immediately without the instructions. Our idea of selling to buy back with just your all’s money was kinda a success. But we still added liquidity, probably well over a $1000. Yet we are called scammers. Anyway. Most of that was so investors didn’t lose money while we determined a path. What we noticed with the ability to do anything was the lack of focus in a specific area forming a true utility. So National Sod was born. No investors mean to be screwed as we almost regret giving people free money and tokens. Anywho- if I could change DogecoinX after issuing a tokens I would have, as this naming had short term success has long term barriers so cash flow from marketing we created seemed fair. Damn. Have we not only put stupid money in like every token I rarely sell. Damn am I not allowed to sell? Seriously? You guys are nuts.

Long and short PRSS classified release…

Since PRSS thinks he holds some might secret let’s give a run down of everything. Haha I poped LIBAS with 12 tokens (prss was 24 🤷‍♂️) I see these tokens as like weapons man straight up. If someone hits with them I will hit back. Sometimes I will support markets… sometime I will sell them, some times I see a hole with potential to get back in, sometimes I just pop holes, DogecoinX advantage is it doesn’t have a plan, you should change your logo okay. (Contact info with submition) hey man I need holders to look a certain way in national sod because most token issuance would look to be that at minimum to look functional. Um. This token isn’t really meant for mintme users not brought in by national sod. We pay a lot to market with volume. Uh what else. We think splitting will dilute our learning curve of undervaluing tokens. What could I have said so juicy that isn’t summed up by just asking bro?

Updated contact info by request

We have had to update this years stuff early after we encountered a security breech. Please contact us for updated email address for DogecoinX and the remainder of 2021. We will update contact info annually. So please stay upto date. This was a little earlier than expected. But almost 2022🤷‍♂️

DogecoinX declared a scam by PRSS. 🤷‍♂️🥱🙄

So we were declared a scam and he doesn’t even wanna buy his token back at 50. Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black…. 🤣 but if you want our top secret juicy info prss security company is giving it away. It’s something they do with potential clients.

PRSS gives away company secrets!

Currently free I think! We are a low value client.

DogecoinX sees PRSS as security risk.

We asked this to be put up do to “scammer” comments towards DogecoinX. We identified a huge security risk and mole sharing customer information from the prss login to anyone. Wonder if he is charging or giving away client information at this time?


What scams look like. Influencing investors to think current market will be a percentage of something then giving friends 75% of the cake and 25% for the investors. Scams look like taking confidential information and sharing it when you are supposedly a security firm, all while thinking Edward Snowden is a idol…all while supporting another token who is an proclaimed anarchist also casting doubt on company morals and values. Uh we might not be a good crypto like wow pretty pictures… but we will almost always prove to take the moral high ground. Please find one person we have”scammed” please… anybody PRSS find one thing. Just 1 to back up these bold claims of scamming people… somebody… anybody?

Finial thoughts.

We will actually keep our opinions to ourself now. Reasons. We think much of this is childish. 2. We will never sell their shit otherwise. 3. We expect an apology from PRSS (we understand first selloffs misspeaking, and frustrations) 4. PRSS shelled the responsibility apparently from his token. 5. I got better things to do. 6. I hate bullshit. 7. Everyone has potential to misspeak, say things in the heat of the moment, and show frustrations differently. From a security company unfortunately that is like the only thing you don’t want. So we got a dilemma.. PRSS calls entrepreneurs Scam Artist and Entrepreneurs are technically his clients🤦‍♂️ Butthurt a token unintended realistically for mintme, was given out for free, with people making 100 mintme each minimum and PRSS 2500mintme calling it a scam… 🤷‍♂️ Nobody lost anything. Everyone won Guaranteed! That company is a joint venture we support 100% but don’t recommend buying at this point.

Mineminttoken dilutes shareholders.

Huge dilution to PRSS and Xatter of over double the released coins on the faucet coin release! Coin directors selective pick and chooses who it pays. We determine actions of companies Like this to be very misleading to investors. But so is a security firm partner that wants to use customer information against potential customers. We think new valuation will prove solid base going forward for whatever advancement there will be. Considering the revaluation do to dilution and wondering if you will actually get paid or if you will actually get your tokens back. Only time will tell. We think a solid base is forming around the .1 mintme mark so upside for there I would think.

DogecoinX Soldiers 🥱 at opposition.

Big drama day typically taking most tokens to the floor. Our investors are unfazed by ongoing drama as loud mouths literally have words and mad they are out. DogecoinX is up from .0333 to topping out at about 100 mintme split adjusted per token. We have put up gains that brings out the most haters that sold early or are simply in disbelief. And we have just put in a direction. 🤷‍♂️🥱 anywho don’t think of us the fastest crypto company for advancement we aren’t computer programmers we are finance and marketing guys. Considering the backstabbing help we requested you can see some rationale to doing what works then making it all “pretty” later. As a reminder to actual people out there. Most people are stopped by 5 things. 1. Never starting 2. Fear of failure 3. Douchbags in your way 4. Excuses 5. Others useless opinions. We are so use to going through these 5 steps because every new thing same 5 things..

DogecoinX offers reminder on voting power…

DogecoinX wishes to remind you it has a lot of voting power. And it doesn’t actually like to vote… So before you come at me with some bullshit and align yourself with someone who actually is a scammer like PRSS and doesn’t want to think about actually the significance of what was stated for a actual company to threaten to release company info for selling his token. My vote will always be to burn your shit to the ground. Especially when we smell funny business. Security firm and releasing info like Edward Snowden or PRSS alter ego. Is bad

Minemint fell apart. We decided to take profits

We think the weight of the coin got to heavy while it collapsed on the plan to give away double what it sold off and Minemint got hacked by Snowden for 250,000 tokens to PRSS so basically the coins are free. And only 40k sold and the minemintteam was like fuck investors we like cheap prices. Let’s give away another 100k tokens for free. In 4 days they diluted your ownership value but over 60% price reeled to reality.

PRSS predetermined Hacker?

We noticed prss wannabe name is Edward Snowden. The infamous hacker who stole information from a government then published it. We think prss has a goal of stealing customer info and using it against them. It’s all a game to a hacker.

Jackie Chan and DogecoinX similarities.

Big bunch of wack shit and we are only up like .1…. Eh. Just think we got tag teamed and we are still up .1… yet again who kinda picked on us kinda got walloped down over 75%… So when somebody is wrong and comes at us. We would suggest being right. It’s bad for your shareholders. Which is inturn bad for business. Just like PRSS releasing private client information to the world is bad for PRSS. Security who needs Snowden in your computer deciding what he feels is right. Then leverage it against you. Yikes yikes yikes.

LIBAS takes out Mineminttoken

LIBAS does take out Minemint token as it’s creator says up means up and the market is thinning out at higher levels. LIBAS showing upside while Minemint stumbles on revaluation after dilution and 100k free token offering still to come. LIBAS showing resiliency does persevere even after a couple sharp sells from us. Actually earning a respect for what he is trying to do technically for everybody and himself. LIBAS continues to put in new highs post crash and percentages are large and think realistically the price is probably undervalued considering it has more buy support than most cryptos and it’s only .15. So far I wasn’t wrong about .096… I think .25 is in the cards.

Mineminttoken is also coincollector

We left our positions especially after minemintteam other token coincollector proved they are Insane. This team is high strung and can’t seem to keep the sanity together. We are unsure of any future value if all they can do is give away tokens.

Will LIBAS outperform Mineminttoken?

LIBAS is picking up steam lately while Minemint is making some weird calls and decisions causing their market and really prss market looking like LIBAS. So good time to buy? LIBAS is about .1 probably reasonably settled. Mineminttoken is digesting 250,000 tokens to PRSS and 75,000 to Xatter. So things changed recently and with this new dilution as well as releasing another 100k tokens for free is diluting everyone’s value by 50% so that’s why we sold. If you missed that then you missed the main reasons for the selloff followed by some donk over there.

Mineminttoken falls on prss connection.

Mineminttoken falls as its connection with prss widens.

DogecoinX revenues outpaced expectations!

DogecoinX is one hell of a marketing machine! We have created groups from across the globe apparently! We are getting out there and haters creating a long lasting legacy for us. Without a couple flops here and there from competitors trying to make a name for themselves bellyflopping we wouldn’t have a chance to really shine. (That’s why we are a good investment..) not to mention hasn’t everyone made money even Cranky ol PRSS made 1000% profit of DogecoinX and got his undies in a bunch. He won’t even pay 25% of what we paid him for his. That’s like we are 4000% a better investment. 🤷‍♂️

We will call it straight up.

We will call it straight up in terms of our views and opinions and what we read from the source. No where did we read on the PRSS site all information and request can and will be stolen and used against you. But all our highly classified conversations worth multi-millions of dollars were in there on in-depth development ideas for DogecoinX. Our fear of stealing our ideas to replicate is now a consideration. Our in-depth security conversation of vulnerabilities will be wrecked. Our technical layout forward will be compromised costing it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort. We value our time considerably. PRSS is covered by a form of insurance I presume?

PRSS to Release Customers Private Emails!

PRSS security firm vows to release top secret company information and conversations, and customer request applications, do to PRSS Token selloff. Stay tuned folks. All this juicy information could be released from a Corporate Security Firm Soon! Redirecting all blame to a insurance company for security breaches? Sign up for These kind of Bussiness Services at PRSS Token.

PRSS determined Con Security

PRSS was determined to be a con security Company taking information in private emails taking them public. He threatedd us to not sell his shares or he would release them. This kinda mental stability you guys want from a security firm? Threaten the customers and largest investors. This is an unfortunate as we realize the damage a actor claiming “security” can be to your business. These things have us doubt the mintme platform as we pulled out limit bids on the mintme coin and dropped them by 33%. I guess we can get a lot more for less! We have matched our trading styles to a group and that group doesn’t like it when we trade like them. Drama from nothing I tell ya. But someone showed their true colors. Like an attorney, I thought security firms were private with the information the see. Not PRSS that shit is up to the highest bidder.

PRSS threatens clients bad business

PRSS is manipulative and will apparently hack customers and investors as well As threaten them with private information. Exactly what you want from a security company… exact reason DogecoinX is selling. 🤷‍♂️ See the mintme Facebook page for more info of how not to Run a security crypto token. We suggest distance from this and keeping any info Away from Him It may be used against you when you sell or use his website to request any information.

We purchased Xatter..mistake

So we purchased xatter the other day and within 1 hour they added 10x more sell orders. So if you think you almost bought out a level. They will just issue more shares.

DogecoinX exiting PRSS/Indiana Jones

DogecoinX looks to exit Indiana Jones PRSS company as the creator only thinks his company is worth 32 Mintme yet asking 230. We think PRSS and Indiana Jones value their company correctly. But up from 5 mintme yesterday. We decided to exit positions because we were banned from press for selling 1/16 of our PRSS the way quads did and was supported and look to exit all positions the way PRSS looks to exit all their DogecoinX positions. We have taken trading styles similar to PRSS and gotten banned from PRSS for it. 🤷‍♂️

DogecoinX puts in course and direction.

DogecoinX has grown into a different kind of company. This company will continually and fluidly do its thing which will seemingly go in to a marketing spectrum with centralized focus on growth from people interested in deploying a token on ethereum as well as other random stuff categorized under the Conglomerate known as DogecoinX. We see directional utility cross ventures. We see rebranding sales adding to buybacks. As we work towards a more functional crypto platform we will generate other forms of income from DogecoinX. We will not be one sided in our growth, and chose adaptability and utility as a predetermined path as well as ways to create business models off of the DogecoinX Token.

DogecoinX acquires

DogecoinX looks to grow its overall investment in mintme and DogecoinX through site growth. We aim to buy back our tokens as we see them as an investment. With limited tokens outstanding literally every coin is in second or third hands as we sold out to buy back. Our supporting bids are now an investment limit order in ourselves. We have the most market depth of any token on MintMe with market support from ongoing cash flow generated by the knowledge gained through crypto and marketing understood from following MadCap Money. We currently are re directing to this page as we look to build it out to direct traffic to mintme and DogecoinX. We are entertaining offers on the domain at around $10,000 USD. If we sell it I would expect a market rally in mintme coins and DogecoinX tokens. But we look to build it out or redirecting traffic until that day.

DogecoinX we may look to acquire more tokens

DogecoinX may look to raise viewership and referrals by redirecting our domains from and To our Site on MintMe. So all people checking this out we hope you buy some DogecoinX tokens and invest in mintme coins, and other mintme tokens.

DogecoinX pulls all sell orders on National Sod.

We have pulled all sell orders on national sod as the last airdrop will go out soon. There will be a buy back even for anyone we have tokens to. We have enough holders and we are having problems giving tokens to users without buying a token first. This has been a major holdup. We expect changes soon to address this but until then it is on hold. We will base support all tokens out and allow a trading range. Most all coins released further will be from rewards given. The remaining amount are 99% on the market. We don’t expect any sales from national sod until the system works and more tokens are issued as redemption. They will update more going forward. This is all I know for now.

700% increase in domain traffic after 48 hours!

We had a 700% increase in domain traffic leading to immediate bump in sales. We have put some of that to raise bid orders. Now things get interesting. We thank madcap money the for inspiration to make domain sales a thing. But we put our twist on it. Next is to continue with what’s working and add different type of product sales. Crypto wise. This means DogecoinX has some funding for advancement.

Limiting in and why.

DogecoinX purchased 150 Duyoyada coins or whatever for 25 mintme after they were trading for 1000! Flash crash with noticeable hole got filled. We think that large traders do make larger sales than market can hold allowing smaller traders great opportunities in limiting ordering in. We will use those coins to add market depth to DogecoinX. Will look towards higher bid side market support with our other token distribution.

DogecoinX Forks…

Just Kidding. But DogecoinX started a bunch of projects and will be generating revenue from them through sales. We will be pushing more than DNS forwarding as we look to create basic pages on some of the sites. These things take a lot of time. We will be using some of the revenue to buy back tokens both bid and ask as we make sales that are obvious from dns forwarding. We want to thank MadCap Money for inspiration pushing us ahead in creating different online sales and revenue streams.

DogecoinX creates huge traffic spike from DNS Domain Forwarding!

So this is kinda nuts. We do sales and really have used crypto as a general learning experience. We we will see return on investment from DNS forwarding probably by the end of September if not sooner. Winters are slow but we expect to adapt to a non seasonal online business. So we expect a major surprise in sales growth over the next 45 days.

DogecoinX will work on a lot of websites.

We don’t know actually how successful the marketing of DogecoinX will be during the process of this but we do know how many sales we make from what we do. We acquired 27 more domains with intent to market towards different branches of the sod grass tree and stump removal categories. Some of these are local some are national and some are regional. We expect the close in sales to be the easiest to network as we know the guys, we expect the broader region to be potentially more hot lead sales based. We will continually be purchasing mintme and DogecoinX (by raising bids) with some of the revenues as we again see much most growth in the spring 2022 post the fall season as the domains will take a few days to link all to a main until they are developed. I expect to really be pushing things starting November. With development and probably by March we will see return on investment and April we will start to see revenue trickle in.

We think selling in pieces is better than chunks

We know it’s easy to leave a sale order in for a large number and it adversely affect the sales. We saw with MDYS a huge sale block that nobody thought they could eat through at .02… we read a few post and the guy is smart just got busy with a GOOD job, which makes these mintme coin seem like they are free. So we decided to buy all 2 million tokens and break them down in bite size pieces and wait until he gets free time to work on stuff again. With this logic, we limited sold every .05 mintme and didn’t think it would go to 2 mintme! Anyways. Big orders take a big buyer, they may be coming but selling bites may sell easier than selling blocks and if it goes through sell a bite higher or sell a bite back where it went through. With the recent mintme changes seems volume has slowed. We think calm before the storm of new users.

Mintme Upgrades. Investors prepare for

Voting now on MintMe! Major Vote! Check them out!

Check out the menu box for new options on voting. We are curious your thoughts on MintMe prices. Voting ends Aug 15th!

Mintme now tradable in BNB! Leading us to wonder…

.. Will mint me get listed on Binance?

Great news major overhang seller we bought out!

So good for investors we bought out the tokens that were sold on the secondary market for almost 1/3 what they were sold for. We considered buying out the buy block at 1.15 but we waited and raised our bids to create a low sale because it looked the trader was going to exit the whole position. This is great news actually and clears out a lot of block selling overhang. We are happy with our purchase.

National Sod Encounters Problem on 1st Implementation.. assistance if known.

National Sod Wanted to use this program as a tradable rewards credit. On first trial we encountered a user signing up and sending their mintme wallet verse token wallet vanishing 240 Tokens… so how does a new user have a token address without owning any other tokens? How can that be easier found and explained? And can we offer 1 DogecoinX to every new user to make sure they have a token address? I am sure that could come outta the marketing tokens.

DogecoinX using 1000+ mark to hold DogecoinX in excess of 1,000,000(for exchanges or development)

So we got tired of seeing way to many DogecoinX in the account and put them all over 1000 mintme mark. If you guys start hitting those I will remove them. This way everyone knows where they are and they are out of my wallet for trading. I currently have zero DogecoinX in my online wallet until I calculate exact coins outstanding.

DogecoinX received 100,000 Tokens from National Sod. Resales to cover buybacks.

Token resales will go 50% to token buybacks and 50% to keeping tokens off the market. We only own about 30,000 tokens to these additions are all important as we become investors in DogecoinX Now only by buybacks. National sod ligned up a Job for $2000.00 for us, however none was tokenized. We are concerned with mintme token liquidity. As tokens aren’t readily tradable in the USA. Leaving this exchange and limited USDC/Mintme selling depth. We have funded our investments in domain traffic redirection and will have some results from that soon. We will get tokens out tomorrow for what owed. We are excited about EUBIs dividend this month! It’s gonna be huge!

What EUTOKEN token needs to succeed.

We have watched the creator buy at the highs and sell at the lows. Repetitively.. for EUTOKEN to take off it would need to be a buy and burn, or bid supports considerably below trading range. When sold down it just makes it worth less. It a very odd thing to do but, it seems to systematic to not have a reason. Maybe it increases holders or bidders or something. With each creator sale price lower it allows traders to drive the price down by lowering the current market ask price after just buying through it. It does confuse us. But we expect some changes pretty soon. And at this point and price it now gets interesting.

DogecoinX August Update.

It’s been a solid couple months. We have managed to purchase more mintme. We have been able to add buyer support to cryptos with strong creators. This allows for us to take advantage of market disruptions in good companies. We will be acquiring more domains to redirect traffic. We have found this to be a very real way to make a profit. We have 2 sites now redirecting traffic and it really works. We will invest about $150 in sites and after recouping investment will trickle a percentage of sales in limit buy orders and investment in mintme coins. We expect some of these things to take time to pay off but this one could add potential revenue. We have added a lot of buybacks recently and hope to continue. We are still awaiting transfer back of DogecoinX tokens from National Sod, we assume it will be soon.

DogecoinX puts 10,000 mintme buyer support on Tradecoin!

We put 10,000 mintme buying support in on Tradecoin. We hope to catch traders looking for short term profit before moving up. All Tokens sold from Creator go towards buyer support or Deployment cost.

DogecoinX will be Starting a Buyer Support System for Satoshi.

We have decided to remain fully involved with the satoshi project. We have decided to rebuy 100% of our sales in buy orders that are 1/4-1/3 of our sales price. This should eventually add buying depth to Satoshi. Until more stabilized we will think about 75% at 25% of value and the remaining positioned to support long term positions.

Give ‘TradeCoin’ some love!

Tradecoin is Manu’s Token. He does want to deploy. His tokens are not diluted and has not slammed down his prices when he had lower volume. We think he can actually hold a 5 mintme value by not selling for less and adding buyer support and starting small scale buybacks at 5 once sold out and deployed.

Our 2nd Largest Holder Looking To Deploy!

Manu and a TradeCoin looking to deploy! This could be big news as we are filling up the top 100 DeployedTokens. We think giving Tradecoin a look might be a good move!

DogecoinX to Return 25,000 MineMintTokens to Creator!

We are planning to return 25,000 MineMintTokens for promotions we did not end up giving all way. (As well as DogecoinX for logo), we think that returning them is the right thing to do considering we didn’t pay for them. Any additional we give out comes from an early purchase. We won’t give out many of any token going forward. We will give out enough to help open wallets. EUToken we will still try to give out a few if we have wallet addresses. Oh and DogecoinX is only selling 4000 mintme worth of MineMintToken to pay for the Volume and National Sod is selling 2500 mintme worth to cover its Tokens. (This is actually how the negotiation for 100,000 less DogecoinX for other tradable cryptos was solidified.)

LIBAS up huge on its Acceptance Rate at National Sod!

[ul] [/ul] LIBAS is up huge on the news of National Sod accepting it as a primary median of exchange instead of DogecoinX. Volume is through the roof and the price has more than doubled off of its recent lows. LIBAS moved to the number 1 volume leader again taking The Top Spot again for Volume. We think this one is here to stay for another 30 days atleast. With MineMineToken Moving to the Top 3!

National Sod to Take 250,000 LIBAS…

National Sod to Receive Tradable Equity in other crypto currencies instead of remaining 100k Tokens in the future! We will Trade 250,000 LIBAS, 1.5m Satoshi, 500,000 Claycoin, total of 25k Minemintokens. This is less than the equity of DogecoinX that was to be traded and will be liquid holdings for them verse 18month lockup on our tokens. We as will make all other remaining payments towards the first of the month.

National Sod To Return 100k Tokens to Remain at 1,000,000 trading cap!

We discussed the trading Cap and National Sod Easily agreed to return 100k Tokens and call it fair trade and wait to receive 100k tokens when the creators tokens are released. This keeps DogecoinX right inline with goals and should leave 15,000 Tradable tokens. At current time. Both companies agree to keeping DogecoinX inline with expectations as a priority. DogecoinX did increase its market depth as well as increasing market depth in PRSS, EUBI, BossToken, CLICK, MineMintToken, and SILVERING as well as a few others all while Slightly upping our stake in Mintme Coins.

DogecoinX may look to repurchase Tokens to remain under 1,000,000 trading cap.

So DogecoinX may look to repurchase tokens to remain within its original cap limit verse taking a future loan out of the creators future token release. We will have to analyze how close we are to having those 250,000 tokens. (It’s actually very close to be able to bring it down to our 1,000,000 cap, before the exchange and development, and creators future coin release)

DogecoinX to Expand Token Cap by 250,000 to 1.25m

DogecoinX and Will Cross Distribute the Same Number of Tokens received From National Sod Credit. (250,000). Those Tokens Will Come from the ‘Exchange, Development, and Marketing ‘ Tokens. (1-2.5m) Thus Expanding to 1.25m Tokens on MintMe. However, Those Tokens Will Have a 18 Month Lockup Period for Sales, but not for DogecoinX/NSC currency exchanges. Neither National Sod Nor DogecoinX is Selling DogecoinX Tokens This Year. Token Transfer to occur in a couple days. This very reasonable considering we picked up 250,000 of them worth 30 Mintme and 50,000 of those are to be used to support the DogecoinX Balance Sheet with limit bids when sold, Probably May 2022. These tokens are to come from creators annual issuance in 2022 basically making this actually like nothing happened with 18 month locked. Just clarifying.

DogecoinX Needs Your Help!

So we think mintme really does have usability. That’s why in the next couple weeks we will start a push to request Mintme Coin Listed on Multiple other Exchanges. This will be our Major Push for Mintme. Typically 6 months of pressuring exchanges can lead to another exchange adoption. Coinbase listed a competitor to mintme and it’s trading at $.40… so there is huge upside to actually sharing this post and actually sharing the mintme platform where you are seeking to bring in someone willing to Deploy a Token verse an Investor. Deployed tokens have more interest in investing in other naturally as they are on the platform anyway. Seek New Users Willing to Deploy. The rest will fall into place. We will start with binance, kraken, coinbase, and other US Majors. We will make a email list and hope we get partners in the push. We need to see this platform double in size. We need more volume on Stex.

National Sod Credit’s Ask is to High

So DogecoinX bought a few hundred thousand mintme, tried to buy mintme in USD and no go. So instead bought in Bitcoin and probably overpaid. But leaving limit orders in and buying so much it did change the price and volume on stex. 🤔 anyways the mintme market is so thin I think with any mintme appreciation we may see National Sod Credit go proportionally the other direction. This is because it is fixed to a product tied to a product with a stable price sold in USD. Things to consider, for you, for us, and broader mintme cryptos.

DogecoinX buying mintme in USD and Parking it in it Favorites.

We are buying Mintme ($500 worth) and parking it in the EUBI Sponsored Companies. We don’t think our bids will go through but adding market depth is good so is having it in reserves.

1000coins looks to really only be releasing 1,000 Tokens.

We personally like limited supply and the price is kinda expensive but the creator claims to be burning 9999000 tokens upon deployment. I think this may be because in the last couple days the guy hasn’t sold down and only stacked bids with my investment. I like the idea and hope to see them get deployed eventually. With a high price it may be tough to sell until the coins are actually burnt. I guess we will see.

Larger Holders Dilution is Basically on You.

If you are one of the top 5 holders we think leaving the dilutionary sales up to you guys. We wanted to have most of our coins on the secondary market. We did that. We think that if you can do what we did buy selling and repurchasing in with a limit order and creating market depth would be mutually beneficial. So say you sell 100 at 1.5 and put in a limit order to buy 100 at .75 and 200 at .375, you would be liquid with your limit buy bids and at the same time supporting our market depth supporting your remaining tokens. Worse case you buy back and get 300 more tokens. We think in small amounts this may actually help and eventually bring down the block seller at 1.9 making it easier to buy through, all while relieving some potentially pent up profit taking. If to much it could hinder your remaining tokens. We are basically just watching at this point. But we would like buying depth,so if you would park your mintme in low limit buys that builds a good market for all.

Trading history only 3 days!

Our trading history only shows 3 days. We seem to trade around alot! We want to again thank everybody for keeping us very active. There seems to be opportunities in limiting in low side and limiting out high side. There seems to be a sell block in the 1.90s so lots of trading range in between until it’s lowered or chipped through. Again we thank you for trading with us!

DogecoinX will not issue anymore Tokens than on the board for 2021

DogecoinX is going to hold off selling tokens for 2021. We might have a few on the board but think we have limited tokens and want to retain most of the remainder of what we have.

Crypto market reaches bottom.

DogecoinX started Mintme during a broad market crypto crash. We were so distracted by working on ours for the last couple months. We decided this is the close to a market bottom for most major cryptos. Governments inflating, inflation at highest rates in years, money pumping into things like GameStop and AMC. Could be indicative of what causes a end to lose monetary policy. But inflation can’t go back in the box, without massive government defaults or even more money printing. Same scenario but prices are down by 2/3s on most things. When noticing the supply demand waves in a micro scale I think we are at a fair value. It could dip by 50% more but once the bottom is in this time it will not take long to rebound. Anyways. We did enter positions outside mintme today. Dollar cost average makes since. In DogecoinX and in other cryptos.

We do save the best news for a good exit.

So we have determined we should save good news for a good sell of. It’s probably worth more than buying back our shares anyway. So we do have a bunch of groups we Admin. We can post announcements change backgrounds and all that. We can get in front of more than 125,000 people in days. We haven’t as we are kinda seeing what happens first. 2 months 300+ holders, I am starting to think I can talk about it now…but still a ways off. We want the next 125,000 people to be more impressed visually.

Mintme prices and arbaitage.

Soon we hope more people will sell their mintme for USDC. Rationale being it’s easier for most noncrypto people to understand. There should be a substantial arbitrage from the Stex Exchange to the mintme exchange. Although the pairing is from BTC to mintme. There is potential to sell those to the same people who will buy sod in bulk making all these numbers seem so low. Don’t be surprised in National Sod when launched fully operational to quadruple the average monthly volume on the mintme exchange. DogecoinX and National Sod Owns over 6 Facebook Groups with over 125,000 members…none of which have been utilized…😏

Caught in between 2 Projects

So I guess part of a partnership is picking the slack in your parter. And my partner in national sod sees things differently. DogecoinX sees mintme like dollars… National Sod Sees Dollars as Dollars… so when we pick up slack it seems like it’s kinda expensive… but knowing what it does, provides, and what it’s exchangeable for, in more than one store front, makes functionality and value closer to par when utilized. I guess, you, me and national sod all wonder, will it work? You will only get one shot to hold these until utilized. DogecoinX was determined to break into the mintme market. We did. We were determined to shake things up we did. We said we would change mintme and will bring in new users, with teaming up with National Sod, now we can, and we will. Soon It will start offering the sales of its tokens to customers. We expect them to start by clearing dilution by a promotional acceptance.

Let’s Dive Deeper into National Sod Credit

Probably this hasn’t been clarified enough. The 32 (now 23) tokens from airdrops and shares cost the creator 1200 Mintme. They aren’t like most of your guys tokens that can print more with no nominal cost. This is a rewards program. They have predetermined exchangeable value of about 35-40 mintme no matter what price you sell them for, and the National Sod has to redeem them. So say 450 Tokens ended up out there, you are talking 18,000 mintme (or $50.00) the creator has to redeem, which came from me, which does In turn causes me to have to sell something to cover the redemption value difference to the creator. It’s probably the most real cash on the platform. The end buyer is Me, cleaning up dilution before redemption, or National Sod at around 40 mintme a piece at redemption. They have to pay the full value of these Tokens. National Sod will address this further.

Token distributions to be limited to opening wallets.

We have ended up buying most of the tokens we gave away or will end up buying them. So we will not offer much of that on large scale anymore just enough to open wallets.

Airdrops doing airdrops🤔🤷‍♂️

Airdrops is interesting I do like the idea of mostly airdrops. It’s not deployed but has hopes of it. I think it’s just 2000-5000 tokens to ever be offered. Only 500 for actual sale. It’s airdrop only so collet them and sell them to us! 😬

DogecoinX 300+ Wallets/Holders in under 2 months!!

Holy Wow! That seems super fast! I am so grateful for you all! This has been so fast! Our growth is exceeding our expectations in a way, yet when we look across the horizon we do feel we can handle a lot with being resilient and time. This stuff is kinda fun. And even if we take off for a day, a week, or a month, it’s probably planned to test or work the system. 302 holders! Wow! And we really have just gotten started!

CLICK Finds Another Hole to the Upside on Outside Coin Listing!

Click quadrupled on the news of its listing! 🚀🚀🚀See the post this one is moving now! Live and dividend payer. Plus we found 60,000 mintme parked in a bid we were never going to get… so we picked up 500+ more CLICK Tokens driving the Price to 125! 🤷‍♂️ So we sold 3 Tokens and bought 500… I guess we are known to do that… 😬

Ever Tried To Buy someone’s Dilution and get Rewarded. Check out CLICK!

Click just made a big move to pay a dividend. That’s great news for us HODLers! Now own 20 CLICK and get a dividend like PRSS SiLVERING & EUBI! It’s 20 CLICK to 1 dividend payment. So it’s kinda like 1/20th dividend payment of the other 3. We saw a trader looking to get out and put in large orders to pick them up. We were very fortunate and rewarded with a nice unexpected dividend! And it is now part of the EUBI trio + 1. I guess the quadro? 🤷‍♂️👍. Probably a lot of upside from here. But we are holding! (We sold 3 to be at even 20’s for dividends)

Who likes airdrops and turning them to Mintme?!

Rich Invest is giving away huge amounts for airdrops! Like 75 mintme! Act fast!

Lots of Free Mintme at National Sod Token by Airdrop!

Collect an airdrop now! And we will even buy it back! But probably should hold if we are buying here. Either way it’s free hold for more later or sell it now. National Sod wants 200 wallets open! Upping its give away to 6000 tokens from them and about 1500 tokens from us! (Estimate about $500-$600 redemption value)

LIBAS will have a new chart tomorrow!

This is realistically a big day for LIBAS! Tomorrow the new chart will show some large gains post drop way way way off its high. With huge following and most shares out .096 will be blown through in another month. With thinning sales orders above .10 I am pretty sure new holders can take this one back to .25 fairly quickly. 👍🚀🆙.

Satoshi making Major Turn Around! Now Buying Back! Up 1000%!

Satoshi made a major change now buying back shares and really going for it. This could be a good play as this tokens holder is pushing 500! This is not the same old Satoshi! With these buybacks and just 8000 mintme to break through a major resistance that could take it from .03 to .10 fast! We think with seeing these changes Satoshi may be heading up, slow and steady but up!

EUTOKEN - what’s going on over there?

So we are kinda like a fish looking to strike up and down and tradable markets. The market maker and creator are very interesting in how they attract buyers. Swooshes up and down, not sure if at a loss. But it sure looks like marketing to us. We feel eventually the selling down thing will come to a close and the market will have its own future. But curious how it plays out. We have a budget to sell and rebuy coins but with a plan to always put in a purchase order equal to what mintme value was sold. Anyways, the trade log is crazy. I can’t seem figure it out. But the lows have constantly been higher making it look like pretty good with high volume. Check out the page and read the post. Let me know your thoughts.

Thoughts on logo?

We changed coin logo from a suggestion to see the response. So we are asking you, should we keep this logo? or try again? Opinions? Suggestions? Your Thoughts?

281 Holders Investors and Traders within 2 months!

We are now above 280 holders within 2 months. I think that’s really amazing you guys! Thank You! The more holders we have the better and we are just getting started. Our intent to have an acquirable price target with appreciation while lowering the price was a plan that paid off for the shareholders. Within 2-3 weeks we will have a new chart for those who didn’t understand the split. And I think those who joining in will be pleasantly surprised. We dont have many tokens left we want to trade that would suppress the price currently so it’s going to be 90+% secondary market trades. It’s like crawling, then taking the training wheels off the bike, and progressing to riding no hands… we still got to drive, helm a ship, and fly… before we really start to head to the moon. Time with a solid growing user base is important.

DogecoinX to give away upto 1500 National Sod Credit to HODLERs!

DogecoinX is hoping to give away 4 spots for upto 480 Tokens each. We ask you hold enough of these to remain at 480 Tokens. The number of tokens is equivalent to 1/10th Pallet of sod. Or roughly $30-$40.00. Most tokens we will give to have purchased tokens already. (This isn’t asking you to buy at ask, actually almost the opposite) we are doing this to represent that 4 or so people have used the service. Minemint, would even be nice to leave 480 of those tokens on the exchange, then vault them back when you aren’t top 10 holder there. (Meaning It’s being used). This is mostly to preform a look of use before they are actually in use, to increase the likelihood of use. We think, PRSS, EUBI, MANU(TradeCoin), BossToken, and MineMint have the Ability to Hold and have been important influencers of DogecoinX. We hope that if you guys hold, and what NSC does works. We expect you guys to be able to sell when the time is right for about 10,000-15,000 mintme.

Free MineMintTokens - The Hottest Recent ICO - Send Your Wallet Address!

DogecoinX aims to sell 4 products and 4 marketing spots on its website!

DogecoinX aims to have a website where we can sell 4 products to start and 4 marketing spots on our webpage. Payments for products will ONLY be in DogecoinX! These updates will take additional time to launch but we will give you something to buy with them. Which actually may harder on the price as product sales may equal token sales. To be determined. If counter productive we will stop it. We want to atleast attempt it.

DogecoinX worked out Partnership and Deployment of National Sod Credit! Now we want…

So we worked out a deal with National Sod Credit! DogecoinX will be the ONLY Token tradable for Sod by exchanging for national sod credit. National Sod Credit will trade at DogecoinX Limit Bids for NSC at Donation Rate. We have been told we will probably need to increase our market depth. So any sales of our tokens or other tokens will go to bolstering our market depth. Congratulations guys! You are starting a path to a real currency! Calculations to change or be altered but this is one of the many paths DogecoinX aims to take and attempt to become more currency like. DogecoinX may adjust plans as the 1 mintme base is put in. That price all investors previously are covered. If changes are made to the future of the coin for any reason. We will maintain a 1 mintme buy order for all Tokens Outstanding allowing for Investors to Exit.

Chance Creator Popping Back In!

So I just saw Chance buy EUBI tokens. He has a pulse! He sent back a message saying he was a little behind because of a client, but progressing. We hope to see a couple active posts hopefully in the next couple days (hopefully today)! We took a Chance on Chance! And We are glad we did! What’s coming?! Now that you gotta read for yourself. More to come check out Chance, think about it and keep it in your mind to see what comes next. Next Posts are very important as to giving investors direction. I am eager to hear more!

Wallycoin - What is it? What happened.

Wallycoin made a mistake and sold all his coins for next to nothing. He ended up buying them back for .0065 and now only has 45,000 at .0075 with gap up to .12 We ended up trying to buy back his dilution and at least start on the right foot. I honestly don’t know what to expect, but think he will take advisement. Limit in just incase of a sell down but doubtful to happen again. It a risk on pulling out a purpose. Which currently is undefined. Newly deployed long shot but I kinda like long shots.

DogecoinX expects National Sod Token Buybacks!

DogecoinX expects National Sod Credit To Buy Back Airdrops! Since the tokens are redeemable each token has a real value we expect national sod to eventually buy back its airdrops or be forced to redeem free tokens for real product! We probably expect that once rebates start getting issued. Just takes one sod sale on MintMe to clean all the limit sells out! That person intends to use them for sod. Those will have a real cost to national sod and it’s distributor accepting the tokens. We just wanted our holders to have a little of this and encourage them to keep the airdrops and share rewards. Or get them and sell them to one of our BROSkis! Oh and DogecoinX will double its investment on their first sod sale! And still retain 98%!

Our Cosponsor is Making Moves!

National sod purchased the rights to 2 pallets of sod. Then listed them. Picked up a central distributer and will be working closely with them in accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum to complete sod purchases. Once launched we will start releasing their Tokens to market. With what we saw in potential sales orders for 2 pallets, we expect this to potentially change mintme platform bringing in new investors to all the coins. With the synergies and partnership with other Tokens they all will push DogecoinX to the next level.

DogecoinX aims to Produce Income!

We have decided to monetize the creators interest in making this crypto succeed by creating NEW income and using that for this coin including buybacks buyer support until it becomes greater than $500/month residually. Our goal is just to add from what we create and this should inspire us yo win for you guys and win for us above $500/month. We will donate our new online income streams created to this coin. We will limit updates and probably do buyups before major announcements. We are now playing over time not over minutes. We aim to bring shareholder value from creation of income.

We will have limited updates as we start building.

This split has been major time consumption. The cosponsoring of National Sod Token has now left us to the point of development. We are starting to build. Building takes time. We will have limited updates and let the market do its thing. Most everything we do now will be behind the scenes. With a major update as to accomplishments the first of the month. We will aim to sell products and market our sponsors and with any profits to be put in buyer support or buybacks. We hope to have a lot more advancements to come. And by the 1st you will see progress. Expect some changes. Unless you are on the dev side I will update you guys in a couple weeks. Expect future buybacks to be from outside profits from DogecoinX Sponsored Products. If Earnings come from branding, sales, or referrals and it supports price DogecoinX creator to retain the 50% profits after our buyer supports hits 5 mintme. (5,000,000 mintme in buys from me) I want to create cash flow for this coin.

Future of DogecoinX Part 2.

So we have taken huge stakes in companies and coins. We plan on trying to grow our growth by balance sheet growth as well partnerships in and with other tokens. We aim to move to a larger/different exchange broaden our reach. Maybe level 1 rocket again somewhere else… same tokens.. we will aim to back each DogecoinX with 1/10th Bitcoin Satoshi. DogecoinX Will used its dividend income for a budget monthly. Probably 14-15k from the EUBI Trio investments. We will have a very profitable stake in National Sod Token. These tokens are backed by Sod so something tangible. We think DogecoinX will gain different users from this as well as Petete EUBI and many others. Spanish is a common language in thesis industry and there are not a lot of Spanish tokens Satoshi maybe able to play on that too!

The future of DogecoinX.

Some wonder what our future is. To be honest good question. So far we have managed to shake up mintme a little, met a few people, ruffled a few feathers, open 250 wallets and we are still here and growing. What we have done to date with minimal things has launched us. That booster has almost run its coarse, what’s next is the next stage of the rocket, a smaller booster as the heavy load has been lifted, now it’s coarse, direction and journey, partnerships and development. So if this part was fun, I think the next part is where it gets interesting. It takes longer than 45 days to reach a destination. And yeah we can cheer we are going to the moon!!! But now we gotta build the rocketship first. the work is just beginning, ships don’t just get built they are planned first, tested, failed and reattempted until success. DogecoinX is a honey badger. It will be remembered, it will make noise, it will change, and change things for the better.

Satoshi to look very similar to a currency soon like LIBAS.

With most of dilution out it may start to look like more like a real currency as Satoshi the name is already known for its Bitcoin increment size. We see both Satoshi and LIBAS Holding a Currency Value greater than just the token value as interchangeability is easy and price is accumulable prices. Like LIBAS we look to make Payments in Satoshi and LIBAS and work deals in them verse diluting DogecoinX. We prefer outside payments of other crypto for things, with invested interest from our developers for DogecoinX, we really want our investors to play a role in development.

DogecoinX takes on a Few Projects overnight.

We ended up with a bunch of walleycoin last night. After watching the selloff we stepped up and bought it… so we sent the creator a message like what the heck? Anyways we talked a little. I will find out more about wallycoin and claycoin. How and what they do. These are both like a month old so creators learning curve is investable for us at these rates. Everybody can turn it around. And we see long term. Both of these coins will randomly be given out.

DogecoinX Stake in National Sod Tokens Potential to add 5,000,000 mintme value.

DogecoinX takes out huge stake in Co-Sponsoring ‘National Sod Token’. This stake will be sold slowly in increments to supporting the balance sheet. We think eventually this could potentially be a very tradable asset with sales from people not wanting it taking anything and people need it to complete an order. The swooshes each way in mintme terms would be simply huge. These will not be sold at discount because they are exchangeable for a tangible product. Basically we traded 50k mintme for what we understand like 100 pallets of grass… (50,000 sq ft) going rate. We are to hold and present as largest holder 200,000 Tokens. So realistically we get like 20 pallets roughly $6,000-$8,000USD. DogecoinX to also be recognized as partner (marketing) as well as other developers on the site.

Smile relieves Claycoin Pressure after Releasing massive ownership.

DogecoinX picked up a bunch of Claycoin today from smile. We are going to burn a sizable amount, give away a sizable amount, and hold a large amount as we did buy a million extra than we expected IF Claycoin works on pricing and sticks to it and doesn’t sell down to limit buy orders.

DogecoinX Co-Sponsors National Sod Credit!

Although this one isn’t exactly investable now especially while pricing and structuring we think the secondary market by airdrops and shares is! We think there will be share rewards eventually. And those should fetch upwards of 40-80 unless my math is off by a zero. The supply isn’t the issue, as these will be available in bulk at a fixed exchangeable rate to complete credit exchanges. Exchangeable to National Sod Credit Reissuing them at cost.40-80/token. Get the free shares and airdrops and hold or sell or limit sell!

DogecoinX recommends FREE Airdrops from “National Sod Credit”

Get the airdrops and the shares! High probability of deployment. DO NOT Buy Tokens at Ask! 30 Free Tokens Will Be Worth 1200 mintme if platform takes off. Repeat do not BUY The Tokens Get Them Free! If this takes off expect millions of mintme volume. When purchased will be in chunks like $100-150 at a time. But will probably end up being slightly more expensive than the sod to purchase. Since to fill a remainder of a credit why sell it at a discount they already have 1/2 of them for free! And if they don’t want them, they can sell them. It only needs a few people to use the service to really push mintme volumes!

‘National Sod Credit’ needs your Airdrop from them to create secondary market.

Please get your airdrop and share! Spammers and dollar deal makers! Nobody will (or should) pay 20mintme today so huge market difference and 30 free tokens from them now! Someone market make that thing with their 30 free tokens! If they do get used 20mintme will be paid for sure probably 40. As their value is at 40 and if implemented correct they will be purchased to fill orders when people are short on rebates. These are really 1200 mintme value eventually!

DogecoinX burns 32,000 Satoshi to PRSS Mintme Wallet… 🤷‍♂️

With the recent run up in Satoshi Prices on Rumor CEO is gonna start budgeting Remaining Tokens… We decided to give the people that took it up to .01 a almost even 1/4 million stake! Boss and PRSS both receiving 16,000. We attempted twice to send to PRSS then realized we had the wrong wallet! 32,000 gone I think! If not, 32,000 bonus. It’s exciting times for satoshi! I think the base is in.

DogecoinX to Mark to Market 1/2 shares repurchased in august.

Currently about 4,000 the other half we will retain. We calculate future reissuance of half should cover the equal weighted in terms of mintme sell reissuance. That’s sales will go back towards buyer support positions. Reissuance to be between bid and ask spread august 1st. We kinda expect just our liquidity repurchases to be reissued for a while as we stabilize.

July 5th Promos. EUBI MadCap Money and BROSki!

You must have enough DogecoinX to message me with your wallet address so I can send them. But 5,000 Madcap Money get 1,000 BROSki or buy 5,000 BROSki and get 1,000 MadCap Free! Also just added. If you Buy 10 EUBI Today we will give you 5,000 of either madcap or BROSki Free! July 5th only!

DogecoinX now has atleast a Domain…

So PRSS… we got a domain for you… 🤔. We prefer development to donations. 🤷‍♂️ Just kidding unless you wanna. 😬. We stake our claim to You guys wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get a domain for this coin…. We got online real estate it’s time to build. I need help. Period. And I wanna sell stuff on it. Madcap Money help..🤔 With those sales going towards development, buybacks, and annual hosting. MineMintTeam. We hope to utilize what you do. (Cool stuff that works) EUBI I hope you have input, and CypherPunk, what’s your say in all this?

DogecoinX attempts Discord for community,Partners, and investors.

So this is my first discord. So like our first crypto there is a learning curve but we will try to figure it out. If you wanna be on the development side, join. So the goal is to have a lot of updates in July. I honestly can’t do all these message streams, 3 businesses, discord telegram, Facebook, etc. we need a team built and I think Discord might be the place to start. Our discord address is: [url=][/url]. I just set it up. Will learn a little bit more. Please give suggestions, updates, your skills and if you want to join the team what can you provide?

PRSS takes out new Highs as DogecoinX let’s small investors in first!

PRSS touches 220 after taking out the 200 limit orders and the 210 limit orders. Few left at 220. (70 I think). DogecoinX scoops up Dividend Income, all while taking advantage of the EUBI sale raising dividends on all tokens in the trio owned if you buy 30 more EUBI tokens! We did that then bought out 200+ PRSS with its discounted dividend. We have suggested PRSS before we bought to give investors a chance. We do think the 220 will not last long! We suggest getting 10 PRSS and collecting the dividend! Silvering and EUBI all pay these dividends from EUBI on the first of the month! Our last payment was over 10000 mintme! I think we are upto about 15000/month now with the dividend increase and new shares of PRSS, SILVERING, and EUBI purchased this month! Limiting into PRSS is tough as there aren’t many sellers.

BossToken Soldiers Up as Reminding what split will do to high side limit buys PreSplit.

Bosstoken Soldiers Up as warnings of drastic price reduction in DogecoinX PreSplit gets response “Thanks for letting me know” as he leaves his bids in anyway! Because of the strong Bold moves of the creator we have watched our investment in BossToken Soar! With a creator like him buying back shares increasing our investment we felt we should go to the high side bidders not going to make the top 10 PreSplit with a warning. We think bold strong moves deserve a reward as we chose to award the split and some BROski’s to BossToken!

DogecoinX purchases 15000 Tokens Back at .5 (less than issuance!)

DogecoinX saw opportunity again purchasing a big block and breaking it down! Again lowering our donation rate! We were able to purchase just over 15,000 tokens for .5 breaking them down relisting them at our sale price of .575! We did say we would help market make. With this purchase we pulled 3000 more coins off the market for a total of 5000 tokens! We just reissued 12,000 of the 15,600 tokens we purchased. We just purchased and broke a sell block at .75 and now we got the same number at .50… yep we will try it again. EUBI is having a sale right now on EUBI and the interest rate is higher if you buy 30 or more for the next 3 days! More EUBI post to come and look to the comments for answers on that one!

DogecoinX To Sponsor New Deployment!

DogecoinX is setting up a partnership with a Pacific Northwest Company to Potentially Deploy a New Token! More details to follow! This token would be a tradable coupon and rebate program tokenized with tradable value verse just rebate. This program would potentially cover upto 4 states currently. Washington, Oregon, California, and Colorado. And be used through a central distributer as being accepted and issued as a rewards program for contractors who use the distributor anyway. This is good for distributor and contractors as well as homeowner who wish to sell their credit from purchases issued based on dollars spent on the purchases. More details coming. (Like what industry) and viability will be talked about before finial setup. We are curious who is interested so far? Who’s down to help? And might only be issued by distributor or airdrops.

SRTV buys out selloff tokens by donation!

Now that’s a good reason to keep donation tokens fair! Those sold were from those purchased! Liquidity in play. This was a very cool move from SmartRyders for 10$! Kinda reminds me how small we are right now… 🤔. Which also means we are kinda cheap I guess. With 15,000 at .5 I think that’s it for a shakeout. SmartRyders has some cool stuff going on. I think he is serious about trying to bring people to mintme! Anyways he picked up some huge bids and we released a sizable chunk all while retaining a lot of shares! Upside stability again as our shares we purchased quickly got flipped! SmartRyders Team making moves like a BROSki!

Investor Shakeout as DogecoinX Buys Back and Reissues Exact shares at discount now!

There will be liquidy squeezes and with full on trader shake out we repurchased 4800 shares and relisted them at a slight markup to purchase giving a whole new board to play! All the exact same shares or less.(2000 less to be specific). We are happy taking shares back and balancing those tokens to equal weighted sales keeping the remaining tokens. Now this is the shakeout I was really waiting for as stability is found somewhere between .50-1 for the short term. Traders traded out early which is good. All looking good. 👍

Will the Real Satoshi Please Stand Up… I Repeat.. Will the Real Satoshi Please Stand Up..

… we’re gonna have a problem here… just kiddin can’t I quote Eminem 🤷‍♂️ DogecoinX takes out even larger position in the real satoshi after last shake out as we see potential in the top 20 crypto! Call us nuts but we think 1 simple thing can solve creators problem and satoshi investors problem. Can we turn satoshi from a seller to a buyer? More to come… as the real Satoshi may really push back up as sellers become curious if they will be part of the shakeout.

Donation or Limit In? DogecoinX says Limit In!

We like donations thats awesome! We are great full for donations however it’s about 5x higher than spot bid do to the limited supply. We are a liquidy provider so limiting in is also our insurance for you! As market depth builds it strengthens the value as bids become larger than a top 10 holder. The chances of selloff also decline. Building a strong base makes since it might shake out investors who would have shaken out at a higher price when the chips have more weight into buying depth. Time, depth building and sideways is actually amazing. There are no pressure sales from us until 3 so we think sideways up is highly probable.

PRSS SILVERING and DogecoinX on the Leaderboard of BROski!

When you got bros you need broski! MineMintTeam should be on the leader board as they are our bro! (We sent the 25,000) DogecoinX bros making the Leaderboard! If you limit in on BROski you are a bro, if you Donate to Creator you are a BROski!

PRSS earns the BroSkis 5000 tokens!

PRSS has been making its rounds on MintMe with its high dividend yield. Now it hit the winning bell by purchasing over 5000 DogecoinX and over 5000 Broskis. This combination earned him unknowingly the BroSkis Award! Cause when you thank a bro, you do it with BroSkis!

Sharesplit to go unclaimed by 1/2 top 10!

After reviewing my messages searching for top 10 I haven’t gotten wallets from. Anchoebet, quadrillionx,sholex, amgad, or azita! I this messaging system on my phone makes it hard find where the new messages are and which ones I have read. But that’s half! And the ones that purchased over 5000 tokens that are new holders only PRSS and cypherpunk sent me wallets. 🤷‍♂️ Only 30 days to claim!

Last chance on Chance Before the 4th?

Last time we spoke was about a month ago about a launch on the 4th. I don’t know the progress but seems to be active on the rumor and expectation. We are lightening our earlier position to take a larger investment in dividend yielders like PRSS. We will be selling 20,000 tokens from .7 to .95. Before the launch. Once he changes pricing structure these coins sold below 1 are it and we will not be selling tokens under 1 after the 4th our bids are pulled.

DogecoinX aims to give away OTHERS Tokens Monthly!

Investing verse Trading. Why some big trades are easy.

Our investment style is a little different. I am a value investor, activist investor, and a cash flow investor. With the most important being cash flow. Cash flow typically comes from an established company or real estate or for most Americans unemployment payments.🤷‍♂️🙄. So if we buy something Like PRSS or SILVERING or EUBI we kinda value it as cheap to fair. Don’t get me wrong it carries a high price tag. But about 1.5% a month gets returned. It’s got solid buyer support for holders. If your time horizon is 5 days.. probably not, but say 3 years, it free on the lower option PRSS. 🤷‍♂️ EUBI is number 1 and has most all the major partnerships. Silvering is physical silver digitally tracked I think redeemable at 66silvering to 1oz silver And it pays a dividend! These are great to add to a long term side of your portfolio. But you must own 10 of any to receive a dividend. We will buy all the 200 coins on PRSS, and probably 210. Last call!

Creator Changes Name to DogecoinX

So MoonMarsMan has Been Renamed to DogecoinX. This was 47,000 mintme advice I got from someone. I think name recognition in trades allows me to still buy and it be beneficial to DogecoinX giving a little extra value to every trade. Probably easily negating the trading fees.

Splits issued tomorrow.

Got behind with a couple work phone calls and budgeting the mintme. Now tomorrow will work on the issuance. If you haven’t gotten anything remind me or message me. If you just have enough to message me your wallet I might send you something! Coin wallet only!

We guessed 300% from rebasement was fair for the MONTH!

Investors DogecoinX suggests being safe in this one and limiting in to buy. With a lot more shares outstanding and a lot purchasing to flip we think slow and steady from here is the best for investors as traders randomly take profits. I think .575is probably fair priced but I don’t have much left to hold it in check either.

Why DogecoinX? What we got that makes us different…

What we have is unlike any other. I don’t think I have seen a crypto “split” before. Why was it poised to be successful? All the coins sold at 3,4,5,6 etc were to people getting the split. Split adjusted we just hit 10… Thanks PRSS! So now becomes the longer drawn out trading range. So this dilution method to large purchasers wasn’t actually dilutionary, which technically wasn’t really even a selloff. I don’t think we bought anything for .189 or .199. Only a little at .249… I know it sounded strange but was actually something that came from a failure not understanding the future cost of large airdrops and share rewards cost. Dilution method recommend. But there should probably be a forever clause to claim tokens… next time maybe. This is 30 days!

Wife Tells DogecoinX to stop Buying Everything and balance the budget leaving…

So wife says stop buying everything leaving DogecoinX with 100,000 mintme flat budget after relieving creators coffers of 2.6 million mintme. 🤷‍♂️🤨🤔🤣 wives these days. DogecoinX makes bold negotiation to keep 100k 🙄 (a little satire in our news reports…) but this was actually planned. I just spent 600k recently I think. Just want to have a flat budget to start. So expect a little less craziness.. maybe. All the board stays the same this is easy to keep track of with even starting point. All trades and everything as usual. Plus she has no idea how many limit bids I have out. 🤣😬

.05 liquidity buyback stockpile.

We will hold reserves at the .05 mark. These will not be touched in the buy ups either at .0995 -.12. This reserve is the sell down buy up support pool.. this will be known mostly as the hole step up after a flash crash. This will be reserved when enough shares are bought back that we start repurchasing for higher as there aren’t any sellers. This is very odd tool only used once that can and will hopefully never need to be used but when used correctly is very impressive leaving traders in the dust.

PRSS takes out the .575 pushing towards 1!

Everyone knows PRSS! If they don’t, they should! PRSS offers the highest dividend in the crypto mintme Game! We secretly snuck in a 100 of those after our 53 announcement trying to give smaller investors a chance at PRSS! As a reminder you gotta own 10 to get the dividend! Upside potential as well as we chipped away at 210 making the 200 even more attractive! So we got a new trading range guys! This should be interesting! Many thanks to PRSS and his high dividend yielder… just think if we think yield of years we aren’t running away. And if you have over 10 PRSS and quit for a year you will have mintme and the PRSS when you return! It’s kinda like Staking in a way. Thanks again PRSS!

What Can DogecoinX do for your Token?

Ask the Minemint team or Chance how a a little bit of extra marketing really goes along way! Chance is suppose to have a release on the 4th. I haven’t talked to him since I told him not to sell for cheap. He listened, went back page and we rang the bell. We sold enough to pay for our volume and for him to sell 12,000+ mintme worth of coins. Way more than could have been achieved by selling for .01 or something. It takes tokens, and only willing to work with deployed tokens or tokens that want to get deployed that need a marketing partner. Buy100 DogecoinX and send us a message. We will try to respond. We can do a lot. We negotiate good deals. We do not work well with irrational or deceptive people.

122,000 buy order in at .08

I know it’s not super impressive but that covers a big downside. We are now almost sold out of the .575. As we adjust we will start to remove bids that couldn’t ever be hit because there are not enough shares and raising those to the higher limit buy side. With .0995-.12 not to be moved. We expect trading ranges between .45-1.75 in the coming weeks. We will adjust our lower bids after we hit above 1.50

DogecoinX board Set for 30 Days.

DogecoinX sales board is set for the next 30 days before considering any further dilution. We hope to see others enter the market. We only added 1000 sell orders to our old 1000 sell orders and 2000 extra at 3. This should give you guys a pretty solid trading range. We will try to issue shares today While there is still resistance at .575 Those shares should suppress prices maybe. Anyways with this much activity I think it’s favorable to traders. We want the bell to ring on the ticker tape alot. So we wanna stay out of it. This is just to determine value of our remaining shares. As there won’t be many. And you will probably see buybacks from us as we feel more like a trader missing out. If we do buy back we will trade those shares probably. So we might end up market making a little. And I guess our market making profits if any will go to the bottom line as limit buys at .0995. Anyways price volatility awaits I think.

Sale is all over folks. We are pushing against 5.75 issuance.

We are limiting issuance at .575 until we get all our split payouts. We need to get them out before pushing through .575. I will work on that today. If price breaks through .575 we may issue more at .575 but not many. Thanks again and we will let this market have a mind of its own soon.

Rapid sale up to cypherpunk! Send me your wallet for MineMintTokens!

Sale is nearing a close as we work towards some form of advancements. Unlike most cryptos with a direction that makes it make it or break it. We take the more fluid direction of simply trying to get ahead. We can adapt, we can molt, we can transform, to what we need to be to be considered valuable. I mean we are pushing 4.99 again already and almost hitting our selling limits. Anywho. We put in a 50,000 buy order in at .15 (7500 mintme). The other 2100mintme we spent marketing for our biggest investor. 🙄 hey EUBI! How’s the air up there at #1? 😬

Bosstoken Soars Like an Eagle As Creator Declares for weeks price is to low!

Like a boss we read bosses post! He was adamant his share price was low. With great partnership with EUBI the shares have flown to great heights. I would stay tuned to the BossToken Station as he seems to do what he says. With stability from the largest shareholder he is up like 100x post shakeout! We look back at our 35 investment we were frustrated about when it went to like 2.5 and rebounded. We managed to see the new ownership and well we bought more. After a 5x run we are still buyers. Limiting in does seem to be a springboard to advancement. So does buying up. I don’t know anymore than what is posted by Boss. But EUBI’s partnerships are gold!

First Shareholder Vote!

Since I do things fast when they seem like a good idea. I have thought about backing DogecoinX by BTC. I think to start .001 BTC would cover every DogecoinX with 1/10 of a satoshi. So 10 DogecoinX would equal a satoshi. Our aim would be to mix other value to the low side and our value to the high side. This would be a trial, I will aim to aquire the Bitcoin to cover 1dogecoinX :1 satoshi just incase we go that route route in the future. But for now proposal to back 10 DogecoinX by 1 Satoshi. (It would start off like $20 gold coin nobody sells for $20) …shareholders please discuss… this BTC .001 would come from creator once deposited will not be taken back.

DogecoinX looking to follow SH X lead!

SH X was just deployed the other day claiming to be backed by BTC. We think they are but haven’t gotten into it. If so how much? How many Satoshi’s in a Bitcoin, 100,000,000. Okay interesting so for 1/10th of a Bitcoin we can back every Token with a Satoshi.(real Bitcoin satoshi) we don’t know exactly how to do that, but think something like that is coming. We may gradually build up to that but start where 10 DogecoinX equal 1 Satoshi. This would give something tangible to the investors and a very calculated buyback price for us. We don’t wanna be pegged to Bitcoin as we will far exceed bitcoin’s growth. This move would allow us liquidity flexibility as selling to a discount to Bitcoin would support the low side. So for a few hundred dollars I am down to attempt that. Our aim is to start out covering all 10,000,000 shares then if we burn each coin really does become more valuable. Planning stage but for $350 I am down to try it.

Coin Sale Ends and Split Payouts July 3rd!

We think we will reach our coin sale limit by the 3rd. Last coins on the board. Sale While Supplies Last! Last Board Update By 9:40. Coins sales under .575 will be taken off by the 4th.

PRSS is the BEST for SMALL(all) investors Starting w/ Dividend Cryptos! Here’s why…

Okay of the Trio EUBI, Silvering, and PRSS all have dividends. All have the same dividend and all paid by the EUBI team.(10500 mintme payout today actually!) anyways all are great and we own them all! However you must own a total of 10 of any of them.(I think) so if you are starting out, get 10 PRSS, wait until the first, get your check, and then decide how you like dividends.. if you get all PRSS to start, it’s 2000 mintme, all EUBI is 3550 and Silvering 2500. That’s 10 tokens of each. Mix and match too but start Start with PRSS if you only have 2000 mintme. Remember EUBI owns 51% press and has huge partnerships that warrant the 355 price tag. But expect us to start picking up mor PRSS in the coming days… so last call at 200 for everyone else!

Madcap Money Leader Board Exit Causes Safety Rally!

Madcap Money Shakeout! DogecoinX was there to pick up the selloff! Massive selloff then rally in madcap money after trader shaken out. Madcap looks to have a good direction as this was a major major wait out! We will be releasing a few coins at .01 and then .02 to balance and establish fair market.

DogecoinX might have legs if it’s own…

We kinda foresee our price going above its “value” for a while. Cause with us right now you give us value. While we support your value with bids. If the price increases faster than we can support the market as a whole we expect this margin to be the “Legs of the Dog”. As each share issued now carries more shares to balance. Our aim is to support prices naturally to not cause run ups or selloffs and have naturally fair and sustainable appreciating market. Expansion is key, expansion with a team that can make us look good digitally is the only real real way to win bigly. 😬 We have done a lot with nothing… just imagine if we did something more…🤔🚀🚀. As a reminder this is all new to me…. How am I doing?

DogecoinX now negotiating..

We are a little off but from 10 to 80,000 mintme but is closer than one thinks… so.. we actually have a better proposal. One where we think your 1,500,000 coins will be worth 80,000 mintme, and you keep the account and the coins…. If you like that idea let’s try to negotiate a path away from your current endgame, even you would like the results better. I read 1’s and 0’s… I know… winning isn’t always about taking.

DogecoinX has 1,500,000 buybacks on 750,000 coins!

So if everyone quit all at once they would retain .03… not much but we would never make the .0001. Going forward we will be trying to raise the floor at the same time as always just accounting for the 1,000,000 coin cap. We look to have a floor of HIGHER than our original offering price of .0333. With each floor increase being major for large and smaller investors. We will calculate our board to be the most conducive for mass exit while supporting moderate pricing.

.299 last call after realizing our tokens out!

The .299 is in its last call and .349 will be the sale minimum. We may offer 500 here and there at .299 but remaining to be at .349. We probably will determine limits on those actually.

DogecoinX make Account Offer On Satoshi.

DogecoinX makes 10,000 mintme offer on the Satoshi account and remaining tokens. We think we can turn it around for shareholders. Offer on the table. All subject to approval. .0066 equivalent for remaining 1.5 million tokens and account as DogecoinX seeks understanding of a fully diluted account and its ability to be turned around. We think it’s a win win for everybody. Especially the investors. To sweeten the deal we will add a fair amount of other coins to the offer. Valuing the remaining shares and account 3x what someone just sold them to me for.

SH X now deployed! And We Own It! Share holders to get some next month.

We buy all sorts of things and ended up with SH X. Now deployed and backed by Bitcoin we are fortunate to see one our investments take off. We are giving away some next month to all DogecoinX holders with 100 DogecoinX (enough to message me your wallet address) send us your wallet addresses! Want us to send your deployed token to our holders? Message us! I will make a list of the top 10 holders who haven’t sent me their wallet addresses on the 5th. After 30 days split rewards expire and are retained by DogecoinX.

DogecoinX to Release Split early

We decided to move ahead and start releasing coins ahead to the smaller investors. We were expecting potential for market turbulence.. breaking news.. new deployed token!! More to come! We will release coins as we calculate them. There will be random MintMine token giveaways to *anyone* that sends me their wallet! And know going forward DogecoinX will give away random tokens! From both donations of tokens and our own purchases. Some good, some not so good. But who knows. We will be giving away tokens to shareholders going forward. Like a dividend but no way to determine what it is or how much it will be. Expect we are just a crypto, but we like livening it up without diluting ourselves.

DogecoinX adds 75,000 buy at .1

DogecoinX traded some of its LIBAS it purchased and has put its trade in the .10 reserves. 7500 mintme. This covers most of our above .04 investment. We are believers in Libas just thinning a little, we did buy like 60% of the Token on the dip.

DogecoinX buys 53 PRSS with EUBI Dividend Payment!

EUBI knows insurance, and everybody pays insurance on something monthly… EUBI is a fraction of a percentage of that company, as well as its partnerships in other coins, development of coins etc. anyways EUBI is the Top Crypto/Stock/exchange pair etc. so why did we buy PRSS, cause EUBI owns 51% and he pays the dividends and the dividend is equal to EUBI providing 70% higher ROI on deployed capital. PRSS is 1 month old, with trading pair already established. By Waiting the price will go up while watching and you will be missing out on dividends. It’s a hodl not a trade. Spreads are fair considering it is a high yielder.

PRSS now pays Dividend!?! As large as Silvering and EUBI?

PRSS carry’s what looks like an expensive price tag on a mintme crypto. DogecoinX analyzes solely based on cash flow of the 3, the best cash flow currently goes to PRSS! Rate this one Undervalued with comps for the same cash flow prices at 355 and 250. We think price is low to attract investors looking for stability and a dividend. The EUBI, PRSS, and Silvering part of our investment sent us 10,500+ mintme last night. (First payment! Wow!)

DogecoinX to redeem SatoshiX and Satoshi 2.0 before split issuance.

Once DogecoinX receives 750,000 satoshis for the SatoshiX conversion and 1,500,000 satoshi for the satoshi 2.0 it will release the DogecoinX Split to satoshi the creator of SatoshiX and Satoshi 2.0. Both with claims of easy conversion. Both designed to dilute satoshis 496 share holders. We issue a margin call or forfeiture of DogecoinX split to the harmed party, DogecoinX and the MineMintTeam. Anyone not in favor? Satoshi has until the 3rd to buy back shares and send them on over and renounce any possible satoshi knockoff to get the split.

DogecoinX to limit assets not on the board post split!

So DogecoinX creator went a little nuts buying everything supporting everyone I think we own a little of everything. (Holler at me if we don’t- best by message cause you gotta buy 100 😬) anyways we don’t want to confuse shareholders as to the creators ownership and DogecoinXs ownership in other tokens. However we will be posting any trade gains as buys at .1-.125 this way we can keep track of trading gains. The creator however will use its dividends to build buyer support and buy other things and save. Think of the .10-.125 as the savings account. Just wanna be clear. I think that obvious but should be stated. As previously stated we are getting a mintme budget together. And considering one final investment in a dividend payer with highest ROI! PRSS! Stay tuned as we will be offering 1 PRSS to random new shareholders! (.1 PRSS 10x). So buy enough DogecoinX to send us your Wallets!

Welcome New 5000 DogecoinX Club! Free MineMintTokens!

We welcome PRSS (Token is amazing and on class with dividend like Silvering and EUBI), MineMint Team with there Humble no bullshit and Legit Team, (but let’s give them something else…I think🤷‍♂️) mitrabenki of the famous LIBAS whose shares continue to rise (thinking .25 isn’t actually far off), duvijita and I donno what you got going on. 🤫. There are a couple others like BroSkis, BossToken, and zita will also get split adjusted. We are checking photo finish for 10/11th. And determining how to play it…. We will continue issuing splits randomly as we like sending coins and using them for trade. **Send Me Your Wallet By Message!!**

Shareholders and Investors Please Share! (For real!) Free MineMintToken for New Buyers!!

We have been very clear in our plan. This isn’t an accident this is good and planned. Now these tokens are actually at acquirable prices for new investors. We ask now for your help to really create new wallets, holders, investors by sharing post in mintme, Facebook, Twitter, etc. our growth in numbers and limited supply will be our strength as well as our fluid direction. We ask now, after asking to hold off for a month for your investment, real shares, and promotion. Because for 3 or so days, I don’t think you are hurting anybody getting them in at these prices. Plus for people reading to the bottom. Any new holder buying over 5000 tokens will get 50 MineMintTokens free (per 5k)! Just send your wallet!

It’s official! Everyone who bought below .2 is up with bids!

I know it seemed odd but split was do to cost of shares and early airdrops. If you thought about what was happening especially after watching the LIBAS rebound you would realize this reversion to the mean is healthy and normal. We are t trying to pull any fast ones on anybody. We have only been able to support prices with the upped sales and not 1 seller. 🤔. We will start building a base again at the .199 mark for a while. We may chose to raise our lowest buy backs instead raising the lowest possible price. But for now for today let’s make the .199 thicker. Right now upto 21,000 buyback at .249!

Manu paid out! Huge!

DogecoinX -125448 Mineminttoken- 7000 (this alone worth more than his investment!) Madcap Money 5000 LIBAS 13275 We will do coin issuances again if other companies. From time to time. As a reminder We will NEVER Split again!

Split up 25% after reading post!

Splat was the only person to buy 200 coins by limiting in presplit at .199 he can now sell those coins back for a 25% profit. Manu same deal, but only upto 1200 coins. So we try! A few others gobbled up the 5,000 at .199 so for them the same thing but only 1200 coin exit (so far.). We are happy to purchase back now for sure at sale prices… 🙄 dilution on this one is for you guys not me. Once it’s all secondary market we no longer have ability to determine prices unless with buybacks. Our strength becomes what our top 10 and other holders can contribute. And we don’t really want money but don’t wanna spend it either surprisingly 🙄. We like building stuff. We think DogecoinX survives on merit, we are a great piece of land, we are looking for architects and builders to develop it. We are more than just a MeMe coin! 🤷‍♂️

DogecoinX issues 402,598 DogecoinX tokens to TOP Holder!

EUBI ended up getting a whopping 402598 tokens in his split! Seems to be the number. All other company’s he has 400,000 tokens in are doing amazing! 😬 anyways first share split issued. We have a lot more to process but most will be in a couple days as Manus might get released early as well.

DogecoinX welcomes LIBAS Creator!

DogecoinX welcomes LIBAS Creator as amazing market maker! At one time we weren’t a fan of market makers as it detracted from our price advancement. Now we aim to add more stability with more traders. We hope to pick up the best market makers for better trade efficiency. Our goal is kinda staying outta the way. Have a tradeable price, stay in what seems to be a safe range for investors to trade around and decide who wants it before price advancement and who wants just to trade. If it advances to fast it can hurt incoming buyers with weighted coins from low price purchase that hasn’t seasoned. (Hasn’t been held a couple weeks and shaken around a little) once those coins cycle around enough they will start to advance to push against our donation rate. (.575) once that is broken through we will reset it in a pattern that indicates that a finial push through is coming. We will determine split totals tonight. It’s been a crazy 3.5 hours!

Sell down produced about 3500 mintme.

Sell down produced about 3800 mintme. We put roughly 3500 of that in buyer support at .15 for 25,000 coins. Post sale we have already seen prices bounce back and take out 2.99. (Adjusted) we will issue shares around this point for a while with smaller issuance every take out. This will put a few smaller chunks and chances out there. We will brake sales down in 10k then 5k then 1k then 500 randomly. We will do this randomly for 3 days-5 days. We will fill orders randomly at .249. So think it takes 3 times to break through a price point. But 1,000 will randomly pop back up. Here and there. We will leave high side price at .349 with random issuance to .249. Limiting in at .25 allows me to limit down a few coins all day and ring the bell. We think staying around .3 makes since as issuance needs to reach a certain level with the selloff and reconcentration from more dilution. Under .3 should be a deal, but you won’t be able to see a raise in price for a few days.

DogecoinX never going to zero Guarantee!

DogecoinX refuses to go to zero! It just won’t stand for that! Wanna know how?! DogecoinX has accounted for every share issued. It knows how many shares it has released how many are available post split. And has more buy orders in than that. I mean it would make the board ugly but we would own all our shares and still have bid orders in! Then we would raise the price! 🆙 because we wouldn’t have any shares to buy back because we own them all and there would be no sellers making the dip look like a blip… this is a hodler… 😬

DogecoinX to Produce Balance Sheet of some sort!

The creator has put a lot of his own money up to get involved. Most of our liquidity is creator provided. That is to remain as an investment in our selves and you. All these sales go 100% back into buybacks at .199. The board underneath is to forever stay unless we move pricing support up or add to it. Board plays in favor of fair. The max cap is “stated” as we are really considering a partial move to the mightmint exchange. (Or whatever it’s called 🤷‍♂️). We wanna be like PRSS who is rocking the show over there!!! Anyways. Whatever that is will be provided out of our excess Token pool over the 1,000,000. Things do change and revision may be made if it hurts shareholder price. But our advancements are towards structured our shareholders. Cause guess what guys, I am a big investor in DogecoinX too!

Coin sale. Pricing.

There may be a waves down to .249 throughout the sale. We just priced some now. And will see how it goes. Wait on the .575 ones if we do sell out before the 3-5th. There will be more. We will try to start getting coins out to larger shareholders first giving them a chance to trade around if they want. After this time frame expect trading under .575 for a while. Which isn’t bad for the .199 guys. Get limit orders in I may decide to take them. Sale only. All issuance to go to buyer support at .199. We think traders can buy now but probably shouldn’t trade against us until after the coin sale you will get a chance!

Shareholder Shakeup. Split adjustments .199 sold out!

So the .199 Sold out super fast today. That’s all we can issue that part of the fun sale was for people who read the post and put orders in. Amazing deal as those prices won’t be seen again. So we will be having this coin sale for 3-5 days. Mostly depending on 4th of July. After issuance .575 will be our issuing limit on the down side. 1,000,000 will remain our max cap traded range on MintMe. With exception to creator release. I think a year away. More details to come on creator release as I know more about token release. This next week will be self promotion and next will be more outlining a path forward. We are curious to SmartRyders exit as his partial split was to be rather huge, larger than the buyback offer presented and adjustment to shareholders verse selling for a loss. We are confused. And think we wanna issue him some tokens anyway. We like that guy. I will start messages in a couple hours as things have been busy! Get me your wallet addresses!

Post sale trades do not count towards leaderboard.

Leaderboard will be placed at all trades prior to selloff at 6:03. Please get wallets over we will start issuing shares ASAP!

Well played. Well played.. artisan

Last minute leader shake up! In 5 minutes we will start re opening. Leader board shake up does count.

Pre split buying closed.

Presplit buying closed to return in 7 minutes.

Ouch with 10 minutes left DogecoinX dealt buyback blow.

[with 10 minutes left DogecoinX was dealt a buyback blow! We just had to buy back 6000 coins! Ouch. We are about to pull bids last minute to jump before debasement!

6:01 trades counted. 50 minutes until price reduction!

6:01 trades will be counted. 6:03-6:10 there will be a large trade to myself. 6:15 we will start the repricing. No trades after my trade will be counted towards the split! There are still some that haven’t sent me wallets! 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ The sale is about to begin!

DogecoinX to account for 6:01 trade to CEO to for split if leaderboard is made.

We will account for CEO’s 6:01 trade if it takes him to the leader board. Requested bid considered bold ceo move as bid represents .189… verse .199 but we like bold moves! But nobody else try this. If sale doesn’t take him to leader board that would be a very weird ceo move.

3 hours to Hault Trading!

All our bids will be removed down to .189 tomorrow(today after 3:00 est) we will leave our bid in until then. We will start we issuing shares at .199 immediately following. We suggest getting limit orders in at or around .199. But wait whatever, I will leave only 5,000 tokens available at .199 as we restart post split. Once sold we will have 3 days of sales and promotions giving away other tokens. So if anyone wants tokens and ends up more than 100 can message us with your wallet and we will send you something! (Your wallet information may be merged into Indicators Database if Deal worked out/ we may request you used indicators platform…no deal there yet but still check him out)

SRTV to donate its split based on June 17th Post!

Srtv Ceo sold down to .0023 on SRTV wanting to donate his split. After notifying him of the ability to retain his split he sold down trashing his market. We are confused to his actions but support them all at the same time. With wiping out his bidders log we support his dilution plan. As it’s inline with ours not to dilute. His split will be partially redistributed to the investors in his company paying over .01 that are our top holders. Remainder to be returned as his split.

Share splitting and stop trading 6pm EST 3pm PST

Finial count to be at 6:00 pm EST. Limit buy orders above .575 should be pulled! We will sell down to touch .199 there are only like 200 bids so we will complete sell to that price point up to 10,000 coins today!

Last Buy Orders are Still In! Before .199

Our last minute buy orders are in. Will be the last buys before .199! We suggest getting your limit but orders in above .199 or stacking the .199 and higher.

Preparing for Split. LESS THAN 24hrs!

We have a big split coming to the top 10 and a couple extra. Board looks to be same as I have just screen shot it incase there is a place shift. Tomorrow all counts are in and there will be a massive payout! More DogecoinX, LIBAS, MadCap Money, and the gold of split is the MintMineTokens! This split with the MineMintTokens to our smallest shareholder makes our dividend payout percentage largest to our smallest investor and smaller to our largest investor! And everyone is super happy! We hope you enjoy all the coins and suggest 2 things. 1. Get me your wallets! 2. Put in orders above .199 if you want to get filled on the first. We may only sell a limited number at .199 so get in place first! This will be a 3 day controlled event. It won’t look pretty but everyone is mostly stable. If we repeat what happened with LIBAS we will be up 1500% in 2.5 weeks…😬 but return to the mean is a real natural thing. (I am more thinking 300%).

CEO selloff on good news? SRTV leave investors guessing!

So good news lead to an abrupt ceo selloff today as shares of SRTV drop 75% leaving investors wondering what’s happening over at SRTV.

Holy wow! BossToken Explodes to the upside!

We have been talking about this one for a couple weeks. Weird shakeout turned out to be a huge opportunity for investors! Price tripled in 2 weeks after EUBI brought huge value that was seen as dilution early on. Limiting in allowed us to pick up 30 or so shares on the minor sell down and buy up! Wow what a chart! Both Click and BossToken Huge Gains this week!

Original Satoshi to Break .01 as short squeeze imminent.

We think the original satoshi will break .01 - .02 maybe .1 as Short Squeeze is imminent from creation of Satoshi 2.0 and Satoshi X as creator forced to buy back limited Original Satoshi Tokens for conversions.

Offer Made On USDTrump conditional approval from mintme.

We have made an offer on the account belonging to USDTrump. We don’t know if it will be accepted. We have asked approval from mintme and they will need a written approval from the current account holder and then will process it up chain to the admins. We don’t know if it will be accepted. With all the coins accounted for we have put in a 4,000,000 sell block at .045 and 3m at .0145. We don’t expect to sell any, but that will allow a safer range accounting for tokens outstanding that were sold to current holders. AnyCurrent Trading would be a gamble on account transfer.

The MineMintToken Team.. 100% Legit!

These guys have big plans and I feel they can do it. The are honest, do not wanting to be a part of weird stuff, and actually can progress as a team. We think these guys may have to ability to help others when the time comes. We bought more at .4 after getting a lot at .0005 because we believe in them and their morals. This is crypto you don’t get that a lot, but you get it with the MineMintTeam! I think character means a lot, and I think that makes MineMintToken a real value under 1 mintme. As a reminder I would limit in to this for a few days. Reason is we are releasing about 35,000 more coins to our holders in a few days.

We expect satoshi original to takeoff in 2 years as finial dilution exits!

We think that the original satoshi will stand the test of time. We don’t expect either satoshi X or Satoshi 2.0 to last very as neither preform a function. This shook our satoshi weak handed investors and we gobbled them up. Best to limit in on the satoshi original as last 1,000,000 coins could be available leaving nothing but sky without creator dilution just give it 6 months to 1 years time. We are long holders of the original satoshi and we pulled out ALL sales and put in 3,000,000 buy until market realization is found. Satoshi 2.00 scared out weak investors and we saw through it! We will now be looking to see if we can use our satoshi coins to start a offline exchange! We look to further the original satoshi project! 🚀🚀

Original Satoshi gains 2,500,000% on satoshi 2 as investors stick to the original.

The new ration compressed as much as 2:1 post launch leaving the satoshi 2.0 investors wondering what happened! 100,000 to 1 to 2:1! That’s why we chose already diluted on the blockchain Satoshi Standard! 🚀🚀

DogecoinX makes a run on Satoshi!

Satoshi 2.0 is launching its to be 100,000 times larger than satoshi 1.0… DogecoinX believes any token controlling another tokens value this much is worth a lot, and these low levels we bought another 2.3 million tokens! The aim to expand coins will be interesting. We hope to acquire as many as possible for as low as possible as they are the control of satoshi 2.0. We think this move will increase the value of satoshi 1.0 significantly! We are buyers and near term traders digesting 2.3 million tokens. The move to be almost fully diluted is a interesting bet. And we think the 1.0 to 2.0 transfer will greatly increase the current value of 1.0! We have a bid for 3,000,000 more!we know these 1.0’s can’t get diluted anymore! DogecoinX will probably not be a part of the 2.0 transfer as we like more coins that are already fully diluted. We will watch for advancements.

DogecoinX PreSale Going On Now!!!

DogecoinX is preparing for preselling post split! We will be taking orders to a certain point to as low as .199(not many). Starting July 1st! So feel free to get limit orders in at .199 to be first to be filled. We will touch that price it’s a guarantee! But how many coins issued at that low price is lowered do to more coins being on the board! EUBI received massive first place payout early double LIBAS at 84500; madcap 38500, MineMintToken 15,000!! So get your bids in there today! Stagger them up or hope to get filled at .199! We will only issue coins for 3 days and not again until .575! Post Split We want Traders, market makers, investors, you name it! We hope to have a very tradable market where we stay far enough out of it for traders to trade, investors to feel we aren’t undercutting them, and investors to not feel donation rate, our ask price isn’t crazy unless requested. We hope you guys have had and continue to have a great market!

DogecoinX makes First Dividend Payment Early!

Since we think pretty confidently that EUBI will be number 1 we issued him all tokens except DogecoinX as a trial run. We found that if that zero is there in front of the number it is considered a decimal point. Anyways. First dividends starting to roll out. 2 more days guys get these wallets over.

PRSS gets Press!! 🚀🚀🚀

PRSS is making a huge month! With extremely low coin issuance, restructured board, and 9,000,000token coin burn for scarcity, and 400,000 in Diamond hand EUBIs hands makes this a very very very interesting play. Share price 190, and we picked up 30 tokens or so yesterday. Strong buyer support, think this one has Real Stable Upside! Strong community and creator seems very humble. And this is just a month! Will it Catchup with MintMoXMR or Will MintMoXMR hit 2500 first? Which one will land on the moon first?!

Split coming!!

Please Message Us your wallets! 2.5 days until split! We will give you upto 30 days to claim your tokens. Since this is our first major sending of coins we will test send some to prepare. We are grateful of your massive support! We are hoping to bring this coin to a more liquid, acquirable, and attractive tradable range. With most owner HODlers I think this dilution method is almost like it never happened! Now we gotta be something greater, but what is that? We will be looking to build a team to take what’s been done so far, and try to create more functionality. We have taken stakes in other cryptos, and feel now the best for everyone is to increase traffic to mintme. Which brings new coins and users and money. It’s so early in the game for DogecoinX. One hell of an start, still we need to do more for you! (Like give you free coins- get me those wallets!!)

What the Heck?! CLICK Token finds huge hole to the upside!!

So we like stuff being Revamped! Click is getting a facelift and what to come is going to be better than where it came from! So now what’s it worth after touching 34 today with space in between? Where is it going now? Is it low? Is it High? Will this bring more buyers? More sellers?

DogecoinX Stratton Oakmont Board Setup.

DogecoinX planned out its Stratton Oakmont Sales. We will retain 2,700,000 million probably forever, 130,000 we will give away, sell, return or give for promotions. Possible 30,000 we will sell that’s not on the board for remainder of 2021.

DogecoinX makes 5000 mintme donation to Stratton Oakmont!

We have liked Stratton Oakmont since it raised up on MintMe. We were going to donate directly to the organization but thought seeing this crypto successful was an important part of this coins donation structure and trading structure. Once creator is sold out we will transfer back some coins so he can post them midrange donation. We think for a charity coin a trading range with higher donation range serves the charity the best. We will basically hold our tokens. (Might sell a small fraction eventually)

Whoops we entered in Retrocoin… 🤷‍♂️🆙

We looked at retrocoin today. Realized we had some from airdrops. Read the creators frustration with price of his coin and think he really believes it. So we bought into his belief. Minimal dilution and we even bought that out. Want to see more but he sure seems serious… so so do we! Up from .25 to 4 today! We like it.

SILVERING rated Strong Buy on the Basel III announcement!

If you do a little research on the BASEL III announcement about gold being a Teir 1 asset and silver to follow. These could do big things for silver! And with interest to, Silvering is Poised for Greatness! [url=][/url]

DogecoinX 239 Holders and Rising! Post Split Jump Coming!

239 wallets/holders for DogecoinX! Wow what a month! We expect more wallets post split as we have told smaller investors to hold off until June 1st. We hope this split allows for almost perfect dilution. If goes as planned we should be able to see growth in a 1 month post split chart. Unfortunately we cannot produce 20,000% returns every month. But very very likely to see 300% returns post split in a month.

MineMintToken 37 holders in Days!!

This token has caught the Eye of Super Investor EUBI within days! DogecoinX noticed this teams solid team and superb intro and skills and wondered why they had not deployed. So we asked… within 24hours they deployed! We like action like this! So we asked on post what others thought in open discussion. And They liked it!! This team is go powered! And we would be honored to assist in anyway we can. We hope to join you on the moon!! 🚀🚀

Important Split Info/Request!!

DogecoinX likes Dividends! Picks up like another 150,000 mintme of EUBI

With EUBI taking stakes in large companies we think with their dividend that will give us a lot of operating room. We also think the mintme infusion will be a benefit to the projects he is working on which in turn is good for the shareholders of EUBI and all his projects. I donno but that’s our thought. We hope our investment gets us a little extra help as well in development and through doors as well is it would be mutually beneficial as he is our largest holder. We have upped our stake to about 500,000 mintme. And we honestly think it’s cheap.

DogecoinX decides to offer Split To MineMintToken!

So since we received a donation, as well as their coin donation for our holders, as well as buying out 90 coins just to send us a message, we have decided since they seem to be a very cool project and team, and it seems kinda fair, we will split adjust their shares as well as well as any additional they purchase. We look forward to hearing about the upcoming Project Developments from MineMintToken! Good Luck! 🍀👍

MadCap Money!!! We like what the founders do.

So I have no idea about madcap money… however I do like the fact atleast the owners make money on the internet through different websites and things. We would love to see more updates as we are simply interested in learning about how they make money in real life. Destination of the coin unknown but hope we helped pull off some extra dilution in our buy. We wish them luck. And I hope to learn more about different methods of making internet money. If they teach me something and I make money from what they taught, 1/2 the earning would go to me for learning and doing and operating, the other half would be split between DogecoinX bids and MadCap Money Bids. Now can they teach me? 🤷‍♂️ I try to be a fast adaptable learner.

DogecoinX trade idea on LIBAS.

So we aren’t really selling first off. We have a sale order in… but why? We think that with a sale order in place semi low it forces the issuance of the remaining LIBAS under that mark as the program hates to wait to sell its shares. We expect those shares to run out at a very suppresses price this way. Do I want you to buy my orders. Doesn’t really matter I prefer people buying the limit orders under mine so when it pops I still have mine.. 🤷‍♂️🤣 but if 5,000 sells then it’s less than 1% so oh well. LIBAS looks to have similar competition with assasssin chain. That was a weird trade yesterday. We put in a order at .025 on that just in case.

Minemint Token picked up fast BEFORE Deployment!

Minemint Token was deployed last night ahead of schedule! In celebration of the event DogecoinX will now offer 500 MintMine Tokens during our split to top holders. This will also help towards getting his coins out there. If we are offered by their team, we will take and redistribute upto 45,000 more tokens to our top holders during split. DogecoinX to provide 5,000 tokens out of our pocket. Regardless.

DogecoinX Picked Up MineMintToken Before Deployment!

So we received a donation after being told not to donate… 🤷‍♂️ So we had to check it out!! We put in a large bid wondering if it could turn into something. After looking at the post this guy seems to have it together. This coin if not diluted to a lower price than board has a interesting board play. I think he is controlling dilution as I haven’t received anymore tokens even though I bid up 10x higher. Think .01 is the limit so I bought another 14,500 coins. This one - I haven’t talked to but after asking a question on a post about deployment he posted again saying in 24 hours. Tossing this one out there for discussion. And Thanks for the donation it does help us look at your pages and see what’s going on. Maybe even make a post.

LIBAS prices look to double from here in 21 days.

We expect LIBAS prices to almost double over the next 21 days as chart pattern is reestablished. We think within 7 days of a new chart we will see fast adjustment to a fair price from these low levels. We think by end of August early September we could see LIBAS around the .2-.25 mintme mark about 400% as short term traders are traded out. Once that line is broken around .1 we see fast upside potential above .12 mintme as sellers become very limited with remaining pushing the 1 mintme vision.

DogecoinX makes Offer On USDTrump(if allowed)

DogecoinX offers. 25,000 mintme for the purchase of the account belonging to USDTrump Token. After consideration we have decided that with him willing to sell all his 2800000 coins for .005 at 14,000 that seems more than fair. If I cannot purchase this account legally within mintme rules the offer is off. Also if we make this offer EFLIN would have to share his coins with the previous creator 50:50 leaving both with 45,000 mintme each. Also leaving the creator with 25,000 mintme profit within 2 weeks and 45,000 coins…. If any coins change hands after this post offer is off.

DogecoinX’s to Donate Our First EUBI Dividend…

DogecoinX has decided to use our dividend payment from EUBI and Silvering as a operating budget. We aren’t sure how much that will be but wanna guess about 3,000-5,000 mintme(100% not sure). We think that our first payment will be able to make whole investors covering almost everyone’s losses during the USDTrump fiasco… (except ours) the remaining portion to be retained and put towards a debt payment of 2,000/month mintme for the next 24 months for USDTrump flop… the remaining portion of that will go to build buyer support or invest, or reinvest for more dividends.

DogecoinX proposes DRIPs in EUBI and SILVERING

Hot off the press cause I just thought it up.(might already be an option..) But we propose adding Dividend Reinvesting Plans. This way shareholders may opt into buying more shares at market verse taking a mintme payment. As for now we kinda wanna see the mintme payment as our first one is coming!! But eventually DRIP’ing into these could create compound returns. And estimate future coin sales based on enrollees… Just thinking.

DogecoinX wants import/export partners!

What does your country got that would profitable if exported from there and sold in the US market? We may look at ways either with or without the token to see if we can do international purchases and resell here to create a market. We figure most everyone here is from somewhere else. We are all international coin traders but can we move products and can we do it eventually with tokens?

DogecoinX to release 17,000 coins presplit for sellout and decentralization.

DogecoinX limits sales of 17,000 more coins presplit. If all owned by top 10 would sellout and decentralize DogecoinX. We haven’t determined price to sell yet. 200,000 shares would be issued post split at stupid low price, but agreed. Creator only to receive coins from future release. (Once we understand coin release on this platform) (minor adjustments depending on that understanding potentially change plan but would essentially be the same.). And May the odds forever be in your favor… *** as a reminder small investors best to wait until July 1st at chance to get coins for as low as .19!(supply will be limited!)***

DogecoinX to limit dilution of shares post split.

DogecoinX will cap issuance rate of .575 post split adjustment to 50,000 do to planned limited supply and will float the remainder after that until market stabilizes up in limiting issuance we will remove low selling prices to adjust for limited supply. We expect a potentially wild trading range until split with potential leader board shift, causing flux. With huge opportunity to buy shares July first for a fraction of the cost. We are still determining benefits of burning coins verse locking them. Rationale is liquidy for exchanges…

BossToken amazing Value Limiting In!

We noticed bosscoin the other day and think with new management and partnership the coin will stabilize somewhere around 23-28 until the limit sales orders are pushed through. (Only 45 coins…) don’t be surprised if this one ends up higher than before but just might take more than a day.. So limiting in on this one makes since during turbulence. When the largest holder is still buying then I think this will be solved for the smaller holders again. Sellers don’t really wanna sell for half… but shake outs happen.

DogecoinX response to haters… ✌️


When we cause a fuss there is a reason…

Look we wanna call shit straight up the way we see it… there is some bullshit we let slid even though it’s cost us… I don’t even wanna get into that coin I think it might have been saved.. I did say something and retracted it before I realized what really happened… I wanted to see the way it played out first. That I am glad I did…I was wrong.. When I call out people there is a real reason. By USDTrumps reaction you should see why I am correct. We find the truth when when rattle a few cages. EUBI and I rattled… I bought 300,000 mintme in EUBI afterwords… I see things different. 1’s and 0’s…. Words. Are Just words…

No more LIBAS available.

90% of LIBAS is now gone if not more. Since we think it’s worth .096 we traded down the other day again to see the same fill of the the other accounts would happen as before... like say a program was trading… So for like 7000mintme we cleared out the rest. Now there is no pressure down as there is no supply. Most larger buyers bought above .04 so we are in a good/fair position going forward. I think when the drop line is gone investment will begin to pick up. It’s one of the best market makers in crypto. Maybe it’s best used as a currency verse trade. Might actually make the most since. Next month we will see.

Okay. Forward not off Track.

So we spent to much time working on and promoting other coins. Although it’s fun while we are in stall to the split, it was stressful to watch a great idea get demolished by its own the creator. If I get off track to far it could happen here. So our TKOs will never be longer than a day. We will start focusing almost entirely on us and not other projects. Next month we need to see progress on our end. TKOs and Startups with broke creators aren’t our thing, fun, frustrating, but we can’t force someone to succeed.

The reason I talked about this split for a month…

There is a obvious reason I have talked about this split for months with 100% clairity minus the amount of split but to shake smaller investors out and larger investors holding on. Time. Everything takes time. Clairity takes time. In crypto land it feels like months to me I wanted to do earlier but I said this date. This date is fair it gives everyone 1 month to prepare. I think that enough time to be fully open and transparent. Everyone has the same token just some have more. Ugh. You can’t explain some of this stuff to people… the ones with more paid more… it’s all actually very fair. When someone else controls your decline your fucked, when we plan it out with purpose it’s for a reason that benefits the shareholders.

DogecoinX pulls $5.01 sale and raises it to $5.75!

With our new publicity again we decided to release our 5.01 sale and raise it to 5.75. Same nominal value. As a reminder these prices will split re adjust for upto 3 days! And we will stagger our prices up for .19 after debasement as said many many times. We will only offer limited issuance at that agreed upon price almost a month ago, but after 3 days of 5.75 is hit we will not issuance anymore coins until it hits .575. Anyways happy trading and don’t let someone who had no money for starting their own crypto influence your opinion. That’s like taking advice from a welfare bum.

Looks like barrels of Oil is still trading!

Barrels of Oil refuses to go back to .0001. With massive bid orders in at .0001 - .0003 and tiny orders in to .0006 we are curious will the price of oil remain at these prices. New owners coming in and it’s not wanting to be forgotten! Oil buybacks today! All sorts of interesting things. Nobody knows what happens with oil. Last year was -$37/barrel this year $60. So oil is oil. And looks like the well is tapped!

DogecoinX buys out the 300 EUBI price tag!

After seeing what EUBI did for PRSS and MintMoXMR we decided to buy out the rest of the 300 block since we missed the 295. Apparently good news out there. I don’t know what but it’s something. EUBI now only 340!

DogecoinX, Libas, Silvering, EUBI and Mintme?!🚀

Here’s there play. Plain and simple. EUBI is the real deal. Multiple projects he touches turn to gold! Rather SILVERING, this token traded on like many other projects he touches… let’s just say, based on numbers, he thinks there may be another step forward…I donno but we now own 500 EUBI and 240+ Silvering! Combined 200k+ Mintme value at market…no coin swaps/trades yet. We think these real money trades stand to help with the DogecoinX project as well as other ventures. LIBAS will remain one of the top tradable assets on MintMe with Amazing market making skills. We think these 4 projects along with a couple others will bring more mintme user growth as well as mintme price inclines.

DogecoinX warns against death sales!

Although we are a sucker for buying 100k of almost anything at .0001, we recommend creators not selling like that! As a creator you are saying your product/token is worth the smallest amount someone can pay for it. Although, having a buyer is cool, not trading to them is cooler! Build your order logs. Determine your value not lowest limit bidders. To recover from a death sale takes 2 things, luck, we bought and it’s one of 100’s we don’t look at, or two the investor actually wants to help and tries to explain what selling for .0001 in bulk does to hurt price appreciation, value, etc. but things once sold out have a life of their own no more dilution at .0001. It’s like barrel of oil, it could do anything. Especially if the creator plays the game, posting, like LIBAS, make mintme profit trading and creating excitement airdrops etc..

LIBAS, DogecoinX and Mintme!

Okay overnight we think we formally realized the actual gain for LIBAS in terms of Mintme! We suspect during the crash LIBAS sold 68,000 mintme in LIBAS coins! Of which DogecoinX bought back the Mintme for .0033usd. Depending on who’s cashing the checks you love us or hate us… and although the chart isn’t pretty, LIBAS is a genius! No doubt! And we were able to give him $210 usd. These great decisions have lead DogecoinX to raise the value in exchange back to 100 LIBAS to 1 DogecoinX. And we still think this is the next lowest peg you will ever see with LIBAS to DogecoinX!

Indicator makes Upgrades!

Indicator a Token By Orange Man. Has a interesting fuction that allows for airdrops in a data base. We are unsure the price range to get this database of wallets to send to. Also as a DogecoinX listener, you can get on the database to get free coins and airdrops by website! We suggest reading the Indicator Post if you are interested in getting free tokens or want to purchase his database. All his database sales go to the token holders. We aren’t sure if by buy backs or share supports, either way. Orangeman, How much to have access to the database? How many wallets are in the database?

Barrels of Oil in play?!

With supper low supply and the powerhouse EUBI taking a very strange interest in a off blockchain token. What do they notice? Structured sales? Traders market? No supply? Well ran dry? Who knows what happens when there is no oil! USDTrump we need Oil! 🤷‍♂️🇺🇸🚀

I know I said I would not do this..

So Barrels of Oil grabbed our attention like a fish and we went for it! We bought out 40% of the coin for .0001 making the coin diluted from the creator. .0001 is a starting point. With the supply already out there it’s a crapshoot. Does seem to hit the ticker tape quite a bit. So with barrels of oil sold out what will be the price of oil?!

Are your ready for DogecoinX Coin Split?!

Okay top 10 holders ONLY start getting us your wallet addresses for DogecoinX, LIBAS, and USDTrump. Please label each clearly! Other 197 people… please be prepared to buy DogecoinX July 1st! You will have 30 days post split to claim all your Tokens!

No Update SRTV as of yet just back in town.

SRTV has some wild donation traders that give huge swings to SRTV. Once they realize they can buy without donating to receive more interest in the ride share company prices should/could equalize. Volume and buys are semi strange I must say, but they are hard to ignore.

EUBI under 680 coins at 300!

Volume is up on the announcement. Major share shifts from EUBI and MintMoXmr. I was surprised to still see the 680 remaining at 300. Guessing off exchange deal worked out. Either way we are glad to see a major move that’s beneficial to both. That’s really why we use these things! Don’t be surprised if these coins don’t last long. 500 moved last night and unsure if that trade is reflected in the current price. Looks like EUBI has close to 1,000,000 mintme in assets! 🚀🚀

EUBI’s company’s Outlook Apparently Good!

With only 700 more Tokens for sale EUBI we noticed by Post is Raising the next Sale Amount to 340! These are interest bearing coins, the real HODL kind! These go up do to income produced and value of the dividend of EUBIs hard work! Apparently 340 next and currently in a way on sale at 300.

DogecoinX burns USDTrump Coins!

DogecoinX burnt 4645 coins to the address below. Hopefully nowhere. Anyways once that is confirmed nowhere we will start our coin burning plan and start off by burning a million coins in good faith the creator will burn some. We hope to see 50-90% of the coins get burned or locked. Address we sent them to we will use again. 0x2d03a6e9703ad08bf1fdcbe4841a7d0d59a5fb29

Speculation verse Speculation with dividends!!

So we like to do our random blockchain deployments 🙄 as investors too and the LIBAS Swing Trades… but when you want something that simply pays the bills with a nice dividend yield and price supported by the dividend yield to have to say look no further than EUBI and Silvering! These guys dividend per share supports our investments on the side. Which make us kinda different. We can do the dog thing too, but this doge does tricks!

USDTrump aims to be worth 1 USD!

USDTRUMP aims at $1.00 US Dollar! Although the path and journey may be long with coin burning and active user base and Trump motto of up and forward! Limited distribution to high values investors (us) allows for much upside potential. We think coins sold at these lower levels will be traded to and from other traders until in future investors hands. Our top 10 holders will receive 1 USDTRUMP token for every 100 tokens owned rounded up! 450 DogecoinX you get 5 USDTRUMP! We hope you guys hodl after disbursement!

Got a Token Deployed on the blockchain needing holders?

If your coin is newer and needs some holders we will be willing to take a certain amount of your coins keep half and distribute them to our top 10. Must be deployed to transfer around! So get those coins deployed! Never been cheaper!

TikTokCoins remains in top 25!

TikTokCoins remains in the top 25. Thinly traded. Knowing the creator exists. Can TikTokCoins become active again or even contact us to bring that coin back to life?!

204 Holders! We are growing! Huge things coming in July!

Huge Things Coming in July! Post Split there will be more news towards the coin development, utility, function, liquidity, and cross token liquidity. With LIBAS as a Partner Currency we expect to do a lot of payments with LIBAS, and Most Major Coins within mintme will start accepting LIBAS currency for tokens. Do to depth, trading outside of the exchange directly allows for a semisolid base for transactions do to upside potential. LIBAS is the new mintme gold!

Seriously LIBAS under .096 is a deal!

We picked up another 100k+ coins of LIBAS today for .03 or less. Ummm. 450 to .03 and you don’t think it’s a deal?

On random Vacation.

Out to the coast. Back tomorrow. Thinking about SRTV still. We think similar to LIBAS we can see a real stabilization. Most of the equity is in major holders hands and the rest is in small traders hands. Those guys will trade it up and down until they find market realization. We think the best option for SRTV dilution post our investment is withholding the split adjustment for SmartRyder until SRTV is stabilized above .02 (1/6th of massive donation sales amounts). Also with the coins offline we cannot knowingly distribute. (Pepe/NewBitcoinX if you have tokens offline greater than 500 I suggest getting them on exchange before June 29th).

SRTV is a Startup in My Old Hometown!

Seattle, Washington USA 🇺🇸 Shoutout for SRTV! Hometown Company outta Tech Centered Seattle! Do to our frequent trips to Seattle, we are considering meeting with them. (It was what pushed us to really buy) We think this meeting may beneficial to their Token and it’s structure going forward. Potential meeting this Thursday along with their top donor. We (SRTV and DogecoinX) ask if EUBI to look under the hood of this one for viability. And maybe MsSarah wants some DogecoinX? 🤷‍♂️

Understanding Token Value.

DogecoinX is an advanced trader. We play for points over pips. What happened to LIBAS could happen to most tokens if you aren’t prepared. It’s not the sell of that’s scary, nor the weak handed sellers that are a problem. It’s the CEOs that freak out and issue shares cause they are mad they got traded.. normal ceo, wants a shakeout of weak hands allowing for real investors to buy the dip… if your game is only issuing coins, you probably aren’t thinking about your investors and suppressing the price which will eventually cause a bailout of the token. If the ceo doesn’t issue like crazy on the dip then the market will recover like it never happened. So far it’s the ‘trader ceos’ that lose their minds when a trade doesn’t go their way. But I think LIBAS had this planned for a long time. We watched for a week before our 3 token trade that unraveled LIBAS.

LIBAS is up 500%-1000% with bids!

LIBAS is roaring back from a dilution selloff to solidify itself as currency! This genius move changed its top holders and made shares more accessible to the investing public. As a currency, EUBI, SILVERING, DogecoinX, and Democrats United will exchange it freely for their tokens at a rough exchange rate of about .02 mintme per LIBAS. This is only until market stabilizes and we expect the value of LIBAS to increase further from here. As as the price of LIBAS goes back up our valuation of LIBAS and the exchange ration will change. We value LIBAS at .096 as it stands today. (40k creation token/10m = .004/token x 6 (available on the market) = .024 x 4(popularity/length/volume) =.096Mintme LIBAS. We expect the price to exceed that.

DogecoinX makes 12 BTC offer On Mintme!

Since the whole market cap of Mintme is 11 BTC, DogecoinX makes 12 btc offer for whole company and coins! So Mintme you have a real buyer if you wanna sell the whole thing at these price levels! Since we are a little wild we would want EUBI as a stability partner. 😬🤷‍♂️ Mintme you can email me or message me considering terms or counter offer. This would help With DogecoinX plan for cross token liquidity. If both DogecoinX and Mintme Take off we expect to utilize this with smaller coins and tokens off Mintme. We would become a wholesale coin/token broker. (Long shot)

Mintme Tokens Sold off on LOW LOW Volume!

Mintme prices fell! But not really… so on no volume it looks like 1 seller sold his shares. No sales really at .00000006 Bitcoin. 10 mint me at .00000007, 25,000 at .00000008 basically less that .01 BTC would take prices to ATH… that’s like $350.00….. 🤔🧐🥱. See through it. Or sell for under .00000009 DogecoinX is here to buy your stuff! We need 300k more coins to be at 3 million mintme. We want to see those sellers limit in! We want your shit!

DogecoinX Helps LIBAS

DogecoinX helps LIBAS by allowing LIBAS to issue coins and cash out! 99% of LIBAS was locked previously unable to be sold so to thin high priced market. Comments in the message stream indicated owners wanted a pullback to see new investors… they got it! Strangely enough none of them bought in on the dip! Coins are 80% issued now leaving no more firing power for a dilution decline. DogecoinX intends to be a forever holder in about 400k coins, while giving away about 100k and trying to sell the other 100k for recouping investment. DogecoinX has 3 partners willing to accept LIBAS as Currency at .02 mintme until stabilized, because they see the future! EUBI, Silvering, and Democrats United!👏👏👏

DogecoinX sees a LIBAS Turnaround in 15 Days!

DogecoinX sees LIBAS Turnaround in 15 days as the chart will essentially erase itself and LIBAS will have a new short term chart! These next 15 days will establish it new value post dilution. We still kinda expect another 300k hitting the market soon. Once the new chart is in it’s off to the races!

Is LIBAS Currency on MintMe? Let’s Ask!!

EUBI will you sell one share of EUBI for 15,000 LIBAS? SILVERING 11,250 LIBAS for 1 share? Democrats United 50 LIBAS for one? Who else will take this in exchange for their own Token? Better yet, Who Won’t? 🤷‍♂️🤔

DogecoinX 183 Holders!

DogecoinX now has 183 holders and adding daily! We expect to see rapid new investors starting July 1st post split and new people adding to positions.

DogecoinX declares market Bottom in LIBAS!

DogecoinX declares LIBAS is OVERSOLD! In putting our money where our mouth is we will exchange any LIBAS for DogecoinX at 200:1 or currently roughly .01-.02. DogecoinX will even produce 1 buy order for every DogecoinX exchanged at above 66%. If you can arbitrage LIBAS we will facilitate the arbitrage! We expect this to be the minimum ratio LIBAS to DogecoinX will ever be again. This makes LIBAS arbitragable below .01, supported by DogecoinX, liquid through DogecoinX on large orders, liquid on the exchange. We expect LIBAS to be a mini DogecoinX with our price supports similar but 100x smaller with LIBAS!

DogecoinX= HoneyBadger Buyer!

Honey Badgers take a licking and keep on coming back for more! We now have buyer support/purchase orders in Place on ALL LIBAS! It’s so undervalued we have bids in for all the remaining shares!

DogecoinX gives Leaderboard 1,000+ LIBAS!

DogecoinX will give the leaderboard 1,000 LIBAS for making it. For holders above 1,000 DogecoinX will receive 1:1 LIBAS along with you DogecoinX split.

DogecoinX 100% supports LIBAS move to Currency!

DogecoinX 100% approves of its decision to be a cross mintme currency. We are glad to see LIBAS decision to dilute using its popularity to become a currency! He is currently trying to dilute so get limit orders in and stacked low. 500,000 more coins to be coming to market we suspect. We don’t expect them all to be sold.

DogecoinX Acquires 100% more LIBAS!

DogecoinX now Owns more LIBAS than LIBAS! However with our massive holdings, their more diluted shares, and our recent investment run up to 4 we change the exchange rate from LIBAS to DogecoinX at 200 LIBAS to 1 DogecoinX.

Why Us? Why Up? What’s Different?

Most cryptos either start of for nothing and fully dilute and say good luck. Others try to dilute for maximized profit. Where do those sales go anyway? Why does DogecoinX tend to go up? We support every coin sold and actually think it’s more fun to see it go up! As we dilute we build buyer support greater than the number of coins issued. So did we really dilute? Key why we go up is as the creator we aren’t actually cashing out just building buyer support or diversifying in coins.

New Top 10 Investor raises shareholder post sale to .40!

As agreed we will not issue coin sales below .4 post split except for 3 days post split. Buying support raised with purchase up to .90/mintme today!

Cross currency exchange!

DogecoinX will try to facilitate cross currency exchanges for DogecoinX. Do to market depth of some cryptos the ability to sell is limited. We may be able to negotiate a cross currency trade to provide liquidity to other cryptos. DogecoinX will be held at a premium for trade as our liquidity is almost unmatched. (Shells, I can’t say much more than 💎 over 1 million mintme in buying depth!). We will only deal with coins deployed on the blockchain.

Post split bid raised to .08 from LIBAS Sale!

We did divest some LIBAS to support our token post split with 1000 token bid at .08 after 12000 token bid at .0778! Our investment will help support our bids post split and you will have an additional token too! Great way to buy DogecoinX before the split if you aren’t going to make the leaderboard top 10!

Ratios flip over night 2,000,000% in favor of DogecoinX

Last night we tried to pick up a few of number 1st LIBAS coins and saw a huge hole in the market. We thought we may be able to pick up 100 tokens at 21 but never expected this! With 15 Tokens and 12 tokens worth of Buy orders we saw a potential to trade and catch panic sellers! And did we ever! The whole leaderboard exited and there is a new leaderboard in LIBAS overnight really diversified set of investors now. DogecoinX was 220 DogecoinX to 1 LIBAS Yesterday. Today 1DogecoinX can be traded for 100 LIBAS! That’s 20,000x change! Or 2,000,000+% ratio compression.

DogecoinX accepts LIBAS Currency for DogecoinX Tokens!

DogecoinX will Now accept LIBAS for DogecoinX at the rate of 100 LIBAS per DogecoinX Token. Before June 28th. We will exchange upto 250,000 LIBAS. (2500 DogecoinX) 10,000 LIBAS Minimum. 100,000 max per user. We think other markets are better for conversion but want to be the first crypto token to try to accept and support it! (Post split we will accept 8-20 LIBAS per DogecoinX or less as the currency develops and hopefully strengthens- updated LIBAS purchases post split undetermined!). Message us for conversions. Revision may be made if uncontrollable dilution occurs or LIBAS issuance is less that .02.

LIBAS makes Brilliant Move for Currency!

LIBAS made a huge decision unknown to us in turning its coin into currency! We had no idea the creators intension. We believe that this move was to solidify itself as a currency! We think that with its high price tag previously and it’s super reasonable price now it will be more easily convertible to currency than most because people accepting it believe it will go back up making it one of the strongest available currencies on the market. With limited supply, 1/2 now issued, and with a 10 year release these coins could potentially be very valuable for trade and commerce within mintme.

DogecoinX owns over 1/6 (16%) of LIBAS Shares Available!

DogecoinX now owns 16% of outstanding available shares of LIBAS to trade! Remaining 8+ million on 10 year release period. All DogecoinX’s LIBAS coin sales will go to build buyer support for DogecoinX! So maybe LIBAS is a good investment now at these price levels before the DogecoinX split. 🤷‍♂️ As a reminder LIBAS sold down to dilute the market, we sold down 3 tokens… to buy hopefully 100 weak handed tokens maybe 5... What should have taken 1200 mintme to buy 3 tokens back was more than LIBAS could handle and self destructed and issued 500,000 tokens.

DogecoinX takes out Huge investment in LIBAS!

DogecoinX saw a hole in the market an never expected a market shakeout. Originally 100 coin buy at 21! We picked up 275,000 for less than .01! The difference between investors and traders. This trade and stake in the previous number 1 as well as becoming number 1 cost the investors roughly 10,000 mintme or about 24 previously priced LIBAS. So not bad I guess. 🤷‍♂️ We created 10000x return coin on coin. So we will issue additional 5000 tokens at 1.99 to cover the updated balance sheet expansion. And marketing. (Price support issuance if purchased 50,000 @ .05 (1/4th purchase total post split)

In 45 Days or Less, New Number 1 Predicted!

The previous number 1 will not be number 1 anymore. But that’s good. But who Will it be? us?! We can support it forever! But in 30 days a major volume tick will be erased. We won’t be second to anyone buying their own shares to produce volume….we can do that at a 100x larger scale, so save your money. We will be Second to, what I have seen through multiple other cryptos advancements, EUBI. Real volume. Crypto is crypto but what do the add? EUBI is like a Stock/Crypto/investment company Hybrid, with a dividend. SILVERING with dividend backed by Silver to my understanding, insured by EUBI. If incorrect please comment. And us, we provide liquidity so what happened to LIBAS with only 12 tokens, doesn’t happen to your investment.

DogecoinX purchases 200,000 Libas

Since DogecoinX is now number 1. We purchased 200,000 Libas. We think this shakeup on the leaderboard is here to stay as we will not be sold for less than LIBAS ever again! We are 15x more valuable than the previous number #1… in 24 hours! that’s how we compare.

So DogecoinX Moves to #1!

DogecoinX takes the number 1 spot! 🤷‍♂️ Must be on the news of the split! 🙄 Anyways we plan on staying up here. As a reminder the split favors larger investors! Top 10 holders only! Must be on the leader board and all coins are on the board before the split. Buyer support already in post split.(10:1) its gonna be big!

Hybrid Crypto.

Okay so crypto is worth what someone is willing to pay for it sure. But what about when the coins purchased actually go to support the price of your coin? Sure a trading range but real support. With some coins I have seen creators go bankrupt, others have huge holes in their market. And we just want everyone to have a good time and if everyone runs for the door at the same time there is actually a buyer for you! US! After we buy back we revalue the shares based upon the new dilution. Plus the reserves by extra coin buybacks. Give us a good squeeze and we will show you a good bounce!

DogecoinX follows EUBI into SILVERING

DogecoinX likes dividends! As a base for us and repurchases we purchase both EUBI and SILVERING for their large dividend payments. These purchases help support our Token price and Our Token’s Advancement.

If my wife ends up 5th bonus goes to 6th

So I just saw my wife is in 5th. If she ends up with the 1% extra coins her bonus on will go to 6th place. (Making 6th more than 1%)

DogecoinX only buying Deployed Tokens

Going forward DogecoinX is looking to purchase coins deployed on the block chain only. If you don’t have enough to invest in your company to get it deployed it’s probably going to turn out bad. So large more established and deployed tokens like Satoshi. Those coins are almost all out on the market.

Contacting Us. Potential Partners

We purposefully haven’t read or responded to emails/messages as we did not want to influence our decisions and we have ended up with over 50 messages. It’s not because we didn’t care! We have lots of things going on and wanted to build a core functioning concept before talking partnership specifics as we weren’t actually sure what we needed from partners. After analyzing these other coins... I wanna little bit of quite a few of them... But watching NewBitcoinX and Pepe get ticker symbols means it can’t be hard and we are next! EUBI even is traded outside of here I think! So next week messages to all.

DogecoinX - a Hybrid Token

Yet to be seen is the Hybrid version of this coin! Engineering and economics are never very interesting, stable, but kinda boring... 🤷‍♂️ But that’s what we worked on first. We want investors to see the functionality with out the memes. From what I am guessing is most coins burnout making and losing leaderboard status fast! Typically within a month and a half. Our liquidity has been proven in volume, however during the split has reduced to 10% above our .45 promise. (Which will also be split adjusted) we hope post split to have enough coin dilution to start to see a second stage. Mintme platform is only so big. This will be the largest coin split DogecoinX will ever offer! Hence why we have to stop releasing at 60k total tokens on the leaderboard. Things cannot happen overnight, as we see growth hopefully constant however at a much more normalized pace. With some of the potential partners from this site, next step is simply making it work.

Withdrawal/Transfer Test Complete

In preparation for the split we did transfer coins to test the how it would work. All a success! Next is planning on getting wallet addresses from the top 10.

Leaderboard shakeup.

One thing I never expected as we are unlocking shareholder equity to the top 10 is someone In the top 10 sell. Which is great someone else locked down 3rd spot. The rationale behind limiting sale orders is we only have 10,000,000 coins. After the split we look to have 3-5% of coins in circulation. Rationale is still we are a crypto over a stock, and more shareholders accessing the market raises our holders raising our functionality. We think putting the most coins in the largest holders hands makes since since they have actually invested and proven to hold and trade just a little. Plus they seem to know about crypto.

Post Split Partnerships Should Naturally Occure.

Post Split there will be some dramatic ownership stake increases. With these comes your ability to add value that you already see we need. Websites, discord, Facebook page, admin lead, etc. we have like 160 holders in about 2 weeks. We haven’t even tried to do the meme thing yet... 🙄😅 that is what makes it a hybrid. Anyways. Post split will be the most like a real coin launch. Before you guys didn’t know much.. now our real holders are partners if we wanna take this to the next level. But you guys do gotta do some shit in a team fashion! 🤷‍♂️🚀 we are on the blockchain. EUBI is traded on coinspot. Cypherpunks does stuff, Pepe does memes, I do economics and marketing... the next level... takes a diversified yet centrally focused team. (We all do crypto)

DogecoinX repurchase before split.

DogecoinX may make the decision to purchase any limit order on the books before the split to reduce overall dilution. These purchases may knock people out of the top 10 if they are not holding and have orders in removing themselves from contention.

Fast leaderboard shakeup!

600 coins to make the leaderboard!

Buy the dips!

Have you ever watched something go up and wish you had a chance to get it while it’s cheap? But when it drops in price you are almost scared to buy. If you are shopping in crypto... especially us.. and there is a weird chart movement. We suggest buying the dip! Try to not purchase above 1.99. Please try to make the leaderboard. Top 10 holders become council. DogecoinX seeks skills and talent as well as investment. Top 10 June 30th will be considerably largest shareholders July 1st. (Probably the 5th)

DogecoinX Expects Volitility

We expect Volitility in our price as investors realize they will get a larger piece of the whole pie with “share splitting”. We only have 10,000,000 coins so splitting 50,000 into 100,000 for the leader board would double their overall equity stake! (Cause we can’t make 20,000,000 coins!)We expect leaderboard contenders to be vocal and supportive of DogecoinX and its investments in EUBI. This will be a huge win for those making the leaderboard!

DogecoinX Predicts Great Things for Top 10!

This share split should do amazing things for DogecoinX. Increase shares outstanding, easier issuance of shares post split. Dilute coins from shares and airdrops. We will issue limit order of only 1500 tokens a day at 1.99 until the split. Additional above daily limit is 2.99. These are for smaller guys to acquire... to stay in the top 10. The Price reissuance post split will be proportional to the 1.99 issuance price.

Splits: Charts; stocks verse crypto

Since a computer won’t readjust our split It will look a little different. Not pretty... but with a chart pattern a revision to the mean is probable considering the chart wouldn’t show a massive increase of percentage gains. Remember a crypto split and a stock split have different charts because we cannot reset our chart split adjusted. Anyways. FYI.

“If You’re Not First Your Last” Ricky Bobby

This is for real! On June 30th we will split to LEADER BOARD and it will be BETTER for them following... since I know how things go. We will keep leader board records starting June 23th. So if you make the leader board on June 30th you will get a nice split! (Top 8 Split Assurance Insurance, the *TOP 8*holders on the 29th will be included if 100% of tokens are held until July 1st! -others last minute buyins shouldn’t crush your portfolio by knocking you out!)

Top holders split adjusted bonus.

Top 3 holders receive 5% additional on their split! So say 3000 coins and we split 2:1. You would have 6000 coins plus 300! - thought being, 1. Largest holder paid most at highest price created most volume, 2. Second holder holds solid like a Boss.. 3rd Is basically up for grabs! 4th gets 2% and 5th gets 1% bonus! Remaining leaderboard gets split adjusted. If you do not make the top 10 you will NOT get split adjusted!! Top 10 Holders on record June 30th 2021

DogecoinX announces Split!

After long consideration... like an hour. We have decided to try to Split! (If we can figure it out) split will only be made to the leaderboard. Since we are a liquidity provider we are prepared for any turbulence this may cause. To make the split payout you MUST be in the top 10! If there is a liquidy crunch and dilution reduction before split there will be a upside revaluation before reissuance. Long term holders will win. We will need wallet addresses to send it. We will reevaluate this plan next week. We will issue coins at 1.99 since we blew through resistance to the upside this will give people a chance to make the leaderboard or keep their position. If We split it will be between 2:1 and 10:1. Some restrictions may apply.

Thoughts considering Splitting for growth!

1. I don’t think we can have the same rate of appreciation at this high of a price. I could be wrong. That happens. 2. By diluting only the small holders and not the holders of say 300-500+ coins that would allow a minor shakeout and accumulation at the same time as some go out some add to positions. Currently we can only see top 10 holders and couldn’t preform a split. Splits may be a tool considered and used by DogecoinX.

Stock splits.. Good.. Coin Splits?!? Good.

We are potentially considering coin split! That happens for good reasons when the share price gets to high and allows more shares to be available on the market at a lower rate. If we do this it will be very well talked about and considered. We would split all coin holders holding above the number of free coins we have given out.. about 300-500. So if nobody added to positions or has above 300 tokens- they would get diluted. This would also negate the airdrops and overpriced shares and cost of startup. If they wanna stay they need to buy a certain amount. Things we are considering and should not affect share value negatively. Actually positively for holders above 500.

152 holders and counting!

Wow who would think that fast 152 holders I think it’s seriously been 2 weeks. Early investors sitting on an amazing 3000% and looking stable. With high side reaching 6500%. I mean that’s kinda nuts! Most charts look the opposite... huge red drop the flatline! We are doing something right!!🤔

Real News!

Okay. So we are deployed on the blockchain. People removing it and all that good stuff. We aren’t listed anywhere!! So I happen to notice someone who seems pretty legit and maybe able to take us to the next level. We do have interest to go forward and we personally have money to see if we can triangulate a partnership that could get us in the web, listed to be traded, discord created and a few things like that that a “real” crypto needs. I can only take things so far alone. We hopefully can invest in others and really let them invest in us because of what they can do. To determine the cost/value of DogecoinX you may need to realize the potential. However we don’t wanna have a huge price appreciation unless we can refractionalize these shares when they hit the market. Example we turn these 10m To 100m then list or something Splitting every token into 10. Development negotiation stage. Just talking.

Whoops missed a few post share reward.. 🤷‍♂️

So I missed a few and think that scammer changed his name again to Maria or something from Venezuela... anywho. Thanks dude or chick or whatever for reminding me I missed a few...

Trading volume. / Refereals

Just curious, does a percentage of volume traded go to the creator? I just noticed after we referred 8 people the last 2 days with the referral link, that we get a small percentage of their coins volume. Which brings me to my next point. Who else is pumping Mintme! Use your referral links and get out there. Facebook groups is easiest! Lots of eyes, post, comments, new pages comments. The more they see it the more it gets heard. The more volume we hopefully will have.

Raising bids possible...

DogecoinX with help from lowend spammer/scammer caught one major fault with our price acceleration! We gave ourselves 30days to analyze and we think we plugged a major hole! With price advancements shares are no longer just nothing and so we dropped the rate. 🤷‍♂️ We have 140 holders now and if you want your investment to go up. You share the thing for your own investment! 🤔 so we will continue airdropping. Share rewards will be dropped by 99%! That’s good for what you have acquired to this point and they will NOT be as freely available going forward! The lack of free coins should begin to add real demand from lack of supply. Enjoy. And remember We failed, caught it, and corrected. So Failurecoin. Maybe not crazy after all?! 🤔🤷‍♂️

Mintme volumes

Okay mintme has minimal volume but constant little purchases and some investors realizing what it is. Volume is low super low across the market and if the price doubled it wouldn’t even affect the purchasing of these trickle in buyers. $1.00 buys 250 mintme at $.004... price doubles and same purchase of mintme coins volumes double.... now let me tell you about how a launch looks on a chart... first loudmouth need to acquire mintme, then said loudmouth gets loud... then said loud mouth says I told you.. then retires... buy Mintme coins, buy DogecoinX. Be loudmouth!🚀🤔

Will Latoches Get Banned From Mintme?!

Since latoches scams multiple times a day from 6 different accounts just wondering if he will get banned? And will he will share this for free DogecoinX to prove my point to the admins?! So this has been suppressing our price a little. It’s probably suppressing your coin to. If this guy takes multiple airdrops and shares and sells them to your buyers he hurting your market. Check your logs.

Who has 150,000 Mintme Reserves/Investment?

Just curious of those that kinda like the platform, buy a few mintme coins here and there use the platform, deal in crypto and are missing the best investment of all the cryptos simply in the mintme coins! If 100 people bought .1% of the mintme coins 10% would be gone! So who has 150,000 mintme coins?! Where are my 1%ers at?!

Mintme prices up while Bitcoin down!!

Mintme Coins maybe one of the best investments in 2022. DogecoinX thinks so as we struggle to find coins around Stex Exchange Rate! Free Bitcoin or Ethereum using your Stex.con account buying mintme and selling them here! There are 150,000,000 coins and DogecoinX only has 2,500,000. Where are the rest we want them! Put up a big fair sale order and let’s see.

Spreads verse donation

We currently have large spreads. With ask prices so high might as well buy by donation from the creator for 2 mintme. That at least creates buyer support because coins sold by the creator add to buying depth.

DogecoinX one of the best investment cryptos!

Okay from an investment standpoint. A crypto is backed by usage, users, acceptance and validation of value. DogecoinX aims to add value by adding support, like a slinky, compression and expansion support! Most creators run with your crypto we reinvest it in us and other quality projects. We like EUBI as it shares value add/support with dividend, and is based on a percentage of a company. We are considering investments with dividend that support our repurchasing plans.

Arbitrage! From to Mintme!

Huge arbitrage from exchange on MintMe coins! Pull them off the exchange sell them here! Profits are endless!!!

DogecoinX stakes Rental Cashflow to Mintme Coins!

The owners of DogecoinX are looking to sign a contract on a rental property today and will use all cashflow from the property to buy mintme coins every month! ($500/month). We will stop dollar cost averaging our other rentals into Bitcoin Cash (currently 84 coins). We think mintme is undervalued platform. And yes. DogecoinX would buy the whole mintme company for its current market cap when I came here at $350k! (Call us if interested)

Failurecoin and why it has potential.

As strange as it sounds naming a coin “failure coin” probably makes you think it’s gonna fail or plan to fail... the author and creator learns from mistakes as do I. I lost more than everything in 2009 housing collapse.. fail maybe... lesson.. positive cash flow is important!!!($500,000 lesson!) Now we own 6 rentals again. Only the man who gets burn by fire and walks away loses can never cook a hot meal, the man who comes back to tame it wins. Both ‘failed’ once. Remember learning to ride a bike......

Tales from the crypto!

Crypto is 1s and 0’s... they tell a story, I have learned more in 14 days about supply and demand, elasticity, partnerships, holes in the market, what sell downs really mean, what pinpoints ups and down mean, I know what accumulation looks like because I have done it on a micro scale. (Like those mintme charts?). Low hanging fruit with no depth isn’t market price up or down! Wanna a get a lot gotta buy up, wait for sellers to think it’s a fluke, and do it again. Gives me a 3 dimensional view of crypto investing. We are learning!

Over 92,000 in volume traded in 12 Days!

We just crossed 92,000 mintme in volume traded in about 12 days! Wow! Puts us at around 7th in overall volume, with 18 days to go to make 30 days we do think we will hit at least 5th!

DogecoinX Loves Pepe!

Pepe Coin put in a huge supporting bid for us and hasn’t been taken out on many. Watching this support line is interesting for the stakeholders going forward. Pepe is active producer and good natured light hearted coin. Check it out and get a bid in there!

DogecoinX expects new coins created today

DogecoinX expects some new coins created today! More coins pore potential investors for everyone!

DogecoinX returning FastInvest

DogecoinX is returning FastInvest. Limit order in for 5,000,000. This should give him a chance to get high percentage of equity back. We will not sell any further for 1 year or unless something comes up where we feel compelled to... annual sales in 2022 afterword not to be more than 100,000/year

Failurecoin - more than meets the eye!

We took out an early position in failurecoin to see if we could turn it around. After the creator put a sale price in at .0001 we bought it all...(I have been dared to do that before). He realized his mistake and cleared his sale logs. There are only 5000 coins left on the market. We want to watch the creators recreation. We know from our own failures that you don’t get success without some blunders and good partnerships.

Failurecoin! Can They Teach Failure to Success?

Failurecoin owner takes small stake in DogecoinX and we take large stake in them! We wish them well and hope to hold back some of the dilution that would have been disastrous to them! We reopened trading at .015. Once sold we will never sell for less!

DogecoinX 23rd MOST Hodlers on MintMe!

DogecoinX moved up to the 23rd most widely held crypto on MintMe! (In only 10 days!) 7th in volume in 10 days (thanks to a shakeout) we have potential to increase in volume to 5th in the next 20 days! We thank you for your support and sharing our post for real! It really does support your investment! Sharing Mintme and your coin on Facebook also helps with Mintme Platform and New Tokens! Get loud about Mintme!

XNXX needs 1 more for advertising!

XNXX post daily and includes his top holders. For 500 coins you end up mentioned daily in a post that he pays to share. From a marketing team we realize name recognition is important! Pepe takes up to 2nd holder with 17000 coins! And everybody likes Pepe! We may be able to negotiate with the creator about maximizing his marketing which would maximize his coin value! Just takes 6-8 fighting for top spot to make a very valuable token!

Investors special. (Diamond hands guys)

Balance sheet bump!

As DogecoinX looks for new talent constantly. We saw an opportunity in a company giving away lambos!! Say what?! Yep. So we picked up 200 coins now worth 100,000 each! (He was erasing sell orders so I bought at 7!) I think on paper we made 20,000,000! But we are holding to see what happens! Paper gains! Will see if he will put our logo on one for a picture or two. 🤷‍♂️

DogecoinX - Up A Spot to #7!

Must be the marketing from XNXX for being a top 5 coin holder of his! 🤷‍♂️ XNXX that was a good investment. Anyways 7th in terms of volume! (In only 10 days or something!). Remember holders, sharing and posting about DogecoinX and Mintme support both your coin, your investment with us, and our token price.

Rumors lead to buybacks?

Hell even the owner of DogecoinX is buying or raising a bid on potential of coin acceptance by EUBI. We haven’t responded to messages just saw a comment like anyone else. We have 40 messages sorry for delays we do run other businesses to! We think ownership of a business paying large dividends like EUBI makes since. It’s kinda tangible to something. Check them out.

DogecoinX 119 HODLers and counting!

We looked at a couple other coins and are projecting over 600 Hodlers By the End of 2021! That’s 5x growth from here... don’t be surprised if we exceed that number. Within 2 weeks 119, hard to say we will have 1500, but if we did that would be awesome!


A few people picked up 100 DogecoinX by airdrop that was suppose to be 10! We will be airdropping 5 just for Twitter and post.

XNXX marketing for Top Holders!

DogecoinX took out 10% stake in XNXX. This company is looking to be fully decentralized with minimal price coin issuance with remainder to be airdropped. XNXX decided at least for now to market for its top 5 holders with its free airdrops! So... to be in the top 5 all you need is 500 tokens right now! Almost Free advertising! If this becomes a marketing company for mintme coins it could be big!

DogecoinX Starts Airdrop!

We are starting an airdrop so if you wanna get coins for cheap get your limit bids up there!

Coin supports.

We have noticed a couple people want to try to offer a support system to their crypto. This is good, you just have to remember every coin sold at a low price wants your bid to go up. If you support your coin incorrectly it will get expensive! Know your dilution - pause support at one increment until you build up a base of support and your sellers are shaken out. Try to know your largest holders, these guys you always have to consider. If you say one thing wrong they are apt to crush your bids...🙄

XNXX Token.

This coin is being given away and only3 million more to be sold. Could catch on.

Pepe!! DogecoinX can’t get enough!!

Pepe looks to have put into place a support system and limited coin release in price increments. Pepe is active and creative. We picked up 500,000 coins today at .002 thinking they are at least 3x Undervalued.


Okay there are 2,000,000 coins still locked up! So! We will send 6 million to a wallet and 1+ remainder million to a wallet. These wallets used for development/marketing and advertisement and exchanges. At the point of wallet removal we will leave 100k additional on this exchange and no more than coins produced will be released on mintme. (48dogecoinx/hr)

Unexpected move in price!

Okay DogecoinX does not want its share price above 5 for the next 30 days. However if it happens it happens. We will put in a price suppression/dilution at 5 of as many as coins issued. This will give a nominal trading range to shake around trading. To stabilize the price. This isn’t to hender investment as its 3x higher than the last paid amount. Sorry for change of plans. I suggest staying under 5 until we figure stuff out.

Even without a Nucypher we are going up!

Looks like there will be a wild trading range for a while. Coins are now basically amongst holders as we figure out a few things lots of advancements are occurring faster than we can accommodate. We will be looking for a few strategic partners. With payments in DogecoinX. We will be looking to move coins to 2 separate wallets 7,000,000 for listings 2,000,000 for work associated with the project. You guys may know more than me and I want that info! I think if we get this set we can literally make mintme a project that gets listed on Binance. I pushed 5 months for a binance listing and got a Huobi listing instead on April 28th. If you don’t like my negotiating remember I made binance move and Huobi. We win or we win... that’s it!

DogecoinX owns 1.5% of Mintme Coins!

DogecoinX now owns 1.5% of all the mintme coins on the market with over 2.3 million! So I say again. We are going somewhere... I don’t know where, but I promise when mintme his 1c so does DogecoinX! 🚀🚀🚀

DogecoinX 109 Holders!!

Okay now we are behind! We do unfortunately have real jobs too! We never expected to really have 100 holders so quick! I will have to figure out how to stop this airdrop it’s getting expensive if we are going to raise the bid. 🤪

DogecoinX buying Mintme Coins.

Looking to buy mintme coins in ethereum. Put your limit sells out there will see if we are interested!

Nucypher Listed on Binance!

We had taken a huge stake in Nucypher at $.30 before the listing. We will be raising prices once Nucypher holds above $.50 usd for 1 week. Although it’s not owned by DogecoinX, the Creator took stake in it and wishes to thank investors with a little giveback supporting bid! Nucypher - 35% up today!🤑🤑

DogecoinX in Negotiation

Outside of Mintme DogecoinX is working partnership. If entering would be the largest stake holder. However would not be a seller for years. (No near term dilution) will have more information in a couple weeks. Also a couple mintme creators and potential partner way more creative than me want to put a hybrid mix to this coin. So we will actually start paying creators in terms of DogecoinX for artwork and creations. While we work on the financial backend of the coin dilution to price ratio with coin support offered by purchasing coins from the creator, or DogecoinX, which creates dilution, a calculation based on others buyer support will also be a calculation to consider. We now are considering what happens once 10,000,000 are all released and the program working without us selling... I guess we would still have buying support from our last sale to buy back.

DogecoinX 30 day No Coin Issuance.

For the next 30 days DogecoinX will not issue any more coins other than order book until price realization is found.

Buyer support levels

So we are looking into a way to support coin prices upward based on a percentage of the largest token holders total coins. Since our largest holder has about 12,000 I am think about 1/4 of that in coin supports. About 10-15% above our base support line. After a shake out we realized a few things. We are constantly adapting, we see opportunities when they come about, and if taking advantage of opportunities is bad, sorry. Because WE ARE REAL INVESTORS! Even in this game world. We have salvaged at least 10 coins from their own failure already. 1 we couldn’t fix no matter how much money we put in, so we own them simply as a trophy of what happens if you don’t listen.

DogecoinX - we foresee inflation!

DogecoinX being an economist at heart sees mintme prices increasing... so what does that mean for tokens exchanged... 1. If mintme tokens cost more in terms of btc. More people may sell tokens to trade for BTC. If your token doesn’t have supporting bids or Real HODLers then I could imagine seeing tokens without real value , utility, or cool meme, or personality to faulter. So Token Creators you should have a mintme reserve. For your own price supports. 2.tokens cost more so possibly consolidation into more liquid assets. 3. Less mintme coins thrown around 4. More tokens chasing less mintme. 5. Bolster your balance sheet with mintme! Your balance sheet then becomes your investment in Mintme!🤔

Free Money!! Accounts!

If anyone knows what arbitrage is. That’s when you basically sell something then buy it back somewhere else for cheaper. Find that loop and utilize it until it no longer exist. Biggest Arbitrage I see now is from the exchange to mintme exchange trading mintme! You can earn About 16% currently! Every time! Look at the prices of mintme/btc! It’s taking off because there isn’t enough supply in the market here!

Mintme Coin Arbitrage! Stex to mintme!

You can now make Bitcoin profit buy buying mintme on Stex and bringing it to mintme and selling it for Bitcoin, then sending Bitcoin back and buying more. If you got a Stex account this is the best way to trade to make money!

Mintme coin value; mintme token’s value

As up!

With all our new publicity we were able to increase our buyback price with less dilution! Unknowingly to our investors tokens purchased by us lower the dilution making it easier to raise prices! We want to Thank Our nameless company for proof of our concept and massive marketing efforts! Our investors who have my vision thank you! Shake out weak hands early! It’s only been a week!

Okay only 1 name drop for 1 reason.

FastInvest is throwing a tantrum with DogecoinX thinking he will realize his mistake. Do to the value of the coin production itself. DogecoinX is trying to buy his airdrops to basically give back when he realizes that coins don’t go away and it’s actually a good coin considering it’s well diversified holders allocation. Considering mine as part of the creators once he cools off. As investors we do see these things happen. Our goal is to actually help and promote. I never rugpulled him or his company. Over a equal repayment for his investment in us that was up 1500%... anywho. DogecoinX will only hold his coins and never release more than was invested in his company or what our company bought him out for.


Okay.. I don’t know if any of you are aware when we buy back coins it means we think we are undervalued.... so if someone claiming to be an investor gets bought out that’s because we saw limit orders worth taking out. Us calling out an investment company with limit orders in is simply strength in the company... do to us buying out an investor making 1500% he got mad because we said he didn’t see it. That is a positive. It was a negative for him. This began the shit talking. Also I gave him an offer to prop up his failing company and restore... he literally chose to bankrupt it. So we think any press is good press he is doing a lot of marketing. We made 500 coin offer at 1... now he is airdropping 100 coins for free... anywho. If this bothers you guys know it’s going to be our strange new marketing while we work on development and launch. Our bid isn’t going away so think of it as a stable coin. And our dilution is like none, do to buybacks.

Shareholder Update

Okay so do to fast rise in price and misunderstood popularity we have decided to no longer respond to post about us. One company went bankrupt because of his misunderstanding and hot head. We have decided to take the high road in this situation not because we want to, after all this BS, but because it’s the right thing to do for our investors. We will have people that love us, hate us, and misunderstand us. We will prevail, because we actually mean well, yet are kinda loud, and some take that the wrong way. Anyways much love to all. We will try to restore The bankrupt company, we hope the bankrupt company realizes what’s happening and remove any talk of us ever. Dude got mad. I get it. It was an accident. But afterwords did realize and try to profit my 1500% back We paid out for sure! But did put out a call this would all blow over and was a good time to limit order in!

Arbitrage Opportunity in MINTME

Since mintme is traded on Stex. Bring Mintme from Stex to this platform and trading it here would make 17% free money! DogecoinX suggest taking free money when arbitrage trades are available. You can trade us but we are stronger than almost any other crypto on Here. Hence the bolstering of our balance sheet for our investors during turbulent times, so we go up, and they fell apart like dust in the wind. Best companies have haters. And we still moved up to top 8! Management team has got your back!

DogecoinX 1:3 coin support!

After stupid drama dudes company went bankrupt with a real offer on the table to save it. Anyways we will NEVER do that to anyone! Our 1:3 Coin Buyback plan creates 3 buy orders for every DogecoinX Sold by the creator. So our profitably ends up on the balance sheet in buyer support. Once the buildup is large enough we will raise the over all bid price. We will never have liquidity issues and will never Bail on our Investors. Also. DogecoinX - shareholder profit sharing bonus! If MINTME goes to 1c; DogecoinX goes to 1 Mintme MinimumGuaranteed!

Arbitrage in...

Week 2 Goals.

1. Try to finish getting 100 Hodlers. 2. Work more on the programming layer of the coin. 3. Come to agreement with partners on finial layout, breakdown, and how mintme holders are formed and kept with hopefully valuable information. 4. Figuring out how to withdrawal from mintme DogecoinX. 5. remove 95% of DogecoinX already produced to wallet only to be used for creating opening orders on exchanges. 6. Remain top 10 cryptos by market cap. 7. Keep low cost coin dilution to a minimal. 8. Determine how to increase token sales to real Hodlers wanting the information yet keeping prices low. 9. Just know we are doing everything to support this MintMe ecosystem by bringing in more users. So really if you want the whole market to go up, place your bets here, we will dominate the Mintme market before leaving this exchange. We do marketing for the company not just us. So Fast Invest is bad for the whole MintMe Market!

DogecoinX 2nd Largest Holder of..

Possible Runup a Wednesday!

Update On TikTokCoins

TikTokCoins owner is only active to try to sell coins not actively trying to add content. Leaving me a bag holder unless they start to update like Pepe! That guys coin is worth a bunch! I wonder if TikTokCoins Will fail or be a hit! 50:50. All depends if they want to fail it should be an easy 100x to the creator if he just messaged me.....

Reiteration of first few post...

“We have the money to let sellers bail and not let them back get back in”. Any real investor knows that guy means business!

DogecoinX Liquidity/Inflation

DogecoinX liquidy is almost unmatched except by Shells! They got stacks of market depth! Anyways with possible inflation looming we do want reassure investors we are backed and supported in market depth in terms of a mintme. So if inflation comes we are ready! Are your investments ready?!

Drew out TikTokCoins!

Okay I wanted to bring out TikTokCoins holder to see if they still exits or lost their account. I did notice a sell order piping ton of mine (we drew out) and wanted to remind them to update their post and content if they wanna be worth more than .1999. But either way more content TikTokCoins produce the better! *therefor all 9.5 million other coins accounted for*

We Bought are limited ordering in!

We are Up 1200%!

If you think this is it, why did we just Buy Out an investor who didn’t see what we see... 🤷‍♂️🚀. Just to immediately get bought up by another one?! If the 10,000 level has value, someone had to see the what we are planning level!!

DogecoinX Plan

Create Holders! Then give them a reason for holding! Dogecoin X purposely slowed its accent so that it could shake out weak handed holders. We want investors but not ones that will rug pull others. Limit Sell 100 here and there but don’t break the market. I may just buy them! We have made great financial moves here to support our buyback! and the 5000 coin holder level might be mintme coins & crypto basics info level.

Wanna stay up here?!

Trade amongst each other. DogecoinX supports its investors to give you a higher price to trade around. Crush me and I will not do this again. Understand? Trade a few here and there and there will be some new subscriber growth. Fast invest will have to buy back in if he wants our subscription.... wanna see who has really more financial info?! We move markets!!!

If we work together now.

DogecoinX has Chosen to make a decision to show you the value of our subscription model.

Diamond Investor - Guaranteed 10% Arbitrage!!

At 5000 Level Investor Updates

We have decided to cover our investors at the 5000 level with some additional information about DogecoinX and other Random Cross Market Information. I would bet even FastInvest is going to have to follow my model.. should call them slow invest.. lol 1000% profit on a discounted coin offering... like duh. 🤷‍♂️ I feel like pegging the damn coin above his limit orders as a reminder not to ever call DogecoinX a just meme coin!

Elite Investor Levels 10k - 25k

At 10,000 coins you get to hear what we just did At 25,000 coins we are in open discussion of what we are doing in other financial markets while we are doing them. This is how we will create and keep large Hodlers.

Elite Investors Market it on a Chart!

If you have over 10,000 DogecoinX you got the special investor update. I am thinking you have potential to make over 10x on your money OUTSIDE of trading coins or Something on MintMe. Subscription Model coming soon for Real Time Real World Financial Information! Once you have 10,000 you will under stand what happened and why... cause we did it. 🤷‍♂️😎

DogecoinX Special Investor Info!

We have decided to add value to large holders by giving them tips, financial info, not just in this coin, but real life financial info- stocks trades - coin trades - real estate etc... I have decided to monitize my my financial understanding. With MintMe Stakeholders above 10,000 getting special info.... if it’s not special they will sell right?! If they hold.... maybe I got something interesting to say that not everyone should be able to hear with out paying joining my subscription!! More updates coming soon!

Elite Investor Update

Spread Splitting & Price Support?!

DogecoinX revised its spread splitting into 100% buyer support around 50% of the sale price of the “spread split” coins. This should make both buyers and sellers happy! It may actually be beneficial to buy a spread before selling to add market depth🤷‍♂️🤔

DogecoinX Facebook Group!

Please join our new “DogecoinX” Facebook group! Discussions and more! [url=][/url]

NewBitcoinX Starting Trading!!

NewBitcoinX is shopping for bids. Starting an order book. Looking to start trading so will need coin liquidity to do so. Please no more than 1000 per person. Please no more than one person per .0001. We are doing this to open up trading. Bids below .001 will not be considered.

DogcoinX Makes the Leaderboard!

We have great things planned. And our investors are starting to realize it! Within a Week top 10 in Volume, Top 10 in Liquidity, Top 10 in popularity, and the Best Group of Cool People We have Chatted a with. Our coin dilution is one of the lowest, most evenly spread, with fewer than 100k coins in circulation, all while having 70 HODLers! We are under valued cause our market depth is 3x the market cap!!!🚀🚀🚀. If this is 5 days what do you really think we are gonna do next?? We need more trading. It shows up in the ticker tape. I will randomly sell 10 coins to top bidder just for advertisement.

Narrowing Spreads!

To help with coin disbursements and deter spread trading we will limit order in 500 coins when the spreads are larger than .1 mintme. Until the price of 1. So keep your spreads tight. This also helps fill runs upto coins then pullbacks. Allowing better entry for buyers.

There’s a a Run On MintMe Coins!

Mintme tokens have doubled off their low! Might be one of the best trades besides DogecoinX on the whole platform!! If you like the concept, stock up on MintMe and spread the word about MintMe coins... we are a top10 Frontpage Coin we will naturally pick up more volume!!

DogecoinX Predicted 10x Gains

From here we are expecting large things. Stability is good. Once I start bringing in more users we should see a natural wave up. Price is so low now that it doubled basically on up down ticks. With high volume and top 10 crypto that’s why choose DogecoinX

All early Investors Have Doubled!

We Want to thank our earliest investors the .0333 guys! Without your risk and trust we couldn’t have made it to this position this fast! We do think much more growth is coming to this token over most. It’s high volume trades end up on the main screen in every picture! 64k tokens traded!! For real that’s a lot! I don’t think we even have that many tokens out!! Anyways bright futures ahead! 😎🚀🚀

65 holders and rising!! 🎉🚀

We now have 65 holders and counting! Leader board is shifted s as lot in the last day. I did kinda want the shakeup actually to relieve pressure early. We did that and think we have built a solid base with middle ground for spreads. I would like someone to buy these post and shares by getting 100 inline before me. 🤷‍♂️

10th Most Popular Coin!

We made the top 10 most popular and active coins today! Keep it up our volume and trades are almost the best on MintMe!

We Should all Cheer for EUBI!🎉🙏🎊

With a gracious investment we were able to put in a 8000 coin buy support at .1111. We have moved up again to the 13 or 14th most popular coin on MintMe! Let’s Do This!!

Liquidity Injection.

Up to share holders. Does anyone want me to issue 3000 coins or something and use all proceeds to add market depth to the coin for more liquidity? Thinking .27-.28 and limit buying back at .1111. 2.5x coins at (limit order back in 7500 coins at .1111)

Donation Buying DogecoinX!🚀🚀

Okay 2 things come from donation buying from Us. We reinvest 1/2 back into coin purchases typically at 1/2 price. So it’s a wash with buy and sell orders.... anyways considering a slight edit to the plan. With deHouten’s last donation of 111 mintme @.3999 I changed the purchase from 270 (number of tokens purchased) to 350 coins at a lower purchase price .16 but more coin support. Up to Token Holders Point of View here. Should I make what decision I feel is best to support prices or stick to 1/2 at 1/2 price? Please Vote in the Comments!! 🙏🙏

3900 still supporting .14.

We think a breather while trading around in this range before moving forward makes since. That’s what the .14 is for it relieves that selling pressure. That’s why we didn’t release many coins. I think all coins including airdrops and shares are covered above .03. (.0033 below starting price) . Next coin release is .3999 and again at .4444 so digest the market and everyone get situated take whatever profits seem fair before moving up. I don’t think market ordering down is the best move but a move. There are to many new buyers coming, so split the difference!

1000% gains for early investors!!🚀

In 5 days we have launched up to touching 10x and with bids it’s 400% gains! I think this is a good system and trying to keep Our buy orders up is difficult on a lot of trades. We may get into daily count or something I didn’t calculate on having so many trades and providing buy orders for them all. Anyways great group of investors. We Are greatful you believe in us!

Please Like Our Fanpage!

Please like our fanpage it has special updates relating to DogecoinX not on MintMe! Join the party! 🎉 [url=][/url]

DogecoinX - Liking that MINTME Price?

DogecoinX moved up the food chain eating away at another 250,000 coins! We have over 1.15 million MINTME tokens supporting DogecoinX! PS like that front page MINTME price gains..... Thank DogecoinX!!! 🚀🚀🚀. We are taking MINTME mainstream!

DogecoinX Coin Buyback!

Since LIBAS left us by putting in a limit order to leave. (Crazy cheap .1 🤔) We were putting together a small token (share) buyback as a thank you to our investors crossing over the .1 Mark! 🚀🚀🚀. To The Moon!!

TikTokCoins about to become the rage!

Okay if everyone gets into tiktok and talks about mintme we can bring a new audience to the crypto industry. Plus since DogecoinX and TikTokCoins are both front page coins we may get significant upside. Things to consider! Let’s see some mintme ads on TikTok! There are only 2million TikTokCoins and nobody holds more than 60k!

How Undervalued is DogecoinX?!

Well we think quite a bit. And you know us, we put our money where our mouth is! 🤔

14000 bid size?!

14000 bid size at .06 which is basically a double.... and that covers everyone in this coin and no takers?! 🤔🚀

DogecoinX Up 80% with bids!

Currently DogecoinX is up 80% with 4000 coin market depth! So that’s almost half the largest holder! See why! Read our Post!

DogecoinX provides 66% returns in 5 days!

With our marketing and recent coin sales early investors at .0333 are up (with a Bid!) 66%. Yes it’s only 200 but if you are gonna take profits better now than later! But on ask side we are up over 300%! So I pretty much think we are up and going forward and people like the coin buyback idea. We are creating coins I would buy!

DogecoinX - Half-Life & Coin Sales

*Edit*So after thinking about 4444 coins released as the price goes higher that would suppress the price. So we decided the next decimal place to cut the coins released and only release 11111 coins per (1)Mintme increment in price. So only 11111 released between 1-1.9999. Only 11111 released between 2-2.9999... All the while using 1/2 of sales to limit order buyback at 50% of purchase price or higher depending on how well our balance sheet is doing! We think this is the most conducive way to distribute the coins. (Made calculation Mistake been working all night on this)

MintMe Arbitrage Offer!!

Willing to help someone arbitrage coins off the other exchange to this exchange. 100k minimum coins only. To be Traded on this exchange. Comment below if interested I can see if we can workout a deal.

Elite Investors Only.

Continuation of previous investors only.

DogecoinX - Best of Breed!

We are glad to welcome new investors! We want you to understand going forward things will be a little different and some people will NOT like it but here’s the deal... DogecoinX says the price of MintMe is going up!🤷‍♂️💎🙌🚀🚀. That means some coins will feel the suck of that as people sell for ETH or BTC.. well good for DogecoinX cause Best Of Breed Should NOT feel that tightness. (And we have a bunch of limit buy orders in) Why cause we have 900,000 MintMe to Support Prices Plus Buyer Support Plans! We Want DogeCoinX to be the most Commonly traded currency on MintMe. (Even more than theirs!) 🤷‍♂️🚀😎

DogecoinX Moves MintMe Prices!!!

If you don’t believe DogecoinX isn’t well capitalized you should see the mintme prices today! DogecoinX owns almost 1 million MintMe!!! When we enter a market we change markets!! Invest now we have a solid balance sheet! We need more investors!!!

DogecoinX may have Saved DMX coin!

DMX coin on a early release released 1,000,000 coins and had a bad hodler willing to sell for probably 4x. So we bought 900,000 tokens. Now of DMX stops issuing massive amount of tokens as instructed. It should have price stability going forward. We are 💎🙌investors. Another reason to invest in DogecoinX it has an AMAZING balance sheet!!!

50 Investors/Hodlers! 🎉🎊🍾🥳🎈

We have 50 holders in 4 days! If this goes much faster I will really need to start setting up a swap. It will probably take 100-200 holders and 20 followers on the fanpage! We need likes on post and help creating content. Message through Facebook fanpage is great! In celebration to you our investors we decided to add 2500 coin buying support at .044! It’s not much but support is support!

1:1 buying support!

DogecoinX when purchased directly from the creators 1/2 to support the purchase price at 1/2 the price= 1:1 support market depth! 1/4 stored in mintme coins and 1/4 reinvested in you or other tokens. Investor rate applies.

DogecoinX takes Stake in Established Crypto!

DogecoinX takes a stake in TikTokCoins. Not a large one but price is up 700% 🤷‍♂️ Smile wanna sell me some? 🙌🙄🤣

Thank You! 🙏🙏

In thanks to the investor who took out the .04 mark we honor the investors by putting in a 2000 coin buy order from sell order!

Bid Raised HIGHER than forecast!

DogecoinX Bolstered it’s MintMe by another 40,000 coins. In that we decided to raise our promised .038 to .0381. Again not much. But better than forecast!

DogecoinX Will Limit Coin Sales!

Do to our balance sheet we have decided to not issue any more tokens below .1 Mintme per token. We have canceled 30,000 sell orders under .1

DogecoinX Early Investors Guaranteed Profit!

Do to some of our investments and early backing we will be raising our bid price on 25,000 tokens to .038 once they are sold out. It’s not much but profitable.

DogecoinX Top 20 Cryptos!

DogecoinX has managed in 3 days to make top 20 Crypto on MintMe! We have much further growth to go! We are hopeful after the last 10k coins are released to start seeing our rank move up the ladder. Within 2 weeks expect to be a top 10 crypto! Our investments in Mintme and NexBitcoinX and WillSmithCoin have dramatically increased our liquidity if necessary. Holding 500,000 mintme doesn’t hurt either. 🤷‍♂️💎🙌 Let’s Go!

DogecoinX 250000 Coin Buyback

DogecoinX holds a limit order in at .03 for 250,000 coins as buyer support. Also another 50k coins at .033. We want buyers to feel secure in liquidity. We will increase buyer liquidity prices as our balance sheet expands to support a higher bid price and buyback. As a reminder we reinvest in you! WillSmithCoin and NewBitcoinX great partnerships!

DogecoinX Buys 500,000 MintMe!

DogecoinX buys 500,000 mintme! Check buy/sell orders in terms of Bitcoin/MINTME. We can support our price forever!! Join in! Comment, Like, Share, and make your investment now!

Get Ready DogecoinX Making Major Investment!

Omg!!🚀🚀💎🙌 NewBitcoinX up 1000x Our Investment!

DogecoinX took out a 45% stake in NewBitcoinX at their Launch(4,800,000 coins) NewBitcoinX is up 10000% adding substantial depth to DogecoinX’s Buying Depth!🚀🚀🚀. We are 💎🙌 Hodlers and Investors! Your purchase in us allows for us to research and find more amazing deals.(Like DogecoinX)

Coin Distribution

We decided to release very few coins at a middle ground price to deter any large coin holders (aka rug pullers). All people who participate in this coin have a base starting price .0333 with our limit orders in at .03 to buy back more coins than we have issued on the market! I would think we only have upside cause we are StopLossing to the down side. We do want our coins to have value and liquidity. Our purpose is to the moon(🚀💎🙌) and how we get there is more investors, holders, and more likes on our Fanpage! To get outta the Mint Me box we need to rise to the top 10 in mintme and have over 100 holders. We will look at different ways to get to swaps once we cross 100 Holders and 20 likes on the fanpage. If you wanna do this, let’s do this, it’s not your investment, it’s your mouth and keyboard that make these coins sell. There are 45 of us now!!! But we need more holders!

Updated DogecoinX Balance Sheet

We have updated DogecoinX balance sheet! Please Like Our Fanpage! 5-28-2021 4.8 million NewBitcoinX 990,000 WillSmithCoin Many Others! 🚀🚀 check it out below! [url=][/url]

DogecoinX has Depth and Liquidity!

There is more buying support from DogecoinX than most Coins on the Platform. More buy orders than tokens out!!!

43 Hodlers Strong in 2 days!

Welcome To the DogecoinX Community! We would love to have more HODlers and investors! Coins sold from us get reinvested back into you! We have a massive balance sheet considering. And are looking to get listed on a larger exchange. Please like our facebook Fanpage [url=][/url]

DogecoinX Invest Huge in NewBitcoinX

In adding to our Balance Sheet we invested Heavily into NewBitcoinX (no relation). We saw similarities and have become a Diamond 💎 Hand 🤚 investor of theirs. One more reason to add a little DogecoinX to your portfolio!

You Should Buy

You Should Buy DogecoinX!

Want more DogecoinX Buyer Support?

Sell me your mintme tokens on the USDC/MintMe exchange on this platform! I will pay market and then use those to support the dogecoinX market! I don’t have Bitcoin to convert🤷‍♂️

Lowest Price Coin Offering

We still have 40000 tokens left for sale at .0333. We will not offer tokens again at these prices! Early investors Only. Only 1,000,000 coins will be allowed to market in 2021, Or any other calendar year. Please like our Fanpage and comment below!

DogecoinX Looking into Uniswap Listing!

Attention DogecoinX Holders- After a couple hours chatting (typing) with a representative he has lead us in a direction to ATTEMPT to get listed on UniSWAP! Anyways just words for now but think this may have some legs to run. This market will be limited in coins as I Hodl Too and look in to required liquidity. We do need more likes on our Facebook Fanpage! We need 100 Token HODlers 200 preferred to assist in listing requirements. [url=][/url]

Buy more we are at 38 owners!

35 DogecoinX Holders!

We now have 35 DogecoinX HODLers and that’s up about 50% from yesterday! Let’s Keep It Up Guys! DogecoinX took a 4.8 million coin investment in NewBitcoinX today! And took another Million Coin Investment in WillSmithCoin! Let’s Go! We are more than Doge! We are DogecoinX!

DogecoinX - Investing in our Investors!

DogecoinX is actively adding to its balance sheet by adding positions of coins with your investment. We reinvest back 50% of token purchases back into the Investors coin! So if you invest in us, we will invest in you! Comment below with your token and you will get a diamond 💎 🙌 investor in return. As a reminder, your investment is small advertisement to your coin as well because we disclose our holdings.

23 HODLers in 24 hours!

Like Our Fanpage For Updates! Share Our Post For Free Coins! 23 NEW OWNERS!!! [url=][/url]

DogecoinX Current Balance Sheet

DogecoinX Current Balance Sheet. 5/26/2021 We Do Reinvest in You! [url=][/url]

DogecoinX New Fanpage

Join Our Fanpage! [url=][/url]

Attention Investors!!

DogecoinX update. We will be only releasing 100,000 coins at this time below market/at discounted market price. Once sold there will be a 50000 limit buy order in place to secure your investment. @ .033. The other 50000 coins will be reinvested in other Tokens Held or Created By Our Investors. (Of which we would like to purchase to Hodl at Discount.)

DogecoinX Coin Reinvestment

Welcome DogecoinX

We want to welcome you to Dogecoin X. We are a limited supply coin with a 10,000 block starting listing price of $.01. Our value depends on the community and its active engagement. Our goal is to produce a coin with higher price point than Dogecoin with acceptance of strong community members and limited supply. (About 1000x less supply!) most coins will be released on the market immediately at a low starting price for early investors.

Top Holders