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Elvira Token is inspired by the most adorable and sassy kitten to ever roam the earth. Elvira is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain and is primarily focused on being a decentralized p2p community DeFi token used to facilitate payments and/or hodl in your wallet for safekeeping. It can also be sent from wallet to wallet without the need for intermediaries much like Bitcoin. Elvira is fast, efficient, secure, easy to utilize, rewarding to hold and above all super cute. Current circulation supply of Elvira is 5.7M, with the rest of the supply of 4.3M being released hourly over the next 5 years to allow for market fluctuations, as well as for supply and demand to steadily rise. Help us get to our first goal of 100 holders. Join our Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter!! Also, checkout:!! and our LP's: BNB/Elvira on Pancakeswap and Sushi/Elvira on Sushiswap!! Contract address: 0x62C534cb49Aa71a60A263238eE20EE086d6eE32E - Founder address: 0x9Ef7D21f3a1363Ee68d2235Cadbb6052542B9a7c - Burn wallet: 0x699875E8F77a3874585A6Ba24984288B134a0366

Created on:
29 Dec 2021
Active orders:
558 779.0000
Release period:
5 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
7 602 306.4742
Wallet on exchange:
5 841.6145
1 759 866.2565
Sold on the market:
3 984 583.2248
Not yet released:
2 397 693.5257
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
02:04:14 18 Apr, 2022

We are over halfway there y'all!! keep up the good work, keep getting the word out about this super cute crypto. Elvira will take over But first let's get to 100 hodlers!!

21:04:23 14 Apr, 2022

We need more kitties in the litterbox!! Start trading now, we need more people like you buying Elvira Token. Without your help Elvira can't grow, these kitties are super cute and 100% allergy free!! Join the airdrop now thru 5/11. Keep up the good work y'all!!

19:04:02 14 Apr, 2022

Join our ongoing airdrop now thru 5/11 or share one of our posts for a total of up to 10 free Elvira Tokens!!! Jump in the litterbox now!!