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PAY THE TAXI WITH THE TOKEN ETAXI OR BITCOIN, USE THE CURRENCY EXCHANGE POS OR MAKE A DECENTRALIZED CRYPTO EXCHANGE. 🚖 *Exclusive Promotion!* Pay for your taxi in an innovative way with the ETAXI token! Use the Currency Exchange POS or make a decentralized crypto exchange for a seamless payment experience. *Decentralized Crypto Exchange* Conduct peer-to-peer transactions directly from your digital wallet, cutting out intermediaries. Learn more on Telegram. ⚠️ *WARNING!* To avail yourself of the TAXI service with Token ETAXI or BITCOIN payment, it is MANDATORY to purchase a subscription worth 50 ETAXI Tokens. Book your TAXI in ETAXI Tokens for travels in Italy: work, fun, holidays, or special events. We're ready to take care of your transportation wherever you are.

Created on:
12 Nov 2021
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10 year(s)
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3 944 620.7759
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2 036 439.1957
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6 055 379.2240
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