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ERCU & THE BIFROSTCHAIN TOKEN ERCU IS HELPING US FUND THE BiFostChain Network!! Holders of ERCU TOKENS Will be able to get an early bag of BFT upon release! Every 25 ERCU you buy directly here, we will supply 10 BFT! (**AFTER FEB 1ST 2021 ONLY ONCE PRICE RISES ABOVE 1MINTME IN PRICE!) rest assured to those who buy below this price -- just contact me on twitter @UnderdogTrading to discuss a deal with this. buy your ERCU here : ( and join us on TG & discord here to claim your BFT! –> & BiFrostChain (& BiFrost Coin) is the ownership verification system of the future for digital content and services - enabling up and coming artists, musicians, writers etc. to digitally prove ownership of their product, in an affordable, private and secure Blockchain environment; to reduce fraud - protecting both creator and purchaser. The Blockchain is run by the node owners and uploaded files will be segmented and secured across the network, so if a single node gets hacked, the attackers cannot access a complete file. Every node on the network has an entire copy of the blockchain so that services will continue entirely unaffected & secure.