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GTPC is a token that supports content creation under the banner GAME TEST PLAY. GAME TEST PLAY started in 2014 and has produced over 500 videos covering topics around retrogaming, indie gaming, pinball, VR, and gaming music. The GTPC token has many strengths because it will be implemented in a variety of different ways with multiple ongoing projects. 1. The NES MEGAMIX Several years back I realized that the NES music library had not be encoded in true stereo, so it's been my goal to preserve the hard work of these composers and sound designers by re-encoded the sound through the original chipsets and recreating original stereo mixes. Because I am overly meticulous, I couldn't just throw them up on the internet somewhere, so I synchronized them to gameplay footage and research all the musical artists and company information to provide an audiovisual archive of the work. 2. The Definitive Guide to the Nintendo Entertainment System If I'm going to capturing footage from all of these games I may as well provide my hottakes on them, which means I will spend 1000s of hours of editing The Definitive Guide to the Nintendo Entertainment System: 3. NFTs Capturing and encoding all of this footage means I have the opportunity to create looping GIFs that highlight game, so I'll be anxiously awaiting to see what Mintme has planned for it's store. 4. Integration with Mindsgaming I was introduced to this platform by Mindsgaming who has been diligent in creating a central hub where creators can share their work, mine tokens, or just communicate with one another. This is also a great opportunity to get people onto a decentralized platform where they can chat and hang out and support each others efforts in creating a better space. 5. Games I needed a new challenge after doing sound design and videos for 20 years, so I finally took the big leap into game design. I have one game up right now that is integrated into the Mintme Token and more on the way. Copy and paste the link if it doesn't show up in your browser. Thank you for your support.