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GZX is a utility token with a capped total supply of 1 billion. It is designed to incentivize people to recycle by providing rewards for participating in environmentally-friendly activities. The token can be used in various ways such as redeeming for goods and services, participating in governance and community-building activities, and more. GZX is a utility token created to establish a circular economy and level playing field for individuals to enter the crypto space by simply recycling with GreenZone. The token is used as a means of trading for customers' recyclables and providing free pick-up services. GreenZone plans to host beach clean-ups in Texas and partner with more projects for beach clean-ups, where GZX can be earned. GZX is a decentralized token native on the XRPL but can bridge to Ethereum, Binance Coin, Wanchain, XDC, and TRON thanks to Wanchain interoperability. GreenZone also plans to connect GZX to SuperWorld App, an AR/VR metaverse, giving GZX more utility by allowing individuals to purchase items inside of SuperWorld using GZX cold wallets / exchanges for GZX Whitepaper: Visit to learn how you can can get involved.

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19 Jan 2023
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- year(s)
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399 984.2766
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4 600 015.0000
-5 000 000.0000
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19:02:41 15 Feb, 2023

Only 38 days left until the beach clean-up event at Jaime J. Zapata Memorial Boat Ramp! Join us in keeping RGV clean and earn GZX rewards. Let's make a difference together! 🌊♻️ #BeachCleanUp #GreenZone #CleanRGV #Sustainability #GZX

21:01:08 24 Jan, 2023

Help us make the world a better place! Join us on a beach clean up this Saturday 1/28/2023 9am-1pm and #Recycle2Earn! #RGV956 to spread the word! #MakeTheWorldBetter #Texas #CleanBeaches

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