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Get in on our ongoing airdrop absolutely free now thru 5/11. However, if you're feeling especially generous you can donate directly to our development team using BTC or Mintme. All donations are sincerely appreciated, strongly encouraged and will always go toward making Elvira better for all our kitty hodlers!! Thank you all and keep up the good work!!

No trades below .05!!

*PSA to all Elvira token traders* No trades below 0.05 will be filled, please readjust your sell prices to above 0.05. We must maintain a consistent and profitable orderbook in terms of buying and selling. Together we can increase value, supply and demand and most of all make Elvira fun!! We got this guys!! Keep up the good work!!!

Top crypto on BSC

Elvira is the top crypto on the BSC on Mintme.com!! Keep up the good work y'all!! Don't forget to jump in the litterbox, it's absolutely free!! And also, feel free to donate, anything will help and will go a long way and is sincerely appreciated!!


Your contributions are taken very seriously and are very important, all donations are utilized to help ensure Elvira is not only the cutest coin on Mintme, but the best coin on Mintme. We thrive on making sure people have a fast, safe, and above all super adorable crypto in their wallets at any given time, and your donations help us do just that. So, please feel free to donate Mintme or BTC, anything is sincerely appreciated. Thank you and keep up the good work y'all!!

Any and all donations welcome!!

Big thanks to every one of you kitty hodlers out there!! y'all are the best!! Now, we all know you can jump in the litterbox completely free, but for those of you out there feeling extra generous we suggest donating to our cause with Mintme or BTC. All donations are welcome and sincerely appreciated!! Keep up the good work y'all!!

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We're halfway there y'all!! Keep in mind you can always jump in for free via post sharing or by joining our ongoing Airdrop!! Also, checkout www.elviratoken.net for more information about our kitties. Let's get to 100!!

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Elvira Inspiration

We aren't motivational speakers, but every day we at Elvira are motivated to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to own some of these adorable kitties!! Don't forget our ongoing airdrop to jump in the litterbox for free!! 🎊


We at Elvira strive to maintain our promise of providing everyone on gods green earth the ability to hodl our adorable kitties at any given moment, and in doing so we are available for contact 24/7, and all trades will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. No stress with these kitties!!

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Keep in mind!!

Elvira Token is not just available on Mintme.com, we at Elvira work hard every day to make sure even individuals who don't have a Mintme.com account have access to our adorable kitties!! Check us out on: Pancakeswap.finance, Dododex.io, and Sushiswap.com


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LP Collab!!

If you have a project coin and would like to LP with Elvira on Pancakeswap or Dododex.io let us know!! keep up the good work y'all!!

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Grab some free Elvira from our airdrop, or if you're feeling generous donate to our cause. Either way we appreciate your business. Together we can make Elvira not just the cutest coin, but the best coin on Mintme.com. Keep up the good work y'all!!


On desktop or mobile, checkout: www.elviratoken.net.

We will rise in value!!

Its seriously only a matter of time folks! Until then tell your friends, tell other creators, tell everyone you can!! follow our instagram, and Telegram. We need people like you to make those channels buzz.

Keep trading!!

Keep buying and trading Elvira Token all of your business is sincerely appreciated!! Keep up the good work y'all!!

Fear not!

We at Elvira understand your concerns, and we want everyone to feel comfortable, safe and happy with our kitties and we are making changes and strides every day to ensure Elvira is not just the cutest coin, but the best coin on the Mintme.com exchange.

Cutest coin on MintMe

Come one, come all!! Get in on the cutest coin on the Mintme.com exchange. Jump in the litterbox now!! 100% adorable, 100% allergy free. No matter what is going on in the world around us this kitty will always maintain its cuteness.

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We at Elvira are immensely proud of our token and want all of our hodlers to be happy holding our kitties, which are forever backed by a 100% cuteness guarantee!! Cute and allergy free!

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Elvira Token is a fun, cute, and easy asset to move around and trade. We at Elvira are proud of our kitties and hodlers!! Jump in the litterbox now if you haven't already!! Keep up the good work y'all!

Elvira Token LP Collab

We at Elvira are excited to announce plans for a future LP with an established coin, no coin has officially been selected at the moment so any suggestions are welcome.

Weathering the storm

We at Elvira are confident we will make it out of this crypto storm, but we need all the kitties in the litterbox!! together we can!! Also, checkout our Elvira Instagram!!


Checkout our website and give us your feedback! if you like it, consider donating to our cause, or just join the airdrop! we need kitties in the litterbox!! Also, we are going to be releasing Elvira memes and NFTs in the very near future.

New AirDrop!!

New Ongoing Airdrop or Elvira Token!! now thru 5/11

One Month

Happy 1 month to Elvira Token. Thank you all who have bought and hodl these kitties, we can't do it without y'all. Keep up the good work y'all, the numbers are exceeding expectation. Checkout www.elviratoken.net or our new listing at www.nomics.com.

Keep Trading Elvira Token!!

We at Elvira couldn't be happier with how far we've come in just 3 weeks, and through the power of teamwork and community, we can do anything we set our minds to. What makes us tick here at Elvira are your trades and that activity is a reflection of our small, but seriously amazing community. We've handled hundreds of trades over the last 3 weeks, and we really can't thank you all enough for believing in our kitty dreams. Keep up the good work y'all!!

2 million withdrawn

Whoop!! Over 2 million Elvira Token officially on the BSC.

Active trading on Pancakeswap!

Elvira is being actively traded on pancakeswap! Head on over and get in on the action.

Thank you all!!

From all of us at Elvira, we want to extend our gratitude to each and every Elvira Token holder!! Thank you all for believing in us, and our kitty dreams, we sincerely appreciate all the help and donation we've received thus far, and we look forward to an amazing and fruitful 2022. Keep up the good work y'all!!

50 hodlers and counting.

Between the Smart Chain, and Mintme, we now have 50 kitty hodlers in the litterbox!! Keep up the good work y'all. Whether you have just 1 Elvira Token, or 1,000,000, you're winning. Don't forget to checkout our LPs on Pancakeswap and sushiswap!!

Elvira is in demand!

These kitties are in high demand. It won't be long until we reach our limit. Jump in the litterbox now!!

Follow our Elvira Token Instagram!

Checkout: https://www.instagram.com/elviratoken/

Hodl your kitties

We at Elvira take a lot of pride in our project, and in our product. We 100% guarantee Elvira Token will be the cutest crypto in your wallet.

Keep buying Elvira

Keep trading Elvira y'all, keep the orderbook going. Y'all are making a huge difference. We sincerely appreciate your business, and we couldn't do this without you. Keep up the good work!! The future is bright!

Sushiswap LP

We at Elvira are excited to announce a Sushiswap LP. https://app.sushi.com/pool

Withdrawing Elvira

Whether you pay, tip, gift, or just hodl these adorable kittens you're winning!! We need as much Elvira on the BSC as possible. Keep withdrawing and keep getting the word out y'all.

To the moon🚀🌕

Elvira Token is slowly but surely reaching its goal of holders and value. Get on the train before it leaves the station. Nobody wants these kittens getting away. Keep up the good work and keep buying Elvira!!

join our subreddit r/ElviraToken


Listings and where to find Elvira

https://coinalpha.app/new-born/0x62C534cb49Aa71a60A263238eE20EE086d6eE32E https://coinsniper.net/coin/24297 https://pancakeswap.finance/info/token/0x62c534cb49aa71a60a263238ee20ee086d6ee32e https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x62c534cb49aa71a60a263238ee20ee086d6ee32e https://www.elviratoken.net https://www.flooz.trade/wallet/0x62c534cb49aa71a60a263238ee20ee086d6ee32e

2 weeks old!!

Help us celebrate Elvira's 2 weeks!! Buy some Elvira, sit back and watch your kitties grow!!

How far we've come.

It's sincerely astonishing to see just how far we've come in such a short period. Thank you all very much. It means the world to us at Elvira. Keep up the good work and keep buying Elvira!!

Other Listings!

We at Elvira are super elated to announce we're listed on Poocoin, Bittimes and Coinalpha. Buy some Elvira Token now!!


Get in on the LP while it's still hot.

Kittenomics fulfilled

We have officially burned 50,000+ Elvira to our public wallet, and 500,000+ Elvira to Pancakeswap for our LP. Get in on the BNB/Elvira LP now!!

100% Deployed on BSC

Elvira maybe a fresh newborn token, but don't fear these kitties one bit. They're cute, fast, and come with no allergies!! I personally guarantee that Elvira is 100% deployed on the BSC with a legitimate niche, utility, and roadmap. Feel free to withdraw your Elvira Tokens at anytime!! no scams, rugpulls or fomo. Keep up the good work folks!!

Keep in Mind!

Elvira is fast, efficient, safe and secure. All transaction on the BSC take seconds and have super low gas fees. No need to worry about waiting long times for the blockchain, and what's more is Elvira Token is super cute!! Also, all shared posts will receive 5 Elvira Tokens.

BNB/Elvira LP

Get in on the LP on Pancakeswap y'all. We need to get as much Elvira on the market as possible, we need more liquidity and with your help our kitties can thrive.


We at Elvira want to see Elvira Tokens anywhere and everywhere possible. Don't hesitate to withdraw your Elvira Tokens from the Mintme exchange!! Maybe even use your kitties for our new LP on Pancakeswap. Keep up the good work y'all!!

BNB/Elvira LP on Pancakeswap!!

Huge thanks to all who have purchased Elvira, and y'all are a big reason we can announce our LP. https://pancakeswap.finance/info/token/0x62c534cb49aa71a60a263238ee20ee086d6ee32e

Extending Airdrop

Upon the expiration of the current airdrop, we will establish another airdrop to extend our program of giving all who are interested the ability to claim Elvira for free. Whether you own 1 Elvira or 1,000,000, we're in this together. Keep up the good work folks!!

LP on Pancakeswap

In the coming days Elvira Token will be a part of an LP on Pancakewap. Stay tuned!!

Market Value Rising!

Market value for Elvira is rising exponentially, thank you all for seeing something in our project. We believe the future is very bright, and at this pace we'll be on the moon in no time. Keep up the good work y'all!!

No need to fear

Elvira is cute, and her transactions are fast, safe and secure. Guaranteed all the cuteness and none of the allergies. Buy some now!!

Thank you!!

We here at Elvira can't thank y'all enough!! We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to being the premier utility token we all know Elvira can be. So, keep buying Elvira token, donate to our cause if you feel like it, and above all hodl your kitties! We're just gettin' started folks.

36 hours left!!

Claim your free kitty now!! Airdrop ends 1/12.

Don't Forget!

If you buy Elvira or donate to our cause, Elvira will buy your coin in return if you happen to have one available. Thank you again y'all!!

4.7 million sold!!

Y'all kick ass, thank you so much for buying Elvira Token. I sincerely appreciate it, between our 33 holders we have sold 4.7 million Elvira Tokens on the market in just under 2 weeks. We can't thank y'all enough. Keep up the good work, the future is bright.


We at Elvira spend everyday working to ensure that Elvira Token is the best and the cutest coin in your Mintme wallet at any given time. We strive for greatness on every level and we can't get there without your help, so keep buying Elvira, keep the orderbook going strong. Y'all are really making difference. Thank you all for sharing this dream with us!!


Elvira is 100% withdrawable on the Binance Smart Chain. Feel free to use your kitties to tip or use as a form of payment. We are 1 step closer to our goal of being the best p2p decentralized token on the market.


We're slowly but surely bringing the Elvira orderbook to life, we are very active in trading so keep the transactions coming! Your business is sincerely appreciated. Keep up the good work y'all.

31 holders!!

Even though 31 isn't a lot we at Elvia want everyone to know that we sincerely appreciate any business received or donated, I would like to personally shoutout our 31 amazing kitten holders!! Thank you all for being awesome and believing in our kitty dreams. I can't thank y'all enough. Now lets get to 100!! Keep up the great work, the future is bright!!

2 days to go!

2 days left for the airdrop!! get your free Elvira now, the kittens are waiting.

Elvira Website

Checkout the Elvira website!! it's live and always evolving just like our kittens. www.elviratoken.net

Rewards for sharing!

All shared posts will be awarded 5 Elvira Tokens!! Get the word out about Elvira. Also, all Elvira content will still be free of requirements to view. Keep up the good work y'all the litter is growing!!

3 days left for airdrop

There are only 3 days left to get a free Elvira Token. Don't be shy, these kitties have all the cuteness and none of the allergies.

Keep buying Elvira

Elvira is a deflationary token, with utility, and aesthetics. Elvira will become more valuable over time, especially with market demand, and there only ever being 10 million tokens in existence. Get your adorably rewarding kittens now!!

Cat Allergies

Elvira is 100% guaranteed, to be super cute, rewarding, fast, and above all allergy free! So, no need to fret if you have an issue with kitties, we gotcha covered. Keep up the good work folks, you're all appreciated and welcome to the litterbox.

Kitty Hodlers Wanted!

We need more kitties in the litter box, buy some Elvira Token and claim your spot now!!

100% cuteness guarantee!

We at Elvira guarantee, that Elvira will be the cutest, most rewarding token on the Mintme market.

The future

As we look forward to 2022 and beyond, it's important to know that we at Elvira strive to become the most tradeable and holdable coin on the Mintme market.


Finally, 100% on Mintme.

Rewarding cuteness

Elvira is guaranteed to be the cutest and most rewarding kitty token you'll ever own!!

10M in volume!

Woop!!! we're at 10 million in order volume over the last week. Teamwork makes the dream work y'all. Hustle don't stop, success is on the horizon.

Hustle Don't Stop!

Keep hustlin' y'all. We at Elvira sincerely appreciate you and your business.

Kitty Love

Time to spread some kitty love and give back. To all who buy or donate to Elvira, I personally will return the favor by donating to your coin, if you have one. Keep buying Elvira, the future is very bright!!

Trading volume

Trading volume is spiking tremendously. Keep it up guys. Teamwork makes the dream work.

2.9 million Elvira Token on the market!!

Keep it up, keep buying and trading Elvira y'all. We already have 2.9 million sold on the market in just a week. Remember we are active with trading so don't hesitate to drop an order. Also, don't forget the airdrop for a free Elvira Token. Thank you!!

Free Elvira

Want a free Elvira Token? Just join our Airdrop. Goin on now through Jan.12. Get in on the litter before it's too late.

Don't be shy

Buy some Elvira. At our current price, I couldn't think of a safer bet. Also, proceeds are donated to tremendous causes. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

Live website!

Check out our new website!! it's still in progress but we are proud to unveil what we have so far. We've come a very long way in such a short period of time. Get pumped and pick up some Elvira because the future is bright. wwww.elviratoken.net

Name your price!

Name your price and send us an offer, we are open to any and all offers. Get some Elvira and hodl on.

Active trading

We at Elvira take your trade offers very seriously, and will fill orders as they come in, or as soon as humanly possible. We make sure that everyone who places an order gets their Elvira Tokens fast and efficiently.

Good deals!

While Elvira Token is getting on the launch pad, check the sell orders for good deals or make your own, we're always willing to negotiate. We sincerely appreciate any help we can get.


Elvira Token is going to be a money maker. Get in now before it's too late.


The roadmap is complete and will be uploaded shortly. We know where we want to go and we firmly believe we can get there, but we need help. Buy some Elvira and hodl on.

Burn address established

Burn 0x7d16895bfc08010ffb1f7d870631605a01adb0f0, let's get the word out and burn some Elvira so we can keep the scarcity and the demand up.

Donations are welcome!

If anyone wants to donate the Elvira Token project should feel free to do so. Whether its BNB, BTC, ETH, or Mintme. We sincerely appreciate any help toward our mission of being the best p2p token on the market. Thank you!! Checkout our new website (in progress): www.elviratoken.net, or join our Telegram: https://t.me/ElviraToken

Website domain purchased!!

We have officially purchased the domain for our new website and will be adding a roadmap, and tokenomics very soon as well as public and burn addresses. Until we are at 100% buy some Elvira and get pumped cuz the future is bright. www.elviratoken.net

RIP Betty White

Big shoutout and heartfelt RIP to the great Betty White. 1922-2021

Elvira is wayy cuter than Babydoge.

BabyDoge is great and all that, but Babydoge isn't anywhere near as cute as this crypto kitty.


We just dopped our new Instagram account. Go check it out and give us a follow, and help us ring in the new year with some adorable Elvira Tokens. Thank you!!

Ongoing Airdrop

We have and ongoing airdrop active until 1/12/22. Don't be shy grab an Elvira token for just sharing about us. Its free to participate.

Nothing to lose.

We're very close to getting off the ground. Buy some Elvira Token, its cute, rewarding, and easy to use. There's nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Buy Elvira Token

We are new, and we still have a long way to go, but don't hesitate to buy some Elvira Token while we are getting off the ground, the future is bright for crypto. Whether you buy Elvira Token, donate BTC, BNB, or ETH or even join our ongoing airdrop, it's all sincerely appreciated and will go a long way toward helping us grow, and achieving our goals of being the best p2p token possible.

Elvira Tokenomics

Total supply: 10,000,000 Elvira Liquidity Pool: (TBD) 6% (600,000) Burn To Public Address:0x06E30E90ca79BCAdEe30B096B58dCf4C5a597262 0.5% (50,000) Team and Founders 5% (500,000) Reserve Fund 7% (700,000) Operational Use 3% (300,000) Transaction Fees 0%

Scarcity value/supply and demand

As we continue rolling out Elvira, it's important to note that Elvira Token will have a more limited supply than most cryptos with a max circulation supply of just under 10 million. Meaning Elvira is scarcer in availability, and thus giving Elvira the ability to become more valuable over time. Taking that into account Elvira is the perfect p2p token for any transaction.

Website Under Construction

Our new website is currently in development and will be ready in the coming days.

Off to a good start

We already have 15 holders, thank you so much for investing y'all. There's no greater honor than to have your faith. Sincerely appreciated.

Telegram group and channel

It is encouraged that all to flock to the Elvira Token telegram channel and group to keep up with the latest chatter on everything goin' on with Elvira Token, and the crypto space as a whole. We know there won't be much traction right away because we are brand new, but we believe the future is bright. https://t.me/ElviraToken & https://t.me/+8CSB3lKYoy03Nzdh

Hello from the creator

Hello, This is CJ the creator of Elvira. Welcome to the next generation of p2p decentralized digital assets. Elvira offers a fast, efficient, user-friendly token that is easy to utilize, and fun to hold. Elvira is very limited in circulation, with a current supply of just over 5.7 million Elvira as of right now, and the rest will be released over the next 5 years allowing for the natural movements of the market.